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  1. It was indeed Alpha Quest Y. Highly recommended!
  2. For some reason "Little Donkey" failed to record - probably for the best
  3. Troika from Lieutenant Kije by Prokofiev Moote correctly identified this piece from a recording of me humming it! Well done Moote!
  4. House of Boo, Zensunni, Andybug & Ladybird, Ollie "Mum", KiwiGary & KiwiTulip, Cryptik Souls Crew and myself are proud to present some stunning renditions of christmas favourites. There's something for everyone, it'll make you feel all warm and christmassy inside. Or possibly nauseous, we're not sure. Broadband / High Quality - 15MB (recommended) Dialup / Low Quality - 0.9MB Big thank you to everyone for joining in. Merry Christmas!
  5. Coincustomers@gccoins.com is a discussion list, broadcast to all subscribers, which by default is anyone who ordered a coin from Alex. Unsubscription instructions are included in each message though. It looks like some people have emailed the list expecting only Alex sees the messages, when in fact everyone does
  6. If you use Firefox and have the latest GreaseMonkey extension installed, then right click here to install a script which provides a little "ignore" button next to each thread. Thanks to Ian Rutson, you can now also click the little envelope icons to mark threads you are interested in too.
  7. I was there to witness the Ollies 800th on Sunday - well done! - hopefully I'll have the "medley of christmas songs" video finished soon
  8. (this post to be read aloud in the manner of a TV shopping channel presenter) BUT WAIT! That's not all! Purchase the amazing greasemonkey forum extension script for absolutely no pounds and you'll also get this charming search extension for Firefox! Yes! That's right! Not one but TWO ways to search the forums. Use the Firefox quick search box. Use the greasemonkey'd forum page. The choice is yours. Not only is free, but our stocks are unlimited. Yes folks, unlimited. So what are you waiting for? Click here to install Terms and conditions apply. Firefox users only. Your home is probably not at risk. Badgers can be ferocious when cornered. This is not a flying toy.
  9. A fine idea! Install it from here!
  10. "Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes...."
  11. If you use Firefox and Greasemonkey, I made a temporary fix
  12. I wrote a Greasemonkey script which allows you to ignore forum posts you aren't interested in, and I've just added a handy addition which spots that search is offline and drops a Google search form in there instead, which will only search forums.Groundspeak.com. Not as good as the "real" search, but better than nothing. If you use Firefox and Greasemonkey, right click here and choose Install User Script
  13. The arrow is broken, hadn't noticed before Rutson put me on wild goose chase debugging a different problem that wasn't there! I'll fix it tonight! To be far, Rutson did give me an idea for my Geocaching forums script now that the search is down - the new version replaces the search error screen with google search form which only searchs forums.Groundspeak.com... right click here to install
  14. The page you linked to suggests not using the "extension" version of the Gallery Enhancer in FF1.5, but use the GreaseMonkey version (right click here and choose Install User Script)
  15. Not a cave, but very long, dark and wet disused railway tunnel forms Alpha Quest Y which I spent a good two hours in at the weekend with House of Boo and Zensunni! Great fun! Underworld looks good though...
  16. The only thing I can think of (which you've probably tried) is uninstalled the 0.5 extension and then attempt to install the latest one. Maingray: read OP!
  17. Exactly what version of Firefox and Greasemonkey?
  18. Close and restart Firefox - what version number do you have for Greasemonkey in Tools->Extensions?
  19. This came up in the chatroom this morning, I believe there are 228 numbered coins
  20. What a marvellous literary turn this is taking! I thought I'd give it a proper go with a bit Rudyard Kilpling.... If you can keep your GPS lock when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust coordinates when all men doubt you But make allowance for their GPS receivers too, If you can walk and not be tired by walking, Or fail to find, don't deal in DNF's, Or start digging, don't give way to digging, And yet don't look too muddy, nor talk of spoilers: If you can cache--and not make caches your master, If you can navigate--and not make navigation your aim; If you can meet with FTF and Did-Not-Find And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to see the caches you've placed Trashed by muggles to make a trap for fools, Or watch your signature five star puzzle, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools: If you can gather your geocoins in one heap And risk taking all to a drunken bash And lose them, even though not cheap And start collecting for another cache If you can force your duracell triple A's To serve their turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in them Except the cacher which says to them: "Hold on!" If you can post on forums and keep your virtue, Or walk with moderators--nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men cache with you, but none too much, If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of caching done, Yours is geocaching.com and everything that's in it, And--which is more--you'll be a Cacher, my son!
  21. Like the Captain Darling one If anyone is struggling with Walkergeoff as Freddy Starr... Finally, I couldn't resist this one.
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