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  1. Please add me to the list for a Standard Edition and an Anniversary Edition. Thanks!
  2. Hi Lori, It's so good to hear from you and wonderful that Jacob is doing so well. I hope both of you are home soon. Thoughts and prayers for Jacob, you and Ron, and Jonah Marilyn
  3. Rivercity 1 Team Moagy 1 BootyBuddies 2 Jim&Jackie 2 Gary&Vickie 2
  4. Here are some bright and shiny records from Geocoinfest.
  5. Rivercity and Team Moagy want to add our thanks to Cornerstone4, AtlantaGal, and Avroair for planning such a wonderful event. It was great to meet so many cachers that we only knew by name. Thanks to the vendors for being gracious and generous, and to Christian for getting the Top 40 coins to the event. It was fun to trade those beautiful little records. The poker game was so exciting, and congratulations to SBD on his win, and thanks for letting me trade for one of those beautiful chips! The raffle had so many wonderful coins that it was hard to choose. I was right behind Stephanie, and when she showed me the coin that she had picked up I reached in and got one, too. Thanks to the Groundspeak "Lackey" for those generous donations! Thanks to Marky and Joani for the rock cache. Thanks to the Temecula Valley cachers for all of the caches around town. We met groups of cachers at every stop. We were glad to find out that LadeBear68 wasn't arrested at the San Diego Zoo, but she did get to see the pandas ten times! It was so cute watching the SAM girls look through our traders for some coins to add to their collection. Their micro coins are darling! I got to see a Phantom coin but not the Phantom! I met Dancingfool and found out he really is a dancing fool! I could go on and on . . . We missed meeting Avroair and hope the phone call helped brighten his day. Thanks for making us feel so welcome. It was an awesome event!
  6. Cupid arrived in Sacramento via Washington state. Nice surprises -- a hitchhiker, a Highly Addictive, and a PlaceHolder. Very nice, indeed! I'll have to let Fluttershy know you've BEEn a great Cupid!
  7. Two Pug Geocoins Beautiful! Thank you, nielsenc!
  8. Trade made and the coins are packaged and on their way. Hope this will be a nice surprise for someone!
  9. This is an awesome idea, and you're so generous to share that beautiful Pay It Forward coin. I'd love to participate!
  10. Same here! Same here. Please let me know if you would like to trade.
  11. Mission received! Plans are being made. Thanks, Allie!
  12. Four butterflies landed in California. Thank you for the beautiful coins!
  13. One little fish tank received in California, but it's bigger than I expected! Thanks for the awesome coin!
  14. My favorite flavors are gone, so I'll go for a pretty color -- Berry Blue. Please add me to the list. Thanks!
  15. I received the coin today. Thanks so much, Maggie. Hope Bonnie continues to do well.
  16. I would like the whole set. I'll trade with everyone. Thanks.
  17. I received a Geopelli from Gary&Vicky at an event tonight. The colors are more vibrant in person, and the bicyclists really stand out against the blue and green background. I had forgotten about the magical power of Geopelli, and the coin started to glow when it was sitting next to the computer. Unique design and a great personal coin! Nice work, G&V!
  18. I'm looking for the activation code for a Dragonfly geocoin. Thanks for your help.
  19. Thank you, Brian and Lynda, for the Canadian Benchmark micro. It's a beautiful little coin. I'm pleased to add it to my collection. Happy New Year to you! Thank you again for the game and your generosity!
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