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  1. I was working on placing 3 caches in the downtown Worcester, MA, area. I had scoped out the three locations and taken reads on two different days. Two weeks later I went out with the cache containers and placed the first cache with no problem. When I went to the little park to place the second I went to the exact tree I was going to hide the small cache in and saw there was a baggie in the V where the cache was going to go. I thought I had found someone's drug stash. No way would I leave a cache there now. Before I walked away I tugged on the baggie and saw a TB tag in it. Under the baggie was a micro cache. Unpublished. I signed the log and left the TB for the FTF. The micro cache was published the next day. It was a newer cacher who works in the area. Pocket Park I have also found a few letterboxes. One was 6 feet from a newly published cache. As a courtesy I too a page from the logbook for the letterbox and wrote, "This is not the gecocache" on it and placed it so anyone opening the letterbox would see it. I know letterboxes sometimes get mistaken for caches and have heard of the stamps being taken by unaware cachers. I would hate for my cache to be mistaken for something it is not. Loch Cache
  2. So tell me if this is GC or Gates: When I open a cache page, the first map link I click on is fine. If I close that pop up/link and then click on another I get NOTHING. OK, I get a flash and then nothing. Yet, if I leave the first map open and flip back to the cache page when I click on the next link it opens as well. Is it me, the site or IE7? One very confused Loch Cache
  3. Best time to get a FTF is 2-5 am! Loch cache
  4. Use the WAP server. Loch Cache
  5. I have a Mickey D's toy cache that has never been muggled. Of course it is in the trashiest area. I am always afraid some one will clean up the area and the cache will go. On a serious note, when I place a cache it will often sit for 3-4 weeks before I post it online just to see if it gets muggled. I test it by putting out the container with just one dollar in it. If it survives, so far they all have, I stock it with the real stuff and post it. Three of my caches have been muggled. After replacing each one they have survived for a long time. No remuggling. Loch Cache
  6. So what you are proposing is something like FTFAOG? (First to find after old geezers) In our area it is FTFAG (First to find after g-o-cashers) I too work M-F 9-5 (really 8-6) but have 40 FTFs out of 425 finds. I guess it just depends on timing, location and drive. Could I go out at 4 am for a FTF, yeah, but I haven't. I have done 12:30 am and 6:30 am. Timing. Could I get a FTF on my "lunch" hour? Yeah, if it is close enough. Location. I even have gotten 3 FTFs in Canada. Drive. I will always be FTFATLCTFI. (First To Find After The Last Cacher To find It) Loch Cache
  7. Great pun! Seriously, you know you're sitting on their guns, and the one on your belt (you DO carry, right?) is just added insurance. The look on their faces would be priceless! You know it wouldn't be right to take the guns and leave the happy meal toys, right? Everyone knows you have to Trade Up, Trade Even, or Don't Trade! Loch Cache
  8. For the forums, this won't work, but for logs it will: Delete the old log and repost. Your position for the day will change if someone logged on the same day in between when you first posted and when you posted the edit. The owner and those on the watch list will see both, but no one else will. To edit your forum logs without anyone knowing you need to simply [sorry I edited that part out. Did you see it?] Loch Cache
  9. I tried that. Where did the picture go? Loch Cach
  10. Loch Cache

    TB visits

    'Dipping' is a common practice. Can't help you with the other part of your post. Dipping is common, but is it right? It resets or "washes" the 14 day notice for TBs you are holding. Logging the TB at a cache it is not staying at, is that proper? Perhaps we should have a "Dipping" option for TBs you own and a "Washing" option for TBs you have held too long. Loch Cache
  11. Working with a database and queries everyday I understand the reasoning TPTB only allow runs once every seven days. I also understand that the customer (users of the database) should be listened to when there are suggestions for improvements. I the case of GC.com some are even paying customers. Here is my suggestion: Limit the run to once every 6 days. That will allow the habitual PQ runner to run it on the same day every week and those who miss the time due to work, sleep or Geocaching to make up a day if needed. I suspect that if TPTB checked to see how many MY Finds are ran exactly 7 days since the last one, they would see most are not. Loch Cache Edit: Spelling
  12. If visiting to swap or drop TB or coin the paper log is part of the "paper trail" for those things. Also, it forces you to stay at the cache a little bit longer to feed the local mosquitoes and black flies. God know we don't provide them enough opportunity to suck our blood. Loch Cache
  13. 2.5 for me. I say I don't care, but it is more of I just haven't gotten around to clearing more of my radius. I am more interested in new caches and FTFs. Just me. One local cacher that was proud of his cleared radius had one placed 24 feet from his door. I placed one .2 miles from his house, because I can. Of course what goes around comes around. For prevention I just placed a Mystery cache with the dummy coords 100 feet from my door. Loch Cache
  14. My $.02 - Once it is gone, it is gone. As the original owner of a cache you have the right, and duty, to replace caches and logbooks as long as it is reasonable. Sometimes caches fade into the sunset. Bye. The idea of putting out a new cache in the same location as an archived cache is like the forest regrowing after a fire. New and fresh. The Ape caches were a one time attraction. Those that have been maintained are all that are left. Enjoy them if you can. Found Mission 12, 879.6 miles from my home, on 7-5-05. Now it is missing. Will the current owner be able to replace it and still call it an APE cache? I will leave that question up to TPTB. Loch Cache
  15. I was reading a note on www.wheresgeorge.com about how they hated "GEOTRASH" bills. They went on to explain TBs and how some people placed WheresGeorge marked dollars as TBs. Had to find out what it was all about. Followed the link they provided and found a good use for the GPSr I had owned for a year at that point. I have never seen a WheresGeorge TB, but have left plenty of Georges in geocaches. WheresGeorge now will mark the bill's web page as a Geocaching bill if you include the word cache in the log. Here is one of my Geocaching Bills. And yet other bills that mention 4 different caches like this one, don't get tagged. Oh well. I use to be an avid Georger, now it is an after thought. I am glad they were talking down about geocaching, I love the sport. I find it more exciting and more worth while. Loch Cache
  16. A couple of thoughts: 1. Does McDonalds leave a spot alone just because Burger King is nearby? 2. Unless you have found every Letterbox (and Mystery, and all stages of any multi within 10 miles) when you are setting up a cache you run the risk of being near someone else. Oh well, there are no monopolies on the space, just rules about distance from another GC.com box. 3. Even if the Letterbox was "there" before the cache, unless you have found it or stumble on it because it is poorly hidden, how would you know. (Plus the area is not "owned" because it is there.) 4. Once a cache is placed and active, you are not suppose to move it. (Much) I don't know any geocacher (or letterboxer) who would want to disable a perfectly good box just because one from "the other side" was nearby. I have a stage that is with in 30 feet of a letterbox. I am not recaulculting the stage just to save confusion. 5. Prevention goes along way. Since not everyone knows of letterboxing, notes like the standard geocache note would go a long way to preventing the stamp or box from disappearing. (Contrary to popular belief not everyone knows about geocaching. Just ask any bomb squad that has blown up a cache container.) 6. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Live and let live. My thoughts. Loch Cache PS, I stumbled on a letterbox while trying to be FTF one night. Turns out I was FTF on the letterbox, but not the cache. Someone who will remain nameless beat me to the cache. I never went back to check to see if the owner ever found out he was 20-30 feet from a letterbox.
  17. <FONT size="3"><font color="red">STEALTH -REQUIRED</font></font> STEALTH -REQUIRED <FONT size="3"><font color="red"><b>STEALTH -REQUIRED</b></font></font> STEALTH -REQUIRED
  18. I am sure they are not kidding. I recieved an email from Belgium: I blanked out the last letter of the tracking number because I did not want to give the numbers away, but you can see he had no problem just giving them up. I did not play his game. I also have seen books of coins at events with printouts of every coin so you do not have to touch, examine and write down numbers. Not the game I want to play now. Early on I wrote down numbers if someone told me them. Sometimes I’d log them, sometimes not. I have deleted some of those old logs and plan to do some more so I am not hypocritical. (Although I am sure everyone is in some way, but let's not debate that.) Loch Cache
  19. November 11 is my guess. However, are we guessing, as the OP put it, "What Day will we run out of 4 digit GC" or when the first 5 digit is published? The 4 digits are assigned as soon as you hit the "Report New Listing" button. BUT if you have the "Yes, this listing is active" box unchecked, then the listing won't publish right away. In addition, the speed of the Reviewer will come into play for the exact date of publishing. Most of my listings take me multiple days of editing before I post them to be reviewed. GCWC2E is my cache that I have not yet published. Not intentionally, but I have been sitting on that number since June. Maybe a rush to lock up 4 digit codes will result in cache pages being created, but not published. Could force the day of the first 5 digit to be sooner. I am sure I will get many of the regular complainers telling me how bad of a geocacher I am because I am sitting on a number, too bad. I work at my own pace. Loch Cache
  20. I don't know why you would think that a lot.... Is that a new cache? Loch
  21. Glad I don't live in your area. 1 - Why not encrypt spoiler logs? 2 - How do you know when they're faking it? 3 - What is "snarkly"? My own question, is there anyway to tell when your log is deleted? Loch Cache
  22. Print out topo maps and go. Trads are often hot hard to do that way. Loch Cache
  23. I was out with a cache owner one time. Including him there were 5 of us searching and we could not find his cache. Needle in a Haystack Of course it was night and he had just placed it that day. But still, to have the cache owner with you and he couldn't find it...
  24. Let someone else adopt it and then log it. I placed a multi and lost one of the stages. I went out to get final readings on each of the stages before turning it live and couldn't find a white PVC ring hanging from a pine tree. Decided to place a new ring for the stage and took new readings. A few weeks after it went live I was out watching a friend find the multi. He found the original ring I had placed --- 5 feet from the replacement! Loch Cache
  25. I don't think so, ask my ex-wives. They get the cash, I get the cache. Loch Cache PS, I can no longer write my last name without pausing to think since it is LochRie
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