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  1. Dan, the website is awesome! You sure have put a lot of work into it. Will the cachers who move the hippie buses during the race have a chance to win prizes, too? Thanks!
  2. Hello Dave! I'm catching up on geocoin threads after a few days away, and I just saw my name as one of the cointest winners! This solves the mystery of the the antique silver GONE Caching coin I received in the mail. Thank you so much for the cointest! What a wonderful prize! You're the best, dhenninger!
  3. I received a Pengo-licious Geo-Jellie! Thanks, Chantal!
  4. Hello Allie I've been pretty lucky finding the coins that my heart desires. I recently found one that had been on the top of my wish list for awhile. Now, Sgt. Stitches has taken its place at the top. Sometimes these untrackable personals are hard to track down, but I keep trying. It's fun to see what's at the top of everyone's seeking lists.
  5. I received my gold Hazards today, too, and it is beautiful. I'm glad to see that the other versions are still available on CM's site. Congratulations on another beautiful coin, Paula!
  6. Congratulations, Vegas Gamblers! What a great story and a great way to begin your vacation!
  7. Cute idea, Jackie. Emailed for more info. Thanks!
  8. Hi Dave, A TB arrived in Sacramento today, and I'll be placing it soon. Keep your eyes open, 007BigD! Thanks for letting me help out! RC
  9. Congratulations, PengoFamily! Can't wait to see a picture of Beky and the Leprechaun coin. No sight of rain here and certainly no rainbows, but we can still hope!
  10. Hi Dave, I'll be happy to release one in California for you. RC
  11. There aren't a lot of coin collectors where I live, but I know there are a few cachers watching and waiting for the Geocoin Fairy. We were out for an afternoon of caching, and I was going to log a coin that I had just picked up. We arrived at our next stop and before closing the laptop I glanced at my email. The GCF had visited one of our caches! The cache that we had come for was just 125 feet away, but we put on the brakes and turned around. We were thinking of cachers who might be watching the GCF travels, and a couple of them live a lot closer to the cache than the 25 miles we had to travel. The race was on! Our cache site is at the corner of a rural road, and as we exited the freeway we could see that the road was deserted. We parked, jumped out of the car, and ran to the cache. Funny how caches move a little and rehide themselves a bit differently! We pulled out the logbook and trinkets and finally near the bottom was THE GEOCOIN FAIRY geocoin! Oh, my goodness! What a thrill to find this beautiful coin! We took a few pictures, dropped a geocoin in the cache for the next lucky finder, and added a thank you in the log to the wonderful Geocoin Fairy. I didn't see any fairy dust, but something magical must have been in that cache. I must have touched it because I haven't stopped smiling all day. And, isn't that what the Geocoin Fairy is all about -- to spread happiness and smiles around? She's still up to her magic, and it's still working. Thanks for the visit, GCF, and thanks for the coin that I'll treasure.
  12. A BN translucent tadpole. This is so cute, Jackie! I can understand why you wanted to keep all of them. A tadpole clone. What a neat surprise! Thanks!
  13. I see no reason that CinemaBoxers shouldn't remint this coin in the same metals or different. It is the Geocoin Collectors coin, afterall, and it should be available to as many geocoin collectors that want it. Paula did not state in her announcements that this was a limited run. Someone earlier said that she should listen to her customers. I'm a customer, and I know I would like to see more of these coins for sale. I purchased two of each. If Paula had announced that this was a limited run, I probably would have purchased the same number. There was a collector that purchased several coins in the FSM sale, and when I contacted him he wanted only HTF or AE in trade. He also had several to put up on Ebay. Some enjoy that part of trading. I don't. I offered one of my extra Geocoin Collector coins to a friend, and when he chooses his metal, the other one will be traded, given away, or tucked in a mission. I haven't run through all of the messages above, but it's clear that there are different kinds of collectors, and I wish you all well. And, I would like to thank Paula for a beautiful design. Keep 'em coming, CinemaBoxers!
  14. I received email notification from both Castle Coins and Geocoin Design and really appreciate that the coins went up for sale at the stated time. That really helps when you're at work! Being on their email lists is a great way to keep up with the availability of their coins. Thanks for another beautiful design, Paula! Since the coins are already shipping this morning, I expect to see them Monday or Tuesday!
  15. rivercity


    Pugs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on. ---Anonymous Oops, don't think that quote is going to win me a coin!
  16. This coin is beautiful and one of my favorites. Of course, every one of Paula's coins is one of my top favorites! Good luck to all of you hoping for a copper in the drawing. I know I'm hoping for one, too! Thanks, Paula and Castle Man, for another beautiful coin!
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