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  1. A wonderful Thanksgiving Mission arrived at my doorstep. Hmm . . . confetti on the welcome mat. Confetti on the floor. Where is this stuff coming from? :) Lots of holiday stickers adorned the package and a lovely card inside. Thank you to my mission sender -- I am enjoying the Harvest! Confetti went flying as I pulled the contents out of the box -- a pumpkin basket that I love, Thanksgiving cut-outs that will go to school tomorrow, and the most beautiful book Blue Ridge Parkway Wonder and Light with photos of North Carolina and Virginia. :) And, if that wasn't enough, there were coins -- a Paperless Caching, a Notorious Geocacher, a Landsharkz red/yellow lizard, a #10 Hockey Jersey, and a Micro Puck! Every one a keeper, and I love them all! :lol: Thank you so much Thanksgiving Mission mystery sender. I am so thankful for wonderful people like you, and although it's been said before, I'll say it again, "You Rock!!!" :)


    I took pictures on top of some photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway book. I had to include the second one. Someone else takes pictures of hay bales besides me! I love looking at hay fields, and I love those round bales! :)






    :D Thank you, Thanksgiving Mystery sender! :D

  2. Dear Lori and Jacob,


    Thank you so much for the beautiful coin! It's very special and will always be one of my favorites. I'll never part with it! :rolleyes:


    I am so happy to hear that you're doing well, Jacob! I think about you and your family often.


    Thank you for the lovely card and note inside and the beautiful coin!


    You and your family are very special to me. :huh:


    Thank You, Lori and Jacob!

  3. I have traded a geocoin for a geotag and would do it again. I'll trade wooden nickels for wooden nickels -- that seems fair! I don't mind some creative trading -- ammo cans, war memorabilia, etc. If the traders are satisfied, then it's a good trade. :laughing:

  4. One of these cute little pumpkins made its appearance at Marky's GeocoinFest in No. California. Frivlas was the lucky finder. Maybe she'll post a pictue and story later.


    Nice work, Great Pumpkin! :)

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