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  1. I searched through the Geocaching.com terms of service and couldn't find my answer. Is there an age restriction for signing up for Geocaching.com? Could a 10 year old sign up?
  2. I always carry my camera with me when geocaching, so when I happen to be looking for a cache and there happen to be a few other people in the area, I just take out my camera and start taking pictures. I guess they figure I'm working on a school project or something.
  3. Most of the caches I've been finding lately have very waterlogged log books. I've read some other caches where some finders replace these logs. Is this something that's welcome? What do you do with the old logs? Is it better to replace a waterlogged log, or just leave a note in my "found it" log?
  4. I'm a camping professional and I'm trying to incorporate a GPS lesson into our Outdoor Education curriculum, and eventually into our summer camp program. We have a grant that will get us a class set of GPS receivers. Let's pretend that I have 15 - 20 of the Garmin eTrex Legend H. Is there any way to take one GPSr out, mark waypoints, then somehow transfer them onto all of the other GPSrs? I understand that I can put my caches on geocaching.com and get them that way, but since I'm on private property and I don't want strangers coming onto the land when we have kids here, I don't want everyone to have access to them. Thanks for your help.
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