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  1. Just saw Iowa on http://www.coincodes.com
  2. By-the-way... Anyone know where I can get the activation code for the National Park Joshua Tree? Try http://www.hogcode.com/
  3. Where do I get the activation code for a GGA 2006? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Does anyone know who to contact for New Jersey codes? I think I read that they were on the box, but the box is long gone. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, rivercity
  5. Grape Pez here and a great-looking coin. Thanks!
  6. The Tracking and Activation codes are on a paper square inserted in the plastic sleeve.
  7. 400 caches 12.4 miles 1 California micro (poppy) 1 Yellow Jeep 26 TBs
  8. I came across the same problem but realized that the little slip of paper is folded in half. The outside on mine shows the tracking code, but the other side has the activation code.
  9. Very nice-looking coin. I'd like to trade or purchase one, please. Thanks.
  10. Please put me down for three, please.
  11. Received #276 today. Thank you for the great coin and the great adventure!
  12. Please add my name to the wait list. Thanks.
  13. If there are any coins left, one silver please. Thanks.
  14. Please add me to the waiting list for one coin. Thanks.
  15. Please put me down for 1 silver and 1 bronze. Thanks.
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