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  1. Nope, that wasn't the reason. Today, I filtered down to 941 caches and when I try to scroll through them, I only get around 120. There must be some cache that messing up their parser so that it just gives up and stops loading any further geocaches. Not that it's a good thing, but glad to see I'm not the only one seeing this on the number of caches you are seeing or not seeing.
  2. Are you looking on the map or the Geocache list page? Geocache list page.
  3. In the default list view for geocaches/waypoints you can only see caches/waypoint that are within 20 miles from your current location. In order to see all geocaches/waypoints you need to go to Options->Spell. Unfortunately you'll need to know at least one character in the cache name, on the 60cs you can get an entire list of waypoints sorted by name (I'm going to add this to the Issues as a minor defect). GO$Rs If it were showing me the caches out to 20 miles I could live with that but when this occurs I can only see caches that are anywhere from 1.2 miles to 3.4 miles away whether by name or cache id.
  4. I've been watching this and trying to find a pattern to why it happens but have been unable to identify anything. Others I've seen are saying their able to put 1000's of geocaches on their Colorado's and see them all fine in the list. On mine I can load all that I have in GSAK which is about a 1000 geocaches yet in the list on the Colorado am unable to see anything beyond 65-140 caches, this varies from day to day which is also odd. I've used the zip files that contain the downloads from Geocaching.com as well as from filtered data from GSAK and still have this issue. Am open to ideas on what I may be doing wrong but am suspecting a problem with the Colorado.
  5. There's a car mount now? I guess I need to go back to the accessories page. Yes there is a car mount, it's in the auto accessories package. Here's the link from garmin's site. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=11408
  6. I've had my Colorado 400t for about 2 weeks now and compared to the previous version I had (Garmin Vista) there is no comparison. Sure there are some minor issues (for me anyway they are minor) as this was quite a jump in GPS technology for me. I waited for a long time to upgrade units and had considered the 60 series but went with the Colorado due to what I found to be the ease of use of the unit. The topo map that is preloaded on the unit is very nice in the detail it provides for the area I am in. I must compliment Garmin on the car mount for this unit as it very easy to attach and detach the GPS, unlike the included carabiner. So yes I am very happy with the Colorado even with the few issues I have had so far as I am sure they will be resolved.
  7. Had an issue with my 400t yesterday where driving down the road the unit froze up, was in Map mode. Could not change screens, power unit off or anything else. Only way I was able to get out of this freeze up was to remove the batteries and let unit discharge. I will keep watching to see if this re-occurs.
  8. snowd


    At the top right hand side of each cache page there is a blue box with "log your visit" inside it, click that link to add your "feedback"/log to the cache page.
  9. My understanding is that MetroGuuide will work fine on a 60CS, and Garmin lets you register 2 GPSrs for the map loading, so you should be set. I hear that the most current version of MetroGuide does not support autorouting, which is a pretty slick feature. City Select ver 6 provides autorouting info. Some older version of MetroGuide (ver 4 I think) supported autorouting, but not the latest version. Go figure. I'm sure someone will come along and confirm or correct this. That's correct. You can use Metroguide 6, but you will not be able to autoroute in the 60CS with it. The maps will still be there. hmmmm ok, thanks. Maybe MetroGuide won't be best option to go with then, as this would be an addition for me on the Vista also. On a different track then will the City Select v6 work on the vista? If it will I think this would be option for me to go with to get most usage out of a 60cs if I buy one. Sorry to get off topic with these questions, just don't want to be buying different versions of similar programs if I can avoid it.
  10. Am looking at possibility of getting a 60CS and would like to get the input of the good folks here that already own one, will the Garmin MetroGuide North America V6 maps work with the 60CS. I ask as I already have a etrex Vista and would like to be able to use the maps in both units, or will I have to get different city map software for the 2 units? Thanks.
  11. snowd

    Aspx Files

    I had this same problem when trying to download .loc files on an xp machine. The problem turned out not to be xp but with a download manager (GetRight) I have that is setup to catch clicks for download links in IE. I resolved the problem by disabling the download manager for click monitoring long enough to get the file from GC then re-enabling it. Hope this helps.
  12. No the regular vista does not have the auto routing and turn by turn navigation available to it. If it's a feature you'd like to have in future then it means your buying up the line more as far as Garmin's are concerned. I really can't speak to the abilities of the Magellan lineup concerning auto routing as I'm not familar with them, so will leave that for those that know.
  13. Given you've only had it three weeks I would guess that it would still be under warranty and should thus be fixed/replaced for free. Would suggest 2 methods of dealing with it, 1) call Magellin customer service and let them know how disappointed you are that in a brief three weeks of normal usage the unit has fallen apart at the battery compartment. 2) Take it back to where purchased and exchange it for another one and let them handle the defective product return to manufacturer.
  14. While I have just the Vista, which has the compass and altimeter in it, I find both to be very usefull. For me when I am navigating to a cache (or any other location) the compass is what comes up for me. It provides arrow heading to location as well as degree information, with middle of arrow offset to indicate direction and distance off of being inline with location. It won't give precise distance of inline offset but a good general idea which to adjust to, the further out of position the greater the distance out, as well as a change in gray scale reflecting the same info. This works well for getting into general area then it's back to eyes and thinking about where I would of hidden cache given the area. The altimeter is also usefull if a cache/benchmark is noted with a specific height that it was placed or set at as this will generally aid in finding that matching height. The use of both doesn't seem to make a big difference in battery life so I leave them both turned on, but can turn them off if need arises.
  15. You can find that manual for the GPS V on Garmin's site, from which you can download the manual for the unit. Am providing the link for the GPS V here. Click on the manuals link and from there download the manual for reference.
  16. Ok, maybe I looked at something wrong when I looked at the .loc files but I would of swore they had a <type>benchmark</type> in the file which I would take to indicate the type of cache it is. Or does this indicate something else? I can change them it's just I thought if a better way why not try that. I am getting PQ's in .gpx format for normal caches so that's not an issue, just with benchmarks that isn't an option as you point out and thus .loc files are all there is to work with.
  17. Something I've noticed with GSAK when importing .loc files is it doesn't seem to pickup the type of cache each is. I noticed this when I was importing benchmarks into the program and have had to set each of them to the type "benchmark" manually. Is this just an oversight? Or does it have to do with it being a .loc file and not a .gpx file? It's a small thing I know but would save a bit of work when importing benchmarks. Don't think I can get benchmarks in a .gpx file.
  18. Yes I log my DNF's as they can be usefull for someone else that is going to attempt the cache, or that has already. It can be frustrating when others are finding a cache that you aren't even when you know (or think) you have looked at everything. They can also alert the cache owner to a potential problem if there are a series of them on a cache. It wouldn't be fun if every time you went out you found the cache right off the bat, after a while that gets a bit boring. Knowing that you've put in all the thought you could to find a location is what it's about
  19. Fairly new cacher myself and using a Garmin Vista also. The normally accuracy I see out of the unit when moving about is at best usually about 16-25 feet. I've learned once I'm down to that range that I'm right in the vicinity of that cache and time to start looking at, in, under, around, above, behind what ever is within about 30 feet of me as that is usually where cache will be; and the least likely at that. The absolute best accuracy I've had with the Vista has been 7' of accuracy with 11 sats locked, this was with being still in one spot for about 15 minutes and not moving. I think you'll find that in most situations that it's going to put you right at or very near to the cache location even in tree cover. Best advice i can give is this, when you start doing the bounce dance following the gps to where it's telling you is it's time to trust the instincts you were born with.
  20. I think this will answer the questions on first cache hidden, how many caches, countries and what is generally in a cache though each is different. Good luck with the interview
  21. Well I can't speak for others but I can say that for me the since the new servers have been brought online, the site is much much slower for me. I am now waiting up to 1-2 minutes for pages to load, if they load and this with a 1.5 mb download dsl line. Sure hope this is just times I've been trying have been busy, but if not hope the issue can be found soon. Would provide error messages if I was getting any but I'm not.
  22. Good to hear my solution was also your problem Treekiller and that your now getting the file as you should. There are always so many possiblities to what the problem could be with the various computers, browsers, utilities that people use that what works for one person may not work for another. No need to stand corrected CompuCash just another item to add to the knowledge base.
  23. I had this same problem on my windows xp pro machine. The problem turned out to be that I was/am using GetRight download manager. I turned this off and was then able to download with the .loc extension without a problem. Once I turned the download manage back on it would download the cache_details.aspx page. Hope this helps to find fix the problem for you.
  24. While I'm relatively new to the sport/game of geocaching I have known about it for about a year. Yes I've looked at the cache's that were around my zip code and at that time they were prettly slim as I recall. Now I come back this summer and look again and there is a vastly different enviroment picking up around here, got caches going out to a 100 mile range even when not logged in. Found a few caches that I thought looked interesting and were close to home and off I went after reading some of the tips extra about what to look for and so forth and so on. Now you ask where I'm going with this and how it fits with the topic at hand, if for example a visitor to the sight wanted to check on caches in his area, this is a good thing as it gives them an opportunity to see what the sport/game is about. But providing everything out to a 100 mile radius from that zip code is not a good idea and this is where I'm going. Limit the number of caches that can be viewed by a visitor to the site by looking up a zip code, lets say provide them with caches within a 25 mile radius or first 50 that are closest to that zip if nothing in 25 miles. This will allow them to still get an idea/feel for the sport/game while not completely shutting them off from info on the site. And then once they register for access to geocaching.com then they get the normal searches that would be available to them based on their membership status. Just an idea and my 2 cents.
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