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  1. I saw that a friend had received one of these cute little stockings, and I was hoping to get a peek at it. I thought for sure that's all I would get -- a peek -- especially since someone mentioned the naughty and nice list, and I tend to lean heavily on one side of it!


    But, in the mail I found a small envelope addressed to me, from me -- an elfish surprise all the way from the North Pole, a little treasure to remind me of the holiday season and the spirit of giving. Thank you so much, Santa's Caching Clauses! I love the little stocking!


    Happy Holidays to All!



  2. Some nice surprises in the mail today! Santa's helpers are working overtime!


    A flashy red Nerd :D

    2 geocurls trackable pins

    A Birds of a Feather (beautiful color combination!)

    Thanks, MamaCache :)


    A GCF pin

    A trolley tag keychain

    Hector's Dolphin Geocoin

    Absolute Caching Geocoin

    Caching Hazards


    two personalized, handmade ornaments


    Thanks, Allie :)


    :) Thank you, both, and Merry Christmas! :)

  3. A great mail day here!


    A Dreamcatcher from 57Chevy and a very cool beaded keyring with my name on it. Thanks, Tim! :anibad:


    A stunning red and green Mauison personal. Thank you, David, and Merry Christmas to you! :anibad:


    A padded envelope full of coins from dhenninger with enough stamps on the front to start a new hobby! Thanks, Dave! :lol:


    Thank you and Merry Christmas to each of you! :huh:

  4. 1. Participating :D

    2. Received Name :D

    3. Mission Complete :D

    4. Santa Arrived W00T! B)


    Just when I think I've seen all of the clever Secret Santa missions, I receive this incredible package.




    I opened the box, lifted the lid and found a cute card with a skating Santa. :DUnder the card were two doors!




    Hmm, a side for Good Geocachers and a side for Bad Geocachers!




    I pulled on the little gold ribbon on the right and two little packages were revealed for Bad Geocachers.




    Then, I opened the flap on the left and saw lots of goodies for Good Geocachers!


    Hmm, what to do? I wanted to see what Bad Geocachers had in store so I opened those packages first- a Super Duper Reindeer Pooper and two lumps of coal in a pretty velvet bag! :D




    Now, for the goodies for Good Geocachers! My Secret Santa picked out some perfect little presents for me -- a mini Snoopy ornament B) and a Skeeter Bait ornament! Now, isn't that perfect for a geocacher! And, the coins are awesome -- two coins from Follow the Quilt Trail -- County Fair and Stars Over Tennessee -- and a purple glitter seahorse and a Sweetlife Nerd and a box of candy Nerds to boot!


    Barry and Val, you are awesome Secret Santas!! :D Thank you so very much!! :D

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