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  1. Well we have a winner!!!


    (and had a great time last night!!!)


    rivercity is the winner with a guess of 31 people!



    Thank you, Brian and Lynda, for the Canadian Benchmark micro. It's a beautiful little coin.:laughing: I'm pleased to add it to my collection.


    Happy New Year to you!


    Thank you again for the game and your generosity! <_<

  2. Well we have a winner!!!


    (and had a great time last night!!!)


    rivercity is the winner with a guess of 31 people!


    Brian and Lynda


    The Lost Geeks


    ;) Thank you, Brian and Lynda! What a great New Year's morning surprise to receive your email.


    Happy New Year to you! ;)

  3. It was the night before Christmas,

    And what should appear?

    Two tiny feet

    but not made by reindeer!


    It was this I was searching

    and knew what to do.

    Secret Santa had left

    a mysterious clue!


    A nickel, an icon, a state,

    and a code . . .

    With the help of a list

    all was clear and was told.


    The number of caches

    Secret Santa had placed,

    And from this evidence

    an identity was traced.


    So, Merry Christmas to all!

    And, especially to you, LoriDarlin,

    The name of my Secret Santa I did find!

    The one who is fun, mysterious,

    so generous and kind! :laughing::D:D

  4. A cache in the mail

    With bounty inside,

    A tiny box where

    Coins, nickels, and pins abide.


    And, a note from Santa tucked inside . . .

    But, just last week a package arrived

    With three geocoins inside to adore

    Now, a cache and a box with a half dozen more!


    How could this be?

    Is it a mistake or a surprise?

    But, the note is addressed to me

    With a code to decipher and a message inside!


    Look for the nickel with a mysterious design,

    And, watch for an icon with a similar sign.

    Search for some numbers, and I will find out

    Who my secret Santa is and then give a shout!


    I send thanks to my Santa as I wait and I wonder,

    You’re extraordinary and special and like no other!

    I’m keeping my eye out for a new icon design,

    And I’ll soon discover my Santa who’s so generous and kind! :huh::(B)

  5. 105 participants! That's amazing! Thanks, Allie, for setting up the Secret Geocoin Santa exchange.


    The first thing I do when I get home after work is check the mail for little padded envelopes. Well, after spending the last hour or so with 40 wiggly and giggly third-graders rehearsing for a holiday performance, my mind is on automatic. I pull out the padded envelope with the neatly typed address label and rip it open to see what the coin company has sent. I shake out a coin -- Castle Man's star. That's cool, but I don't remember ordering one. Then, out comes another -- United We Cache -- another cool coin. Finally, a third coin drops out -- F/A-22 Raptor from the Air Power series -- another neat coin, but this is all a mistake. I peer into the envelope, but there's no sales receipt. Then, it dawns on me. :) The Secret Geocoin Santa has struck!


    So, I sit down and admire the new coins that the Geocoin Santa has sent. The cares of the week are melting away, and I'm starting to feel all warm and toasty. Thank you to my Secret Geocoin Santa for sharing the spirit of the season.


    Yes, you cachers are the best -- the ones I happen to meet out caching, the ones I meet at events, and the ones I trade coins with. And, right now at the top of my list is a Secret Geocoin Santa from Idaho. Thank you and happy holidays! B)

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