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  1. Can't resist a Valentine mission or two. Thanks for hosting, Allie!


    Mission #1 :D


    1. Participating: 1/24/09

    2. Received Name:

    3. Mission Complete:

    4. Cupid Arrived!:


    Mission #2 :D


    1. Participating: 1/24/09

    2. Received Name:

    3. Mission Complete:

    4. Cupid Arrived!:

  2. still hoping to hear more missions have arrived...


    The following are currently listed as not yet received....



    Belfrypotters - From US :(

    Jan and the Percey Boys - From US ;)

    PassingWind - From US :unsure:

    rivercity - From Canada :D

    rodz - From US - sender is keen to hear that it has arrived. :(

    Sabri.Suh - From the UK :anibad:

    Six Little Spookies - From The UK :(

    Striphe - The US :(

    Striphe - From down under. :lol:

    ThirstyMick - From US :blink:

    Wutzebear - From the UK :D

    Wutzebear - From US :D


    Rivercity received a very nice Christmas card and coin from Canada - a stained glass BCGA geocoin from Plumbrokeacres! Thank you so much! It's nice to hear from you again!


    Thanks for a fun mission project, Butterfly_lady. Hope we can do it again next year! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for the cointest! I received a prize in the mail today -- G.O.N.E. Caching 4 in copper -- great looking coin! First time I've seen Indy Goes Caching. Very nice! Thanks, Dave, and I hope Santa doesn't leave all of your presents in West Paterson now that you're in Woodland Park. ;)

  4. I posted a message a few weeks ago but it looks like I may have unintentionally deleted it instead. :D


    We were on our way to the foothills and checking caches along the route. One cache caught my eye -- The Legend of Bigfoot -- and I did a double-take when I saw the last finder -- Geo-Sasquatch!


    We took a detour and parked close to a wooded area. We saw lots of shadows and shadowy figures on our walk to the cache. Could one of those shadows have been Geo-Sasquatch?


    The cache lived up to its name with all kinds of Bigfoot swag and stories inside. The best surprise was sitting right on top, though, that coveted Geo-Sasquatch coin!








    We added our signatures right under the Geo-Sasquatch mark in the log, dropped a new geocoin, and hurried through the woods with treasure in hand.


    Thanks for the adventure, Geo-Sasquatch. Thanks for visiting our neck of the woods and the treasure you left behind! :D

  5. b43f3a51-0f23-4f87-95f1-c3d85b7285dc.jpg


    Thank you, River Cacher, River Tinker, and River Princess!


    What an honor to be nominated and to receive this beautiful geocoin!


    I have been catching up on all of the nominations in your cointest, and it is inspiring reading!

    There are so many deserving cachers and to be mentioned in this thread is an honor in itself.


    :D This coin is a treasure as are all of the friendships that have been made through geocaching.


    Thanks, Mike and family, for your generosity and good will that you bring to the forums! :D

  6. A notification from the BBB today:


    Business Name: Alan & Elli's Toys


    You recently requested our help concerning a problem with the company named above.


    The company has not responded to the Bureau to date. If you have heard from the company please contact the BBB at .


    We encourage you to use our ONLINE COMPLAINT system to keep up with the progress of this complaint.

  7. e2c2ce6c-b8c8-4093-b669-bfa1c6a5df92.jpg




    Roped in by the Geo Bandit and proud of it!


    What a totally awesome surprise in the mail after a hard day!


    Thank you, Geo Bandit! Thank you for the coin and your generosity. May the smiles that you're spreading return to you in buckets and heaps! You are one awesome bandit!

  8. I got home, saw my little EmmaGem swingin in her swing with mama and knew even as I was drivin home, this mission wouldnt fly today :( ...Its Halloween! :D ~EmmaGems 1st! :) Found out we gots plans at 4:00 (as of today) so no way of makin the grab and bein home before 6:00 for the Enchanted Pumpkin patch without bein a total SCHMUCK! It was an easy choice to make and tomorrow me, Sweetpea and EmmaGem are headed for the find! :D


    So I still need your luck, cuz that baby is sittin, just a waiting for a lucky cacher...Who will it be??? :rolleyes:


    Good luck, Dave!


    I found a DeLorme Eartha in a cache yesterday. Team DeLorme had been there the day before so the coins are not always picked up right away. Hope you, Sweetpea and EmmaGem make the lucky find.


    The coin is really unique. Beautiful design, Chris! Thanks, Team DeLorme!

  9. Thank you, Steel City Babes!




    My Spooky Halloween Mission arrived from Trasi! The picture shows some of the goodies packed into a box that arrived with lots of Halloween stickers and the warning "Open if you dare!!"


    Inside were all kinds of goodies -- useful, spooky, and fun! Batteries, skeletons, glow sticks, candy, toys, a cute Halloween card, and much more! Trasi found two Ellandel coins on my seeking list and also sent a Steel City Babes Geo-Jellie! :santa: All three are great additions to my coin collection! Thank you so much!


    :) Thanks for the awesome mission, Steel City Babes! :santa:

  10. A Spooky Halloween Mission arrived today!




    There are some scary folks in Texas! The first thing I pulled out of the package was the blood-red jelly hand. Then, Halloween pencils and a big handful of cute erasers and enough eyeball-rings for almost every finger on two hands. :D There were lots of cute Halloween cards and stickers, too. And a bunch of squishy brains! Then came little Halloween bags to open with some awesome coins! First, a Crystal Ball in a beautiful satin gold finish. The picture does not do this coin justice. It's awesome! A Texas Mustang Joni with Hedge Hopper on the other side. I love it! A Hedge Hopper in red! A Mustang Joni pathtag!


    :grin: Woo! I made out like a bandit! Thanks, Joni -- I love my Halloween mission (the squishy brains -- not so sure about those)! :grin:

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