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  1. I've been trying to get on the geocaching.com site since last weekend and continue to get a message saying the site is down for maintenance. Is it only me that's getting this? I thought I might find some info on Groundspeak but so far I haven't found anything indicating that things are down. I see some updates have been made this month but nothing indicating the site would be down this long. I'm traveling this weekend and wanted to do some caching along the way. Will I be suffering from cache withdrawl? Happy Holidays to everyone!
  2. Nice bike, but where do you put the carseat, the dog, the spouse and three packs? I travel light!! Plenty of room for my caching gear in the tank bag, I throw my tent and sleeping bag on the back seat and I'm off on an adventure. The picture I post here was when I was riding it home from TX via Death Valley. It was a most memorable 2 week, 4000 mile, 50+ cache adventure. I had just bought it used from a friend, flew to TX and rode it home. Can't beat a vacation like that
  3. Unfortunately there isn't overnight camping at Jarstad Park. However, you might want to look into Allynview in Allyn (that's a fair drive from Gorst) and there's also Cedar Glenn RV Park in Poulsbo or Rhododendron RV Park between Poulsbo and Silverdale. Thanks for the camping tips. I'm sure I'll find something in the area that will work for me.
  4. I must have finally figured it out. I see they are now appearing. Ignore the previous cry for help.
  5. Ah golly gee, how silly I feel. I've been lurking on the forums for almost a year now and have only posted a few times. Just yesterday I tried to figure out how to get my avatar and sig line to be added to my posts and I haven't been able to figure it out. HELP!
  6. Gee, I had to ride all the way to Missoula to find mine and you're whining about 40 miles to ID? Mine will be put out again as soon as I find the perfect cache to leave it but there's no guarantee it will be within 40 miles of Spokane either.
  7. After reading the string of posts it looks like this group has way to much fun. I might just have to ride across the state and join in on some of this fun, just don't expect to see me in a grass skirt. Is there camping at this park?
  8. In this sea of gas guzzlers I thought I should add my georide Ladybug0048
  9. Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays!! I lurk but not on a regular basis. This is my first post but I doubt that it will be my last. I entered this entertain game a few months back and am enjoying the heck out of it. There seem to be a lot of terrific people out there willing to share their knowledge and encourage us newbies. At this point I don't post as I'm still "testing the waters" to see how things work. Looking forward to reading more informative posts.
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