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  1. May Day! May Day! I received an envelope decorated with butterfly and flower stickers. Looks like May Day to me! A DefCon, a Red Handed, a Geo Pencil, and a personal token from lindsychris were tucked inside. Hmm, who could my May Day sender be? Thanks for these wonderful coins!
  2. An envelope of GeoBirthday Wishes arrived today and contained two very special coins. One was the Appalachian Trail - West Virginia. My husband is from WV, and this is one we wanted to add to our collection. The other birthday surprise was a Wyoming 2007 in copper! What a beautiful coin! A big Thank You to our GeoBirthday sender!
  3. Congratulations, Frivlas! I hope we get to see a picture of the boys with that special coin. Since the Geocoin Fairy is in the area, maybe she'll travel a bit northeast and surprise us.
  4. May Day 1. Participating - 2. Received Name - 3. Mission Complete - 4. Package Received - Not Yet GeoBirthday 1. Participating - 2. Received Name - 3. Mission Complete - Not Yet 4. Package Received - Not Yet
  5. Thanks to PIF for a wonderful way to recognize members of the geocaching community. Appreciation to AtlantaGal, Cornerstone4, and Avroair for all of their planning and hard work to make GeocoinFest a success. It was a topic of conversation at an event yesterday, and we are still talking about the awesome time we had in Temecula. Thanks to Fox and the Hound, Cinema Boxers, and all of the other designers who keep creating these geocoins that we can't resist. Appreciation to Fluttershy and UOTrackers for great community coin ideas and geo missions that are not only fun but have created great friendships. Thanks to LoriDarlin for being one of the nicest and most generous cachers around, and to everyone who's kept Jacob and family in their thoughts and prayers.
  6. Thanks to the EGB for brightening our day, putting smiles on lots of faces, and causing excitement in the forums and on the road to find caches with those little eggs! We really appreciate this kind, generous, and playful character in our midst.
  7. Hi tsun, I'd like to trade. Talk to you later!
  8. Oak Coins is working on my coin, and I am very pleased with their service and attention to detail. Christian and Sara have been great to work with.
  9. You have us a bit worried. Hope all is well. We'll keep you in our thoughts.
  10. A beautiful design by Paula. Thanks for the chance to play. Happy Easter everyone.
  11. May Day 1. Participating - 3/18/07 2. Received Name 04/03/07 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! GeoBirthday 1. Participating - 3/18/07 2. Received Name 04/03/07 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  12. EASTER 1. PARTICIPATING - Yes 2. Received Mission - Yes 3. Mission Complete -Yes 4. Package Received-I received a package from GeoSwag. Was this from my Easter pal? It contained an Undercover Cacher Geo Agent badge and Geolicious. Both very nice coins! Thank you so much! Hoppy Easter!
  13. I waited until it was April 1 somewhere. I knew it was round because I've rolled it back and forth in the envelope the last couple of days. The dhenninger bear! This is the cutest token! Thanks, Dave! Hope your April Fool's surprises are all as nice as this one!
  14. I received a package today, too. It's stamped twice with Do Not Open Until April 1, 2007. How many more days until April 1? April 1? Hmm. . . Thank you, dhenninger. I'm looking forward to opening this! rivercity
  15. Hi Ed, The KMII coin arrived safely in California. This completes my set of four. Thanks very much. Paypal sent to the address in an earlier post. Thanks again, rivercity
  16. Received a wonderful package from Allie today. Allie's Geo 40 in beautiful blues and the broken record and a bag of little Geo 40 pins. Thank you, Allie, for your creativity and generosity! This has been such a fun project, and I'm so glad to have been a part of it. (Got the KMII, too! Thanks!)
  17. Just keep believing because wishes do come true! I've watched the GeocoinFairy, Secret Geocoin Agent, and the Easter Coin Bunny drop coins up and down the state but never anywhere close to home. I'm pretty patient, though, and I just knew if I waited long enough one of these special coins would come my way. There's always lots of colored eggs left in caches around this time of year, and most have toys and other trinkets in them. I found one near a cache on Saturday and thought that the previous cachers had forgotten to pack it back into the container. It didn't feel any different from other plastic eggs, but I decided to pop it open just in case. Inside was a beautiful lavendar and gold Easter Coin Bunny geocoin! This beauty goes straight to the top of my favorites! It's very special, indeed, and so are you, Easter Coin Bunny! Thank you so much! And to everyone else looking for one of these special coins, BELIEVE!
  18. Oh, thank you, Allie! Another wonderful surprise! I'm looking forward to adding the broken record to my collection and seeing the pins. Please let me know if I can help out with shipping.
  19. Checking in . . . 1. Participating - yes! 2. Received Name - yes! 3. Mission Complete - yes! 4. Leprechaun Arrived! - yes! Thanks, GeoSmurfz, for all of your work on the Secret Leprechaun mission.
  20. Secret Leprechaun arrived with some very nice coins. First, an October Signal -- now, that's a big coin. It'll keep the other Signals company. And, two Spuds -- one in soft enamel and one in hard enamel. I didn't know about the two versions, and I'm doubly pleased! All very nice, indeed! You did good, Secret Leprechaun! Thanks so much!
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