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  1. Okay, I can do this for the cache find that didn't count, but I'm not sure how I would go about doing this for the seven labs it didn't acknowledge for Reach the Peak (it got three of the ones I did yesterday, just not the rest). It was ten lab series that we hiked out in the snow to do and that have to be done in sequential order. Any suggestions for how to get them to count toward my Reach the Peak total?
  2. Thanks guys! I went in and changed the options on an old query to fit my new query and it ran just fine! It's a big relief, because I was planning to hit a fairly long trail today and, like several others have mentioned here, I really can't do that with my phone anymore since they pulled the plug on the app for it.
  3. It sounds like you're having quite an adventure!! I'm also marveling at your bravery for getting a car with a standard transmission... we've always just bitten the bullet, paid the extra and gotten an automatic. One less thing to worry about. But oh yeah... definitely know what you mean about lining yourself up correctly in the lane. That was probably the biggest surprise the first time we hit a country with left side driving... you don't know how hardwired your brain has gotten for your position within the lane until it changes. Pretty wild! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
  4. You definitely want to have a way to find caches without a data connection... there's pretty much no cellphone coverage at all in the park or in quite a bit of the surrounding areas (or at least there wasn't last summer and I doubt it's changed). Other than that, I do recommend going after the one "traditional" cache in the park (ALONE but not Solitary - GCK3Q). It's not a bad hike out to it and the geyser there is pretty cool, if you happen to be there at the right time.
  5. I'm afraid I don't really know about bears on any of those hikes. But for GCD, you might actually be able to manage it... it would be worth swinging by, if you're up in the area to go to Tunnel of Light, anyway (the trailhead is not that far away from Hyak). We've had very little snow this year and it's possible that the trail to GCD could be clear when you visit (albeit wet and possibly muddy). Although it looks like no one has logged it since October, so I could be completely wrong. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to drive by and at least check out the conditions while you're there.
  6. Both of those have combination locks (be sure to take a look at the hint for them, so you know how to open them), which seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping them safer.
  7. Hmmm... I was all excited to share the two I commonly use when I'm visiting Portland, but just checked and they're not Premium caches. In case you're interested, even though they don't quite fit your criteria: PDX Airport Travel Bug Embassy - GCKQXQ Shelrik's Happy Cache Inn (For TB's & GC's) - GC1KT61 They're both fairly secure spots... the latter being in someone's front yard.
  8. 1. Participating - 12 November 12 2. Received Name - 16 November 12 3. Mission Sent - 4 December 12 4. Mission Received - 22 January 13 Thank you Getzie Family!!!
  9. 1. Participating - 12 November 12 2. Received Name - 16 November 12 3. Mission Sent - 4 December 12 4. Mission Received Sorry it's a bit late getting out.
  10. Yay! I was hoping someone would run this again! 1. Participating - 12 November 12 2. Received Name 3. Mission Sent 4. Mission Received
  11. NepoKama and I just found EcoCache™ #1 at Bassett Pond (GC2237Z) yesterday and it was absolutely surrounded by very tasty and ripe blueberries!
  12. And it looks like I won't be able to go after all. :-( Hope you guys have a lot of fun!
  13. I'm definitely interested and it looks like I could even swing it on the 21st!
  14. I've absolutely loved my Hyundai Tucson... good cargo space without being an overly large vehicle, plus the seats fold down flat and it would be very easy to sleep in the back (although it occurs to me that I've never actually slept in this car. Huh). It's got good gas mileage and the newer models are even better, from what I understand. Also, it can be locked easily into 4WD, something NepoKama and I have had to use a number of times while out caching in the back country or even just driving on snowpacked roads.
  15. Oh my gosh! That looks (and sounds!) harrowing... so glad you're okay. Although as NepoKama said, you're likely going to be sore tomorrow.
  16. E-mail sent: 11-23-11 Name received: 11-26-11 Card sent: 12-5-11 Card recieved: 12-19-11 Very cool card and coin! Photo later... Thanks!!
  17. Hello all! I'm planning a very short (four day) trip to Louisville later this month and would love some suggestions for good caches to drop trackables (since I have a number of them that want to head out east). I'll be staying out in the Valley Station area, but should be able to get around to just about anywhere (including across the border in Indiana). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are going to be any Events while I'm there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  18. E-mail sent: 11-23-11 Name received: 11-26-11 Card sent: 12-5-11 Card recieved: Thanks!!
  19. E-mail sent: 11-23-11 Name received: Card sent: Card recieved: Thanks!!
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