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  1. If you've got an up to date Firefox and Greasemonkey installation, then right click here and choose "Install User Script" When you refresh the topic listing, you'll find a neat little "x" icon next to the topic title. Click it to instantly make a topic go away! The script will remember up to 100 topics you don't like (with the oldest ones being shuffled off its memory) If you do want to show the ones you've ignored, up by the top menu where it says "My Controls - New Messages - View New Posts" etc you'll find a link "Show Ignored Topic" - click that and you'll see all the ones you're ignoring highlighted in a lovely shade of pink. If you see a topic you'd rather keep seeing, just click it's ignore button again and it the pink disappears! Lovely eh! Tested in Firefox 1.07 + GM 0.5.3. and Firefox 1.5b2 + GM0.6.2.1 - ENjoy!
  2. Just wanted to add that any Firefox/Greasemonkey users will soon be able to ignore the threads they don't want...got it 90% working justs needs a little finesse before releasing it!
  3. One persons "sycophantic back patting" is anothers "community spirit" (EDIT: my 5 yr old daughter gives me happy face stickers and they make me happy!!) I rather like the community angle (isn't that why we post here and arrange events?) but FWIW I'll try and implement my technological solution just for fun (browser extension for ignoring threads)
  4. I don't mind the dedicated threads (I certainly never read the pinned one) but I generally only post in ones where I've met the cacher concerned. What might be nice is if the forum had an "ignore thread" feature which you could click once and never see the thread again! Might be a nice little GreaseMonkey project actually.....
  5. You could also merge my own extension with this one so that you popup an OS map at 1:25000 with a red arrow accurately highlighting the cache location. Southseakers I wonder if we should combine our efforts into one script to rule them all ?
  6. After much searching I found it - it's the Google HQ - 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 Do I win a prize?
  7. If you're a Firefox user you can use a little gizmo cooked up by myself and Ian Rutson which allows you view a Travel Bug's track around the globe!
  8. The UK one has evolved into a very friendly little community. I work from home and usually have a few "techie" IRC channels open to restore the "office banter" (the main thing I miss) - the uk #geocaching channel is a welcome addition!
  9. Well done Peter, Jo and Boo! Every person that does "Hare Today" makes me feel just a little bit thicker. Cheers ;-)
  10. While there are Greasemonkey-like extensions for IE (try Turnabout), this particular extension uses a Firefox-specific feature to do what it does.
  11. Stick on a web page! Better yet, turn it into a wiki page on the GeocacheUK.com Wiki and then anyone can make improvements directly!
  12. I could do it, but would anyone else like a go? Nice little event to cut your event-cache-organising teeth? I had a good chat with the landlord of the "16th Century Pub" who is only too aware of his pub's status as virtual cache, apparantly he gets the odd cacher banging on the door out of hours asking to see the plaque. He was more than happy for us to go again though (although it wasn't perhaps the ideal venue for DorsetGal
  13. How long should I leave an event cache before archiving it? Also, there are 5 TB's still logged into the Bash in a Cache event after 3 weeks: * Scary Mary * Fridleif * Lou Carpenter * USA Geocoin Starting in London * The Invisible Man Should I wait until they are all picked up before archiving?
  14. Those instructions should be unnecessary now that 0.5.3 is available http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/ - the script work for me now anyway
  15. http://rtr.ca/geo is a good WAP portal for geocaching, useful if you find yourself in a new area with time to kill!
  16. Thanks to everyone who came to the bash in a cache in London last night. The charity raffle was a lot of fun and we raised £82.50 for Children in Need. I'm on holiday for a week now, but I'll post up a receipt on my return. Thanks so much to every who donated prizes (particularly MiTuCats for their huge haul of Michigan goodies) and to every who bought tickets. I'm certainly looking forward to the placing of the (big gasps) Golden Cache! Sadly the Event Log TB didn't make it to me on time, but I have it now. What I don't have is the temporary event log we signed at the event. Pretty sure it wasn't in the pub when we left, does anyone have it? The landlord of the pub was very happy to see his regular geocaching crowd return anyway! He's eager for me to book again !
  17. If there's anyone coming to the London "Bash in a Cache" who is also going to the Shropshire event on the 3rd, please get in touch and I'll should be able to arrange for the Event Log TB to be at both events!
  18. I bought an A4 laminator from Staples for £30 or so, I second the comment about laminating kids stuff - it's great for preserving their artistic creations!
  19. Bump! The London "Bash in a Cache" event is this Thursday. So far, attendance looks good, we should have quite a roomful, but if you're close to London and never been to an event before, come and give it a go! If you've not visited the pub before you'll get a "bonus find" as the pub itself is a virtual, and Pharisee will restore Wombles "St Etheldreda's" cache just around the corner too. If you can spare a few pennies, I'll be holding a raffle in aid of Children in Need with tickets at 50p each. We should have lots of geocaching goodies as prizes: - Klaus23 donated a Michigan Geocoin - MiTuCats donated lots of Michigan related geocaching swag, including some geocoins - Learned Gerbil donated a gc.com Compass Zipper Pull (it's his birthday too!) - Globetrotter donated a ready-to-place micro cache and collectable star trek coin - I'm throwing in an ammo tin, which will double as the tombola! If you want to donate something, let me know and bring it along! See you all there!
  20. I suggested in the chat room we go for a quintessentially British name! How about "Ye Olde Worlde Cache Event, a celebration of Magickal Maps beamed from the Heavens, a Rollicking Roller Coaster of a Week with a couple of Hot Gypsies Throwne in For Good Measure" too wordy?
  21. I gave Mandy some technical help in getting her reply from the PDSA online last night, but now she's dropped off the internet - she can't get into the #geocaching chat room and my emails bounce! Hope your computer recovers soon! So here's the reply. Impressive amount raised I have to say!
  22. View the HTML source to that page, the information is there. If you can read javascript, you can view the source of the GreaseMonkey script to see how I did it.
  23. It isn't performing an automated fetch of anything - the fetching is driven by your own browsing. All it does is utilise the information on the page to visualise it in a different way.
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