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  1. I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at the artwork on the letterboxing geocoin a few weeks ago, and I knew this was going to be an amazing coin, but the finished coin is absolutely stunning! Wow, Paula! That's all I can say! Wow! :ph34r: I love it! B)

  2. Sarah, I just replied to your email. :D


    Jolene, I forgot the chick number you wanted. Hope I haven't traded it away. Please let me know again. :D


    Dennis, yes, of course! I've got a chick for you. :D


    Anyone that would like a Rivercity chick, please let me know. ;)


    Thanks again, Jen, for another fun project! ;)

  3. ;) Hi Kelly! You know how much I ;) love ;) your coin, and to win a LE is awesome. And, you are truly amazing -- 152 caches! WOW! :)


    Thank you so much! Sorry I didn't get to talk to you the other night. The laptop can be trying at times!


    Congratulations to TokyoBlossom! That was a kind and generous gesture to provide an updated list. I know I used it a few times! I'm glad you'll receive one of Kelly's beautiful coins.


    Thanks, again, Kelly. I'll email you soon. :)


    :D Thanks for the congrats, everyone!

  4. As if a hike along a river trail with wildflowers on both sides and a cache near a pond full of wildlife wasn't enough, we were also the lucky finders of a Secret Agent geocoin. I had to smile when I read the GSA's log for the cache and was so glad the Secret Agent was persistent. We had old coords which took us to the bank of the river. After a thorough search we checked the pda and found updated coords in one of the previous logs. We turned around and headed back to the pond. This time the cache was found and inside was a shiny orange and black Geocoin Secret Agent coin! What a thrill to discover the Secret Agent coin and what a perfect ending to our caching day. We added our signatures to the log and a geocoin in trade and re-hid the cache. We sat in a light drizzle and watched the rain on the pond and listened to the ducks and geese. What beautiful sights and sounds, and what a beautiful coin! Thank you, GSA, for your generosity. We're proud to add this special coin to our collection. :(











    2. Received Mission - Yes

    3. Mission Complete - Yes

    4. Package Received - Yes




    2. Received Mission - Yes

    3. Mission Complete - Yes

    4. Package Received - Yes


    Thanks, Jen, for all of your work setting up the missions. Thanks, again, to my May Day and Geo Birthday senders.

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