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  1. I ordered 2 sets when they listed the last of the Dragonfly coins last month. After reading all of the issues in the forums about people being ripped off by other sellers I sent an email a couple of days ago asking for an update, I have not gotten a response. My time is ticking on Paypal's 45 day policy so I hope to hear something on these soon. :)


    I would like to post that I did get an email back from AEToys yesterday. It said that the coins are held up because there is a back up in the engraving department, but the coins should be ready anytime now. They kindly offered to cancel my order and refund my money. I have some time left before my 45 day limit with Paypal, so I have decided to give it some more time. I have heard from another cacher that even though he has received some late coins from this vendor, that in the end, he has gotten his merchandise so I have my fingers crossed :D .



    It's been over two weeks since Karen posted that she heard from AEToys. I tried to contact them today about the Dragonfly Coin, and their "Contact" link said "We will be updating our contact page over the next month or two" so I was not able to send a message to them.


    Does anyone know when the Dragonfly coins will ship?

  2. Hey RiverCity are you going to get these new quilt coins to go along with the others we got for you? We know you like quilting, by the way you should see the new quilt I am working on, when I am finished I will have to take a picture and show you. I should send pics of the ones I made recently.


    Valarie of sweetlife


    I ordered the new coins as soon as Tracy announced them! I can't wait to see these -- the others are beautiful. I'll have to line them up and have my own little quit show!


    I would love to see pictures of your quilts! Awesome!


    If we make it to GW7, we'll be sure to stop for caches along the Historical Quilt Trail. :lol:


    Thanks to Tracy for letting us vote for the next quilt coins. I would love to see a Bear's Paw. :o

  3. da5765c4-1cc9-48fe-bb7c-e72bca3f1f7d.jpg


    The Dark Knight has landed in California! What a surprise to receive this mysterious mailing. Thank you so much to the mystery sender behind this awesome coin for letting me in on the fun. I'm looking forward more than ever to seeing the movie. Just a few more days . . .


    This Dark Knight has already claimed a place with other special coins that I treasure!


    Thank you again for thinking of me! :huh::):huh:

  4. Imagine my surprise and delight!


    There are so many who have expressed in words and pictures what this coin is all about, and I have to agree! I saw Steph's coin at GW and it was beautiful, but to receive one in the mail with all the "trappings" and to hold it and turn it over and over and take in every detail is something special. It is a beautiful coin, and I can't decide which side is my favorite. A lot of thought went into this design and a lot of heart.


    My envelope was postmarked Paradise, CA. It seems fitting that the Imagine coin came from a town named Paradise, but right now Paradise is threatened by wildfires, and this area is talked about daily on our local news. So when I look at the envelope I am reminded of what's happening in Paradise and keeping the people in my thoughts, and isn't that what the Imagine coin is all about -- keeping people in your thoughts, wishing and hoping for the best possible outcomes for them.


    So thank you to the Imagine mystery geocoin sender for sharing your heart and soul that went into this coin. Thank you for your generosity, your time and talent. I am honored to have received the Imagine geocoin from you. It is special indeed.



  5. I'm not much of a coupon shopper, but I am so happy that I took advantage of this offer!


    We picked up this coupon in a cache near GW. I tucked it away for a few days as we got sidetracked by an illness in the family.


    I finally pulled it out of the cache bag, read it carefully, and followed the instructions. I gathered the information needed, sent it to the address provided, and then waited hopefully to hear from the Wishing Coin.


    Not long after, I found an envelope in the mail with a sparkling Wishing Coin inside! This coin is beautiful! Beautiful to look at and a beautiful sentiment on the back. Thank you so much! Thank you for your generosity and giving spirit! May all of your wishes come true!




    :D Thank You! :D

  6. What a great mail day! In my rush to get to a padded envelope, all the other mail was set aside. After admiring a new geocoin from a friend, I leafed through the rest of the mail and spotted an envelope with my return address. :) Well, this got my attention! Inside was a message mentioning Uncle Walt, and I thought, "No way!" Another little envelope to open and out falls MICKEY DIVER! Wow!


    I heard that there were some lucky cachers at GW who found a Mickey Diver. I even looked around a bit and found a very nice fimo token but no little mouse ears. :) I never dreamed that I would find a Mickey Diver in my mailbox!


    Thank you for this very special coin. Mickey Diver is already displayed with other treasured geocoins, the ones that always bring a smile to my face and a happy memory to mind.


    Here's Mickey Diver with one of my new keychains! :laughing: He fits right in at my house! Thank you so much!



  7. The Ray & Rose/copper Earth Turtle/gray whale necklace/dhenninger geocoin & pathtag/Message in a Bottle/NJ smashed pennies :unsure::blink::D There's no way I can pick just one. They were special gifts from friends. I did find a GeoLeprechaun in my pocket and won a Goofy Cacher in a raffle. Those are very special, too. I received some awesome coins in trade, too. They're all fond memories of a great weekend.


    Which one was YOUR favorite, Kealia?


    (I'll be out looking for a Kealia/Hula Bum geocoin this weekend! Have you logged your caches yet?) :D


    Edited to add: LoriDarling micro! How could I forget Lori!!

  8. I'm an official Goofy Cacher! I won this special coin in a raffle at a post-GW6 event yesterday. I was too tired to be goofy, but Team Leggoes who was calling the numbers made up for it. The sprinklers came on during the raffle, and Lowell was standing on one. He showed us his best goofy moves trying to get to dry land. :anibad:


    Thank you, Goofy Cacher, for this wonderful coin. It's already displayed with other favorite and special coins. It's definitely a keeper! Thanks for your generosity and the fun that comes along with your mystery coin.



  9. 14c837c8-6bf5-4ce5-abc9-98b5b89bcde3.jpg


    Congratulations to the recent finders of the leprechaun's gold!


    GW6 was quite a weekend! It was wonderful to put faces to familiar names. I was surprised with beautiful coins given as gifts and received in trade. One of the biggest surprises of the weekend was finding a Geo_Leprechaun in my pocket! There were lots of mystery coiners at the event, and I'm thrilled that the Geo_Leprechaun found me! :blink: Version 2 is a beauty, and I'm holding tight to this prize!


    Congratulations Vegas Gamblers on your lucky find, and congratulations, fossillady, on finding the Geo_Leprechaun and winning the pot of gold at the poker table!


    Thanks, Geo_Leprechaun for spreading your magic in the geocoin world, and thanks for adding another memory to a great weekend!

  10. Attended one of the pre-GW events in Wheatland on Thursday night. We arrived a little late and missed most of the 400+ cachers. :unsure: How did they all fit in this little place?! Got my first geo-bear from Marky! Looking forward to meeting lots more cachers tomorrow at the Meet & Greet. Hope everyone has a very safe trip whether driving or flying in for the event! Wish all of the geocoin forum folks could be here. Maybe next year?!

  11. Recieved in a trade, anyone know where to get the activation code?


    2" with this on one side Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim Norway church on coin


    Isn't this a beautiful coin! Looks like it was made by Oakcoins and can be activated there.



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