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  1. I like the idea of having a minimum number of Yes votes. (I suggest 20) It could be like a minimum number of signatures to get your name on a political ballet. It would show that there would be enough interest in the category to make it viable. As with the discussion threads in the forums, if you are not interested in the topic, don't post. I would suggest that new categories are given a tentative approval. Final approval would come after a minimum number of waypoints are created in the category therefore showing it is a viable category. (maybe 5) Managing categories should be done both by those who proposed the category and others who have interest in the category. I like the idea of listing interests to show what areas you'd be willing to manage. In addition to the category's proposer, Groundspeak could assign 2 volunteers at the start from the interest list. Then, say 1-2 months later, pick 2 more from those who have posted waymarks in that category. (If they too have expressed an interest.) Clearly the taxonomy needs to be controlled by Groundspeak. The policing of overlapping categories needs to be in the hands of an unbiased Groundspeak. Out of time, will comment more later. Loch Cache
  2. can't get geocaching.com to come up. Is it just me? Geocaching.com Loch cache
  3. I too like the puzzle. Solved it on the second try without stopping the clock or printing it out. Seems like a cool idea. I'd be delighted to see a puzzle like this in my area and would be happy to hide a nice cache to be the final. A twist might be a two stage multi where the first stage has the url for the second puzzle. Just place the first stage near a library. Not being a coder I don't know what would be involved in setting one up to run on multi-platforms, but most people I know who use Firefox or other non-IE browsers still have IE on their systems. If not, that's what the public library is for. Just list on the cache page "Special Equipment" is needed to complete this cache. Loch Cache
  4. OK, it is up on Boston.com. Please let me know what you think. I recently was interviewed about geocaching by DC Denison of The Boston Globe. It is now live on Boston.com. Go to Boston.com Podcast and click on Listen to this week's podcast to hear the interview. You would want to hear the first 1:35 and then from 21:47 to 29:05. The cache he refers to is Fort Point Cable Crossing Loch Cache
  5. There is a cache in MA that you have to climb three trees to get. Up there ? the first two stages are rings with coords on them and the final is the cache which is up in a tree. No getting around climbing unless you bring another person along to do it for you. I don't believe there are rules against putting the cache in a tree. Loch Cache
  6. I just did one that will stay in my top ten hardest for a while. It was in a cave 3/4 of the way up a cliff with just a little walk way to it. It was off in a remote part of a state park which made having a Jeep a bonus. Devil's Den Ods of finding it are about 50/50 and you must have a flashlight or be able to opporate in darkness. Loch Cache
  7. I was recently approached by a reporter at The Boston Globe, DC Denison, because he had been online and seen my cache that is near South Station in Boston. Fort Point Cable Crossing When he first emailed me he told me he wanted to do an online piece on the area. After a couple of emails I realized who he was and he realized that I worked for the BostonWorks division of The Globe. We met and he explained that he does a "Podcast" from South Station every week and wanted to include a bit at the end about my cache. I explained as best as I could what geocaching was, how to do it, and what the general rules were for placing caches. He said he was going to give a few minutes worth of coverage to geocaching in his Podcast. He will take our conversation, edit it I am sure, and include it in his next Podcast which is scheduled for next Wednesday, August 10. It can be found at Boston.com Podcasts I hope I did our sport well. Loch Cache
  8. IMHO I don't care if a cacher nevers puts out a cache. If those who do put them out, put out good caches that will be maintained an don't over saturate areas. For some great caches in MA check out Bubba Riley's caches. Bubba's I like to take the time to create caches and don't mind if my find numbers are lower because of it. So I put out caches. Keep on caching Loch Cache
  9. After reading my own post I am revising mine to 127/11, or 9%, because one of my caches is archived. Loch Cache
  10. 127/12 Working on a seven stage multi. Does that count as one or seven? 3 are Urban cache in Boston including a very popular one for Travel Bugs. Fort Point One is in an area many would consider to trashy. It is the final stage of a three leg muti taking you to the three McDonalds in town. Mickey D Toys Each cache has its own good and bad point. As for ratio, I think it is up to the individual what they want to contribute. I am shooting to keep it around 10% for now. I just fear those with a large number of hides can't possibly have time to do regular maintenance on all of them. One cacher referenced in this thread has about 1 out of 3 caches now inactive. Another cacher referenced has 100's of caches now inactive. Is more better, no. Better caches, well maintained is better. Quality over quantity. Loch Cache from the Boston Area
  11. Being of Scottish descent, Loch is the first four letters of my last name. Everyone knows Loch means lake, but it also means field of. Therefore my last name means field of rye (although lake of rye could be interesting ) and my geocaching name means field of caches. Loc Cache
  12. I think you should buy a Volkswagen Beatle and put the tag on that. Then apply for vanity plates that are the actual TB numbers. Don't put the TB number on the sign, just say record my Tag number. Loch Cache
  13. Thank you for taking a look. I knew I coould count on thers to help. I will have to bite the bullet an d go shopping. Any suggestinions on best place to get a new or used legend C? Loch Cache
  14. I have some one else who will maintain that cache for me, my 65 y.o. father. And yes, I had him out looking as well. Just thought other eyes may be sharper. Thanks, Loch cache
  15. Need any help possible. I was visiting my folks in Moline Illinois and lost my eTrex Legend along the Mississippi last night. (Standard black & blue) Had to fly back to Boston this morning. I was hiding a cache near N 41 30.557 W 090 31.094. (That is not the final resting spot.) I took one last read and headed to the car. I parked in The TGI Friday's parking lot. If you find it I will pay shipping and a reward. Replies to plochrie@yahoo.com Thank you, Loch Cache
  16. Need any help possible. I was visiting my folks in Moline Illinois and lost my eTrex Legend along the Mississippi last night. (Standard black & blue) Had to fly back to boston this morning. I was hiding a cache near N 41 30.557 W 090 31.094. (That is not the final resting spot.) I took one last read and headed to the car. I parked in The TGI Friday's parking lot. If you find it I will pay shipping and a reward. Replies to plochrie@yahoo.com Thank you, Loch Cache
  17. I am new to both Geocahing and benchmarking so forgive me if I speak in error. I went after this benchmark for two reasons, one it is near to my home and therefore an area I know well; two there were pictures I knew I could look at after I tried to find it to see if I saw the same thing NorStar did. After I came back it was clear the pictures he took match what I saw. When I went to log this I did not know what to do. I did not feel posting a "couldn't find" was quite right since I felt the other measurements pointed to it being the right marker. However, is it destroyed? If it is not destroyed because the monument is still there, then it is a find. For now I am going to agree with Black Dog Trackers change it to a Didn't Find just as NorStar had recorded it. If someone feels it should be marked as destroyed, I will be happy to go out with tape measure and camera to document exact location to insure this is the monument and not a lot marker. I would also need to know who Deb Brown is and how to reach her with this information.
  18. Quick question on finding a benchmark. In reference to MY5844. I was able to locate the square monument that is described in the document history. (A SQUARE CONCRETE MONUMENT 13 CM ON SIDE FLUSH WITH GROUND) I paced out the distance from two of the reference points. (14.30 METERS (46.9 FT) SOUTH FROM A HYDRANT, 6.46 METERS (21.2 FT) NORTH FROM A MANHOLE ON NEWBRIDGE AVENUE) The monument was right there and fits the description. The problem is there is no disk on top as described. (A STANDARD MAGS DISK STAMPED---414 P---, SET INTO THE TOP OF A SQUARE CONCRETE MONUMENT) Do I call this found, destroyed or not found? Your understanding advice would be welcomed.
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