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  1. richard, to summarise so far, we have the following (including maybes) 1) richard_hawkes 2) KiloTwo 3) Beds Clangers 4) kbootb 5) Pharisee 6) Learned Gerbil 7) kitmonster 8) Eckington 9) lordelph 10) Team Madog (after 11th Nov) 11) House Of Boo 12) Belplasca 13) Beds Clangers I'll sure there will be a few more, and as long as the turnout doesn't get much above 25/30 the little room above "16th Century Pub" will be a cosy meeting point. Thursday seems a popular day, I called the pub this morning and Thursday 11th November and Thursday 18th November are available. Any preferences folks?
  2. I'm sure 10 people would do it, it's a pretty small room. Besides, as it's free to book, the worst that would happen in the event of a low turnout is that they let muggles upstairs :-)
  3. I work just around the corner from "A Meating Place for Martyrs" so I'd be up for a pint or two with like minded drinkers. No one understands my need to find tupperware with advanced military hardware. The "16th Century Pub" (which I won't name in case it gives too much away) is pretty cramped at the best of times, but the upstairs room can be booked for free during weeknights if there's a reasonable crowd. I'd be happy to sort that out if there's enough interest. Either way, count me in!
  4. Sure, but I'll edit it to remove specific details about the cache I'm planning - I'd like to keep that to myself until I can get permission to place it. You'll still get the gist of my approach, which was to explain what geocaching is, the guidelines under which participants behave, and how it might provide a positive benefit for the area in question (CITO) I'd love to hear any feedback from anyone who has had similar dealings. Peter Garrett Countryside Management Service The Old Dairy Bedford Road Ickleford Hitchin Hertfordshire SG5 3RR Tel: 01462 459395 Fax: 01462 433306 Email: north.cms@hertscc.gov.uk Dear Mr Garrett, I am writing to you to seek permission to place a "geocache" in (location details here). I'll first provide some background on what geocaching is and the guidelines under which it's participants behave, before detailing exactly what I would like to do. What is Geocaching? ------------------- A geocache is hidden container that can only be found with the aid of clues and a GPS satellite navigation receiver. There are many thousands of caches thoroughout the UK, and people generally find out about them from the website at http://www.geocaching.com/ Geocaching is a growing sport whose participants generally exercise the utmost respect for the countryside - the Geocaching Association of Great Britain created some guidelines which have also been adopted by Hampshire County Council for all land owned or managed by them: (From http://www.hants.gov.uk/geocaching/guidelines.html) * Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placer's email address or other contact method. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in the cache. * No cache may be placed in such a way as to risk damage or disturbance to any Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM). Protect our heritage. * When placing a cache on a Right of Way, the onus is on the placer to seek the permission of the landowner. * No items of food or drink of any kind should be placed in the cache. * Caches must not be buried, and holes must not be dug in order to place a cache. * Caches must not be hidden in animal holes or runs. * Cache containers must not be placed inside a polythene bag. * Fences should never be crossed when placing or seeking a cache. * No caches should be of a commercial nature, either in location or content. * After placing a cache on countryside sites, the site Ranger must be informed to ensure that the cache does not compromise the management of the site. * Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer. * When leaving the cache site, after finding or hiding a cache, there must be no visual sign of disturbance. * For reasons of safety and security Hampshire County Council discourage geocaching on their land during the hours of darkness. * Please do not bring geocaching into disrepute, never drive your car anywhere other than on the highways and byways, and always park sensibly in approved places only Among one of the more the positive side effects of geocaching is "Cache In, Trash Out", where participants are encouraged to remove any litter they find by leaving some rubbish bags in the cache for this purpose. Proposed Cache Details ---------------------- I plan to base my cache around (the details of local legend) By following clues derived from public locations around Baldock, participants will end up at the cache location in (desired location and OS grid ref) The cache will be a small container, with clear markings telling the finder that it is a geocache and the contents are harmless. I will hide it above ground just a few metres from one of the many trails in the woods, and cover it with woodland debris. I also intend to promote the idea of "Cache In Trash Out" by providing a supply of rubbish bags in the cache, as I found litter on many of my walks in the woods there. I very much hope I am able to secure your permission to place the cache. If you have any reservations, perhaps you could contact your counterpart in Hampshire County Council to see how their policy on geocaching has been working out. In addition, I'd be happy to provide regular feedback on how popular the cache is and any comments I receive from visitors. If I can provide and further information, please get in touch, in the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, (contact details, etc etc)
  5. Busy cache location? Become engrossed in your mobile phone and do the "phone trouble" mime while casting your eyes around for the cache. Emerging from a hedge into a group of muggles? Play the lost-dog gambit: "You haven't see a little black terrier have you?"
  6. Well, I wasn't expecting a fast response, but I thought I'd solicit the advice of some "old hands" before trying harder. I'll send you a copy of the letter I emailed to see if you have useful suggestions before I send the luddites a hard copy...
  7. Hello all, I've been geocaching for a few months, and now it is time for me to place a cache of my own! Got a nice one planned but the desired location is on land managed by North Hertfordshire District Council. I've emailed a nice letter to the Countryside Management Service of NHDC, but not heard much in a week. Since the email has not been acknowledged, it may be safe assume these guys aren't too 'wired' so a snail mail will follow up. I know there are plenty of Herts cachers here, so I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them and might have hints on the best way to proceed.
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