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  1. with that Diet Coke Puzzle...what do you do? just pull the pieces apart? looks stupidly simple sorry i don't know how to quote on here.
  2. I run a facebook group called Memphis Geocachers. Looking to make it a forum for local cachers to get together, cache together, share experiences, etc. please join and invite all your geocaching friends. thanks alot! http://www.facebook.com/pages/status/#!/pages/Memphis-Geocachers/123866407683965
  3. here is one of mine. i haven't hidden it yet. i'm looking for the perfect spot. it is going to go in a parking spot stopper thing. the bison tube end goes in first. all that will be visible is the top of the rebar, just like a normal parking stopper
  4. Hey everyone. Just got my new venture hc. i know this isn't the best unit, but i've been using my phone. i made a pocket query and now want to delete them all. is there an easy way to do this? i know you can delete them one at a time, but was hoping to be able to delete them all at once. the owners manual says nothing about this. also, if anyone has any awesome tips they would like to share about the venture, that'd be awesome. Thanks
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