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  1. Hey, someone has just (?) fixed it! :-) Thanks to whoever it was! ;-)
  2. Hi, since my second set of five Adventure Labs was published, the sum of Geocaches Found on my public profile is off by five. The individual numers of cache types are correct. Appearently, the sum "lost step" somehow. Has anyone else seen the same thing? It's not a big deal, but can it be fixed? Regards from Germany Teuto-Yachter
  3. It might just be a film container in the woodpecker's hole... ...pity, no room for swag.
  4. While waiting, I found something on one of the large panorama pictures. could that be a petrified tree trunk?
  5. I've wondered about that, too, but on NASA's https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/spacecraft/rover/body/ it says: So, it appears to me to be part of the plan.
  6. Indeed, you're right, of course! Now, I was just going to name TB5EFXK Mars Perseverance Rover as a TB without a tag, but that doesn't hold true, either. GC doesn't call the Rover a Travel Bug anywhere, so, what is it? My Idea: the calibration target is a Geocoin!
  7. I have sent out copies of coins I didn't want to lose, and I have found some copies, too. For my own copies, I used round plastic capsules that coin collectors use to protect gold coins. I put in a good laser color print of the coin. The effect is not far from a real coin, it has more "substance" than a lamiated piece of paper. As for TBs, I've always understood that the actual Travel Bug is the object the dog tag is attatched to. So for me, this object is the essential thing. The shape and material the dog tag is made of is not really important, as long as the tracking number is legible.
  8. Congratulations to NASA from Germany - what an adventure! I just realized that Perseverance herself is a sort of robot cacher. If I got it right, she is to place all those drill cores in certain positions on Mars, for another robot cacher in a few years to come and find them. I'm looking foreward to seeing the next photos. Teuto-Yachter, Bielefeld
  9. Habe ich mir gerade mal angesehen, aber nur ganz kurz. Also, da installiert sich einer dieses Fake-GPS, teleportiert sich damit quasi an den Ort meines Adventures, sucht dann nach einer Lösungs-/Cheat-Datenbank für meine fünf Antworten (oder saugt alternativ einen Vorlogger dafür an, dem er damit auch offenlegt, was er da tut) und loggt dann vom Sofa aus. Mein Kommentar dazu: soll er doch! Für einen, der das braucht, hätte ich ernsthaft Mitleid - aber nicht so viel, dass ich wertvolle Lebenszeit damit verschwenden würde, hinter seinen falschen Logs herzulaufen und ihm den wertlosen Zahlenfriedhof, der seine Statistik ist, zu reparieren.
  10. Yes, logging out and in again does the trick. I consider it a minor bug; the app is still in the "labs", after all.
  11. Hi, I noticed only today that I've been opted in, so here's my first thoughts about the new search: I can see that you work towards getting the features Search, Map, Pocket Queries and Lists closer together; I wholeheartedly approve of this. Displaying Search results on the map was a goot idea, as was putting PQs on the map, and integration with Lists, too. But there's still a long way to go. The Search filters do not give me the same flexibility yet as Pocket Query properties give me, e.g. concerning attributes or publishing dates. Also, there is the caches-along-a-route feature, which can only be done with a Pocket Query. So all in all, PQs are a more powerful tool than the Search, so sometimes I miss things when searching. Displaying the search results, I am now restricted to the Geocaching map, Google Roads ans Google Satellite. I very much hope this choice will be expanded, as I normally use OSM Default and one of the topogrpahic maps with contours of elevation. At lower zoom levels, the Geocaching map does not give me enough details. I'm a little puzzled about the way the interfaces to the game are develping. On the one hand there's the app, specializing on smartphone users, with large controls, fonts and symbols on comparativeley small touchscreens - and not providing all of the features (e.g. PQs are missing). On the other hand there's the website for users with a larger screen and a mouse or such, which could and IMHO should aim at putting a lot of information and controls on one page, with smaller print and smaller controls closer to each other. But what I see is a "smartphonification" of the website, making it unwieldy (examples: the Dashboard (I still very much prefer the old one) and the new My Lists page). Should I use both app and website on a smartphone? Not a good idea, better get all of the functions into the app and consistently optimize the website for computer screens. A minor point: The previous search could display the total number of caches if no filter and no point of origin was applied. I kind of miss that now... ...and while I'm at it: why not integrate Waymarks in some way? I know that many cachers don't like them, but if we want to keep alive that particular dialect of the Language of Location, it probably needs a better website with better maps than it has now. Kind regards Teuto-Yachter
  12. Wow, it looks like you're reworking the whole page; this really looks great! I really admire what you're doing, and looking forward to the finished site!
  13. I've found Gryphon this week, and hope to get as far as Dragon, too, before time's up, but that will probably be it. I've kind of used up all the power trails in my vincinity.
  14. Now everything's fine here, I have been awarded the two souvenirs, and another one for today's logs. Point count is correct, too. Good job! :-) T.-Y. Edit to add: ...and I will always consider Pluto either a planet or a dog! ;-)
  15. Hi, status right now: Teutine and me both logged a find, both received the correct number of points on the friends' league (15 points each for a mystery and a trad with a lot of favorites) but did both not receive any souvenirs. Let's wait and see... T.-Y.
  16. Hallo Yorifa, im Prinzip bist du für Fragen hier schon richtig, aber in dem speziellen Fall, nämlich um einen Tipp für einen Mystery zu bekommen, eher nicht. Wenn jemand einen Tipp hier posten würde, dann würde der ja praktisch "für ewig" hier für alle zu lesen sein, und das Rätsel, das ja offenbar sehr schwierig ist (5 von 5 Sternen) - und aus Sicht des Owners sicher auch schwierig sein soll - gewissermaßen "entwerten". Und ein Rätselcache mit nur 2 Funden in 5 Monaten muss es - über Binärzahlen und ASCII-Code hinaus - ziemlich in sich haben, sonst wären da schon mehr Finder. Es ist nicht unüblich, dass sich Cacher untereinander mal einen Tipp geben, aber das wird nach meiner Erfahrung immer als Einzelfall betrachtet und eher unter vier Augen besprochen. Oft tun sich auch mehrere Cacher zum Lösen zusammen. Ich habe seit Jahren eine Liste mit ungelösten und interessanten Rätselcaches, und ab und zu fällt mir mal zu einem davon das Entscheidende ein. Aber hinter manches kommt man nie. Andererseits stimme ich ReneFFM nur zum Teil zu; gerade bei den wirklich originellen Rätseln hilft oft alle Erfahrung nichts, dafür hat ein Cacheanfänger vielleicht gerade die richtigen Spezialkenntnisse und die richtige Idee. Vielleicht bist du das ja! :-) Ansonsten gibt es genug andere schöne Caches da draußen. Viele Grüße Teuto-Yachter
  17. Hi, this is a slightly annoying issue that's been around for some time, but I suspect that there is an easy solution for it. The Trackable Map page consists of a list of all the logs of the trackable in question, and of the map itself. The map shows a numered marker for each log of the "Visited" or "Dropped Off" types, i.e. for every "station" the trackable visited. (Thus, if you have a cache counter coin which you dip into every cache you find, the highest number on a marker on the map should be your number of finds, disregarding Lab Caches.) The bug is, that some markers do not appear on the map, even though the corresponding log is present in the list. Also, the numbering of the following markers is off by one. This always happens when two "stations" are very close to each other (about 30 m in the example below), as may happen when an Earthcache or a Multicache with a virtual station is involved. In these cases, the map leaves out the first one of the two neighbouring stations. Example: I have tested it for my cache counter coin: http://www.geocaching.com/track/map_gm.aspx?ID=2605610 Zoom in on Funchal on the island of Madeira, stations #4004 and #4005 ("Happy New Year 2016" and "Arte de Portas Abertas"), both dated 01/01/2016. According to the list (which is correct), there should be one station between them, "Zona Velha (Old Town)", 0.03 km south of #4005, but it is missing. There are three more such cases on this particular map page, so the final count is off by four. I suspect that the program that draws the map has some sort of filter to eliminate stations very close to the next station - though I'm not sure what that would be good for. If that is the case, the solution might be to turn the threshold of that filter, concerning the distance between the neighbouing stations, down to zero or a very low value. Kind regards Teuto-Yachter
  18. Hi, sure, I'm using GCStatisic, http://www.macdefender.org/products/GCStatistic/index.html It's a website in German, maar als een Nederlander is dat misschien niet zo moelijk voor jou. ;-) You'll need a my-finds-GPX-file for it, but from then on it's easy to use. Groeten - Jens
  19. I noticed a link "message center" about 45 minutes ago. The site answers to the click and opens something called message center, but it has a very "beta" feel about it... more like "alpha". But may be the installation is not finished yet; moun10bike posted something about an update rolling out about an hour ago. I'll look again tomorrow. Regards - Teuto-Yachter
  20. Das ist ja sagenhaft; ich hatte mich schon trauernd von diesem wirklich guten Tool verabschiedet, weil es ja seit Monaten abgekündigt war! Dass MacDefender jetzt weiter macht, finde ich wirklich toll!
  21. There seem to be two different points here: One is showing solved mysteries at their user-corrected positions on the Geocaching Map: This feature has been suggested before and, according to Moun10Bike, has already been started: STARTED - [FEATURE] Show user-corrected coords on Beta Map, in PQs, and in API (That was more than a year ago, mind you.) Another point is showing on the map those additional waypoints you can put into the cache listings, like trail heads or car parks: Very true. While this might be a useful feature, you should definitely be able to toggle it off.
  22. A gauntlet, of course! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gauntlet_%28glove%29#.22Throw_down_the_gauntlet.22 ) I'd really like a special type for challenge caches, too. Regards - T.-Y.
  23. Hi rekcor, ich benutze die "Send to GPS"-Funktion gar nicht, sondern ziehe mir Pocket Queries und speichere sie unter "X:\Garmin\GPX\"; dabei ist "X:" entweder der interne Speicher des Gerätes oder die Micro-SD-Karte im Gerät. Bei letzterer musst du die Verzeichnisstruktur ggf. erst anlegen; das muss dann genauso heißen, denn Garmin orientiert sich an Verzeichnis-Namen. Es darf im Übrigen auch ein Unterverzeichnis von "\GPX\" sein. An dieselbe Stelle kannst du auch die Datei speichern, die du bekommst, wenn du in einem Cache-Listing auf "GPX-File" klickst. Die Caches, die du mit "send to gps" gespeichert hast, dürften in einem Unterverzeichnis von "\GPX\" im internen Speicher des Gerätes liegen, wahrscheinlich mit irgendeinem kryptischen Dateinamen. In Zweifel kannst du die GPX-Dateien im Notepad öffnen; die lassen sich im Klartext ganz gut lesen. Viel Erfolg und frohe Weihnachten Jens (Teuto-Yachter)
  24. It wasn't such a big issue with me, but: Well done! The new blue DNF icon is certainly better than the grey attempt was, and I like it better than the old blue one, too. Maybe some of the other new icons will merit some finishing touches, as well. I've seen some good suggestions here... :-) Kind regards - T.-Y.
  25. ...würde aber wahrscheinlich klappen, wenn man nett bittet und sich nicht gerade die Hauptgeschäftszeit dafür aussucht. Frag doch mal den Barkeeper deiner Stammkneipe, die haben sowas manchmal auch. Oder fahr spät Abends, wenn nichts los ist, zu einer Tankstelle: Nachtwachen sind erfahrungsgemäß für jede Unterhaltung dankbar. Viele Grüße T.-Y.
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