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  1. Doesn't sound like a Greasemonkey problem sadly - best bet might be trawling Google Groups for a similar sounding issue...
  2. My first CITO too but what a corker of day! Well done to the Cryptiks for a superbly run event, and to the Cachehoppers for the great "unwinding" event afterwards. Such great weather too!
  3. Really? You should get yourself a new video camera, as your footage really didn't do it justice in that case.
  4. Fixed, many thanks for spotting it!
  5. I've added the Shrops event now that it has a page. If you want to know what it looks like for a really busy cache event day, check out how International CITO Day looks this Saturday! Events Galore!
  6. Google Calendar is a rather nice online calendar with good facilities for sharing calendars, so I've created a shared calendar of UK cache events. To use it, simply search the shared calendars for "uk cache events"... All events added from a Pocket Query going forward for one year. I'll keep it updated, but if you notice errors or omissions, just get in touch (see email address at top of screenshot)
  7. 2 adults, 2 kids and deefer the deliquent dog would love to come...
  8. Google Video, YouTube and the like are great for sharing your caching exploits. I tried out YouTube by adding my video to it. Quality isn't too bad but it does cut off a second or two from the end.
  9. Many events I've been to have featured a raffle which normally raises a few quid for a good cause. As long as this isn't made the focal point of the event no harm done IMHO!
  10. Last year TeamA'sinB held a great event "Bunny's Been to Beds" and they're doing it again! * Bunny's Been To Bedford 2 15th April 2006, 2pm Nice little walkie for little ones and caching dogs, with easter eggs to boot! Huzzah!
  11. I originally offered to help Gary (Inukshuk), the original editor, with revamping the site, but the success of the Geograph.org.uk site has left us both with little time! We were talking recently with another fledgling online mag about pooling our efforts, so that seems the most likely route forward at the moment.
  12. ... although the Met Office would have you think otherwise...
  13. Since recent images are likely to be highly valuable, and real-time images ludicrously commercial, I doubt you'll see them for free However, I did read recently an Australian company is planning to provide live 250m resolution imagery pushed out to 3G mobile phone.
  14. I expect you mean the prize associated with this book which promises to reveal the truth behind the Holy Grail : http://www.maranatha-puzzle.com/
  15. The posted coords are nowhere near the event, so people local to the area might not notice. I got all excited when I saw a new cache 6 miles from my house, but it's actually 50 miles away. Also, when a person with 6 cache finds to their name holds an event for £7/head, people are going naturally think this is a commercial activity. If I recall correctly, commercial advertising on this forum is not allowed Sound like you're putting a lot of effort in though, so best of luck!
  16. ROFL. It's the "must have" toy this Christmas!
  17. I think that was taken after I'd been told the bar was shut
  18. If the addiction takes hold, you'll realise, as we all did, that your signup name becomes your identity. People will greet you at meets, happily call you wizard1974uk, and buy you a pint as you regale them with caching tales.
  19. There's too much doom and gloom and ranting here at the moment. So I'll start some happy threads - write a haiku to describe the caching experience, the perfect cache, or your love of tupperware. I'll start... walked for miles nettles sting my hands am i FTF? or mere feet away under piles of sticks a logbook beckons
  20. That video is being streamed direct from the record label, so either they are paying the royalty collection agencies or they really should tighten up their streaming servers
  21. Ian is clearly needing things to do, so I'll throw down a Greasemonkey challenge! Write a GM extension which can look at a route plan from, say, Mapquest or RAC, and tell you which motorway madness caches you could have a go at Go on
  22. Tools->Manage User Scripts Highlight the script you don't want, then disable or uninstall it.
  23. Yay! Green Day! But I would suggest making the video not play automatically, since most people won't be expecting music If you edit the HTML for the video where it says showcontrols="1" showstatusbar="1" autosize="true" just add an extra bit showcontrols="1" showstatusbar="1" autosize="true" autostart="false" that should stop it playing automatically. Aside from that, top marks!
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