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  1. Topic title reminded of this, always good for a giggle...
  2. Here's another good wikipedia article which walks you through the minefield of terms.
  3. Almost: Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the full name of our country. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom
  4. Blimey, wish I woke up sooner to dodge this bullet! It was my fault, myself and rutson were battling in the geoquiz room for the top spot, and lost_it was inserting the odd personal question, so I suggested that one to him. When the question came up, the actual answer was "LordElph" which everyone found amusing Looks like the question remained to pop up long after "the moment" had passed. It was never meant to cause such offence, so my sincere apologies to a clearly stressed out Ian, who will no doubt find himself several pints the richer when I bump into him next
  5. Congratulations to everyone's favorite absinthe drinking zombie!
  6. It's a good photo, I've obtained a hi-res version from SP to include in the DVD directors extended edition of the video!
  7. A "constellation" of cachers, since we use a constellation of NavStar satellites
  8. Shurely shome mishtake? "pleasure" perhaps?
  9. There's something about rutson's final webcam which is eerily significant about the death of webcam caches. Should we notify the police?
  10. A big big thankyou to Andybug, Ladybird, Ben, Dan, Rozey Bear and "Leslie Boggle" for the hugely enjoyable event this weekend. If you were there, this will refresh your memory, and if you weren't, well look at what you missed! High Quality (22MB) Low Quality (2MB) - Good for a dial up connection, but this really is low quality, don't bother with it if you can wait for the bigger file. I gather there was a little late night noise at the event - by way of an apology, if anyone who attended would like a full quality DVD copy of the video, email me your postal address and I'll sort it out.
  11. Congratulations - always a pleasure to run into you both at these events - stay tuned for video soon!
  12. Thanks, it was a great way to hit my first century! Here is the amazing Pumpkin Man with an undead Mattwaggie and "sphincter demon" from House of Boo... I've enjoyed looking at the all other pictures from the event - huge thanks to Andy, Kerrie, Ben and Pid for a marvellous event!
  13. I've already written an extension which links 1:25000 OS maps with cache pages so that the OS map displays an arrow showing the cache location, and I've had a little play around with extending this to display wgs84 coordinates. It's basically working (move the mouse and you see coordinates) but I wondered what might be useful additions? Here's some ideas I had (in the order I might tackle them) * click map to add a coordinate to a list of coords (which you can delete and maybe reorder) * click to download coordinate list as gpx file * mark the the map with the locations of the clicked coordinates * mark the map with locations of all known cache locations (as picked up by clicking from a cache information page) Other suggestions crazy or otherwise welcomed... (EDIT: I've not made any revised versions of this extension available yet, needs some more testing before release!)
  14. No amount of Greasemonkey antics on Get-a-Map will produce anything remotely close to Memory Map, which is a fantastic piece of software. I will have a go at providing a nice WGS84 coordinate display on Get-a-Map though
  15. I should add both those files I linked are the same, just that one is zipped, making it marginally smaller. The video is an unmodified version downloaded from Bekandian around 10AM
  16. Great stuff! I volunteered to mirror it, get it here * zip file (36MB - download and play later) * wmv file (36MB - play right now with broadband connection)
  17. I feel another GreaseMonkey extension coming on....
  18. woo and indeed yay! Trying to hit 1000 by Halloween?
  19. Yes, Firefox is a separate browser to the AOL one, not being too familiar with AOL I don't how easy it is to use a different browser - might not be worth the effort! This script probably won't work in Turnabout on Internet Explorer but if enough people are interested I'll see what I can do.
  20. With tongue firmly in cheek I offer my own heartfelt congratulations! I do hope you aren't ignoring this thread! I only got my first FTF recently, never having really seen the point, but it made the caching trip more exciting - everyone I saw was a potential cacher, out to beat be to the find! Now I can't stop checking for new caches near me....
  21. OK, I think I've fixed it - if you find it doesn't work, let me know the url of the page you are looking at. To re-install, make sure you get the latest version by left-clicking the link. You'll see the script, but then hit refresh - the version number at the top should say 0.11 - then go to Tools->Install User Script (or return to this thread and do the right-click thing)
  22. The script looks for something in the page address (showforum=) which it would seem isn't always there. I'll check it out. I can't repeat the issue with the icon obscuring the "go to unread post" icon - they appear side by side for me. What browser are you using?
  23. For anyone that missed the topic which gave rise to this effort, here's the details If you've got an up to date Firefox and Greasemonkey installation, then right click here and choose "Install User Script" When you refresh the topic listing, you'll find a neat little "x" icon next to the topic title. Click it to instantly make a topic go away! The script will remember up to 100 topics you don't like (with the oldest ones being shuffled off its memory) If you do want to show the ones you've ignored, up by the top menu where it says "My Controls - New Messages - View New Posts" etc you'll find a link "Show Ignored Topic" - click that and you'll see all the ones you're ignoring highlighted in a lovely shade of pink. If you see a topic you'd rather keep seeing, just click it's ignore button again and it the pink disappears! Lovely eh! Tested in Firefox 1.07 + GM 0.5.3. and Firefox 1.5b2 + GM0.6.2.1 - ENjoy!
  24. That's OK, at least people have a choice. I myself have used it to ignore the pinned congrats thread (and some of the other pinned threads I never read!)
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