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  1. I've got one - there's not much in the way of software yet to aid cachers but that will change. There's one app at the moment called Geopher Lite which is pretty basic, but lets you enter coords and follow an arrow. It does seem a little laggy making it hard to use when hunting close to a cache, though this may be a flaw in the iPhone itself rather. There's another one in production called Geode which looks promising. In short, I think the iPhone will be a useful secondary tool, particularly for browsing nearby caches, logging etc, but at the moment, you probably wouldn't want to use one without having a "proper" GPSr in your pocket I'm writing a geocaching app myself too, it's a few weeks from completion though. It's a fun platform to write software for!
  2. Only just caught this thread after camping all week for Piratemania! I would have guessed MrsB, and very pleased to see that's the case. An excellent choice!
  3. I'm lying in a tent at the Piratemania campsite, spending a week recovering! I'd been training all year for this, and having to drop out with an injury I'd never had before was bitterly disappointing. It was fantastic experience though with such euphoric highs and just-leave-me-here-to-die lows. Our entire team and support crew did brilliantly, and Pete's determination to reach the end with blisters the size of space hoppers was admirable. We raised over £3000 for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, thankyou to everyone sponsored us, that was double our original target! Thanks also for all the messages, they kept us smiling. While on the trail, I could not imagine wanting to put myself through it twice. When the pain has gone and my toenails have grown back, I just might do that.
  4. There's always next year....remains to be seen if I'll be up for doing it though!
  5. We won't be doing any caching which takes us "off piste", but if an easy "walk by" pops up on our PDAs we'll bag it! Peter suggested we try to find a cache at the end in Brighton and set a record for "furthest distance walked for a single cache"!
  6. Myself, Peter "House of Boo", WelshAngel and SirClimbsalot are doing the 62 mile Trailwalker challenge this weekend as team "Four King Hell". We're being aided by Andybug along with LadyElph and Jo "House of Boo" too, who will be resupplying us at each checkpoint! You can follow our exploits and send us messages on Saturday and Sunday at http://trailwalker.dixo.net/live-tracker. Morale boosting messages most welcome, especially if you spot we're approaching an easy cache! I know of one other cacher, Alboy, doing it - he too has a tracking page for his team up at http://alsangels.dixo.net/live-tracker Are there any other cachers attempting this?
  7. At most camping events we normally load up the barbie with charcoal and a "crackle log" or two (look in the supermarket aisle where the firelighters are). Flames, heat and good times had by all!
  8. I'd be tempted, but I'm walking *62* miles that day, but hope to find the odd cache along the route...
  9. I'll check out the GreaseMonkey scripts I wrote when I get back from the Oxford camping event!
  10. I tried an early version of this last week, didn't work too well for me, I needed to give the signal a boost with a liberal dose of GPS Spray, but still got a poor fix.
  11. I'm visiting Amsterdam next week and hope to do a little caching - does anyone know if there are Memory Map files availble for Amsterdam anywhere?
  12. Barry Hunter probably has the data you need squirrelled away on his www.trigtools.co.uk website. Not sure it's available as GPX, but given the data it wouldn't be too tricky to convert...
  13. here y'all go..... This, and many different found/owned/disabled variants all in the updated zip file (solicitation removed by moderator)
  14. Will try and knock one up this evening!
  15. Yes! And why stop there when we can have Arboreal Anarchy and Bridleway Bedlam!
  16. The problem was some of the original testers didn't get the forwarded emails, and I didn't want to release it until I had sorted that out. It'll be next weekend before I have enough time to have a good crack at it though. Watch this space!
  17. Many thanks to Gustavo for updating the algorithm documentation so quickly! Problem solved, so if anyone would like a PHP implementation of the algorithm, you can get one here: http://blog.dixo.net/2008/02/28/geohash-php-class/
  18. My test cases failed, possibly highlighting a difference between the documented algorithm and the one on the geohash website. Have contacted the author to figure out the problem!
  19. I have a PHP implementation of the algorithm - will release it shortly!
  20. Lordy! Had no idea people were relying on it! I broke it yesterday, but it should be running again now. It still needs a little TLC but I'm happy you're finding it useful!
  21. I always try to do circular walks when caching. I've set a 8-9 mile circular walk called Film Buffoon with 10 caches that people seem to enjoy finding! Epping Forest is good too, you can several good walks around there.
  22. Sorry had a busy week and missed the activity on this thread. As I was unable to replicate problem I'm grateful for the fix from GeoBain and have updated the original download!
  23. To reproduce the problem I re-installed the script (click here to do the same) but all seemed well! If anyone is having problems, let me know which version of the browser you are using (Help -> About), and which version of GreaseMonkey (go to Tools->Add Ons to find out)
  24. Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated! I'll check this out and get it fixed as soon as I can, probably in the next 24 hrs...
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