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  1. Well, yes, geocaching is a game. Groundspeak's geocaching.com listing service is, however, a business. The listing guidelines explain their rules for listing a cache on their site. Play the game your way, but you'll list the caches online their way or elsewhere! Some have quoted Groundseak's response only in part and quibbled with sentences removed from the whole: So yes, the did express an opinion, but they also expressed a clear violation of the guidelines. They didn't refuse to list it because they want cachers outdoors, they refused to list it because it violates their published guidelines. BTW, even if they HAD declined it on a whim... he who has the gold makes the rules! I have already used Google Earth and EveryScape to check out cache locations. I have even used Google Earth to look for possible urban hiding locations. No one at Groundspeak can stop me from doing so. However, their guidelines prohibit commercial sites which EveryScape.com is clearly a commercial site. As TAR points out Groundspeak is a business and therefore, make the rules for using their site. I would fully expect that some people would use Google Earth or EveryScape to solve your puzzle even if you did not suggest it. Some people would go to every location in person. People will do both. If you want to get the word out about the cool tool post a thread where you discuss it. (Oh wait, you already have.) Then on you cache page just say there are many cool tools on the web that could make finding this cache easier, check out the forums for some suggestions. And we are off to the races. Loch Cache PS. You can always vote with your feet and check out other sites. I have in the past but always come back to this one.
  2. Jaz666 hit on the head! I looked high and I looked low, but I guess I didn't check the edit.aspx page. This will give me EXACTLY what I am looking for. Thank you so much!! I greatly appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks everyone! Still it would be nice to have a PQ based on caches that have been archived for quick updates, even if it were like the “I found” PQ where it was limited to once a week. Also having the ability to search an area for archived caches would allow a newer cacher to learn from past mistakes. Seeing a cache was placed in a particular park but kept getting muggled would let that cacher know either make a better hide or don't hide it there. Loch Cache
  3. Give me 500 and I will ask for 1000; give me 1000 and I will ask for 2000. The one argument I see in the forums all the time is akin to "I would never use it/do it, so no one else would ever use it/do it so why bother?" Does not hold water with me. I don't eat meat so why should any restaurants serve meat? Because I am not the only one out there. If you want to argue why PQs should not be increased 1000 give a reason that makes a difference. Loch Cache
  4. Every now and again the question of how to get a file for all caches in a state comes up. There are a variety of approaches, from using overlapping geographic areas to building a series of PQs based on placed date. None of these are particularly hard to do, but they are mildly annoying to set up. I got to wondering if it might be worthwhile for GC.com to offer complete state GPX file downloads for a small fee. It would be some easy revenue for GC, and would likely reduce PQ server load since it could be run once daily for each state/province/etc instead of running multiple PQs by multiple people at arbitrary times. The question is, would the benefit outweigh the cost, for both GC and potential users. I know I'd happily drop a buck or three to be able to just grab the current data (up to date within a day or so) instantly when I want it. Or if I know I'm going to be taking a multi-state road trip and I don't have a specific route in mind, being able to quickly grab the files for any states I'm likely to spend time in would be nice, and certainly worth a few bucks each. People who didn't want to buy these files could of course continue to use the existing PQ approaches. This would be strictly a pay for convenience sort of thing. Comments? Improvements? Flames? I think the OP makes a good point when they said, "People who didn't want to buy these files could of course continue to use the existing PQ approaches." I for one would find it easier to order a whole state PQ even if it was allowed only once per week. Perhaps on a set day and time each state could be compiled and sent to those who are signed up for them. Add a limit to say 10 states max per user and it would be more controlled. The replies as to why a user wouldn't use the feature are not really important. If TPTB worried about having features that some would not use then most, if not all, the features would not exist. TPTB need to look at the benefit to the feature verses the cost of development and maintenance. However, I would hate to see the features start to be released and charged ala cart. A slight variation (sorry if this is a highjack of the OP topic but it is related) how about a PQ that gives all the archived caches in an area. Many times I find the archiving of caches slip through and don't show in the PQs. I would not even need the whole PQ, just the GC# and say date of archive. Loch Cache
  5. I have an issue with someone replacing a missing cache unless you have been asked to do so by the cache owner. There is a local cache that a well meaning cacher put out a "replacement" log for because the original was missing. Several cachers came along and found the replacement despite the fact the well hidden original was still there. As an owner I would delete the finds and inform them they need to find the actual cache if they want a find. The owner of the cache in question allowed the finds to stand, even the one who got the find by leaving the replacement. Loch Cache
  6. Wonderful if you have a premium membership and have GSAK. Even though I have both I would still like to see that feature on GC.com rather than having to do a work around. Loch Cache
  7. For many "team" names it is really one cacher who brings friends or family along. I don't have a "team" name but do occasionally bring along others. The common denominator is the cacher who owns the account. In those cases the account owner has found every cache so it is not truly a team account. I know of several "team" accounts that are most often husband & wife or 2 cachers that share a "significant other" tag. Most of them do the caches together but there a one or two who will cache separately. So if their count is 1000 there may be 750 done together, 150 by only one and 100 only by the other. It is usually clear that they are doing it. It is also clear that they can't always cache together due to travel or work schedules. To me this falls under a grey area of "play the game the way you are comfortable". Just don’t forget to mention you are a part of a team. Loch Cache
  8. Cool. On any puzzle I look at the HTM code. You can also alter picture properties. Here is a link to my hardest puzzle that uses those tricks and more. Into the Mystic - Hard Puzzle or "Just Skip It" Here's a hint, don't go to the airport. The cache is not in the middle of the runway. If you want to puzzle this one for a while, mouse over the picture and compare it to the text in the picture. Loch Cache PS. I would love it if someone from outside New England could solve it.
  9. It's a cold remedy/prevention tablet. You drop it in water, like an Alka Seltzer. Below was the best pic I could quickly find that shows the container in question. Thanks for the picture. It looks as good as a mini M&M container. Should work. Wrigley's came out with a mint that is in a tic-tac like container but is oval shaped and relatively waterproof. (I googled it but did not find a picture.) It is my newest favorite micro container. Better than the metal Altoids containers and I actually like the mints. Loch Cache
  10. Don't know what "Airborne"s are. Can you post a picture?
  11. I don't care for the lists. Seems like you should at least touch the TB to discover it. There is a local cacher who deletes any logs for his TBs that were made at events other than the one who dropped it and the one who took it after the event. I only have a couple of TBs out there and have been thinking of implementing that policy. There is also a local cacher who grabs/discovers every TB they possibly can. At events they stand at the TB table writing down the number of any TB dropped on the table. Not my thing. Loch Cache
  12. If you can not hide a cache without damaging the area then you shouldn't hide a cache there. If you think the average cacher can't find the cache without damaging the area then don't hide it there. LPCs can also be more than lame micros. Here is one of mine that has gotten good comments: Regular sized skirt lifter The post in the middle has a skirt and you can fit a regular sized cache underneath: So, if you make a blanket rule you lose some good ones. Loch Cache
  13. So this sign is saying no lame micros and no lame Bush allowed? Loch Cache
  14. Thanks for the label. I printed the small one on a label and wrapped around a micro container I am going to hide. Loch Cache
  15. I got an answer for you but it will cost $50. Loch Cache
  16. I was out caching for the day with a fellow cacher and we talked about local FTF hounds. (Of which I am one.) The day involved walking several miles. After we found the last cache of the day we had a mile walk back to the car. On the way my Blackberry went off and I read out loud a cache description of a new cache that was in the very forest preserve we where caching in at that time. The coords were close to the car and my buddy thought it would be a quick FTF run for us. When we approached the cache area we looked around in all the usually locations. After about five minutes my buddy found an uncamouflaged, bright orange micro in a hollow log. (I have a picture to prove it.) He opened the micro to read "GOT YOU! Loch Cache." The email notification was a fictitious one I sent to myself. The micro had been in my bag and the note I wrote on the trail. When we got to the cache location I slipped the micro into the log before he looked in it. Loch Cache
  17. I use a tool called Hyper Snap that allows me to take a tight snapshot of part of the screen. An advantage to this is a small JPEG file and for puzzles other cachers can't just do a cut and copy of the text. Loch Cache
  18. Shocked and dismayed that cachers would log an event (or any cache) more than once. If it is the way they want to play would they log a traditional as a find every time they went back to it to drop a travel bug? Would they find a five-stage multi and log it 5 times ? I will never look at a cacher from Wisconsin again without wondering if their numbers are inflated. I don't know the definition of a Mega Event, but only 77 cachers attended the event in Wisconsin. To me it is more of a mega farce. Loch Cache
  19. I don't know if anyone has ever referred to this character by name. Huh. How about "Loquacious?" It means one who speaks a lot. It looks like "location." It's cool-sounding. It's gender-neutral. We tried at least once. I've always thought it should be Mark Waypoint. Which admittedly is not gender-neutral. I created a fake tombstone for George Charles Aching. AKA Geo. C Aching Could also go for G. E. O'Caching. Maybe Gloria Ellen O'Caching My $.02 worth Loch Cache
  20. I don't think the OP was thinking of placing "microspew" to keep a self-imposed ratio. Very few people like to admit they would place "microspew" and yet so many people will go and find it. How many 1/1 or 1.5/1.5 micros have you logged? Don't like them, don't log them. IMHO one should never place a cache just to keep up a ratio. Hides should be well thought out and stand the test of time. However, I do think that we all have a responsibility to give back by hiding our fair share. It does take time to place a good hide. More time for a good multi or mystery. But if everyone maintained a 100:1 ration there would not be enough caches to find. Excuses are useless. No place to hide, no time to hide or too saturated? Not a chance. Since November 2004 there have been over 1380 still active caches placed in Missouri, that is over two years time, and there only one per 30 square miles in Missouri. (In MA there is one every 2.5 square miles and still room for more.) I am a cacher, therefore I cache and I hide. Loch Cache
  21. I applaud anyone who places a good hide and curse anyone who places a crappy hide just for the sake of hiding one. I also think that someone who places no caches or less has than a 100:1 ratio of finds to hides is nothing more than a parasite who should give back to the sport that they take from. (Unless of course there are handicaps that prevent them from doing so.) At 100:1 there are very few cachers that would have to have more than 50 caches out there. OK, I am off the soapbox now. I like to hide caches and run at about 10:1 depending on my mood. I am a little behind right now at 485:44 but I have a few in the works and won’t rush one out just for a ratio. I like to place a variety of caches ranging from the beloved to the cursed. I have tried hard to keep all my caches running although some are harder to do than others. I have archived 2 and have 2 TU right now. I think when placing a cache you have to look at the maintenance aspect of it too. I think a lot of people place simple traditionals because they want to place hides that are easy to maintain and then want to find better caches. Like the guy who comes over to watch the game and brings a six pack of Bud but drinks your (insert name of favorite micro brew here) instead. Or the guy who complains about the park and grab micros invading his turf and still goes out and finds them. That’s my $.02 Loch Cache
  22. How do ya know? They dont seem to be listed yet. What was truely the first 7 didget number? I just loooked at GC10006 which is in the Czech Republic. Loch Cache
  23. I tend to used rounded coords or cords that leave you in the middle of a parking lot 1-2 miles away. I often see parking coords for puzzles listed as offsets. I.E. "When you figure out the coords for this puzzle substract .034 from N and add .015 to W to get parking. Loch Cache
  24. Good. I do not want anything to be a barrier to that smillie. Since I may or may not be home I will leave it outside the fence on the left so the dog won't bother you. Please feel free to take something anyway, no trading needed. There are coffee mugs, hats, stuffed singing doll and even a TB or two. Loch Cache
  25. As the owner of the cache I take offence to not being contacted directly, but having this placed in the forums instead. But since it is here I will respond here. I will just say that the cache is located next to my garage. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes behind it, but always next to the garage when there is someone who has qualified to find it. (If everyone who has completed the challenged has found the final there is no need to keep it outside.) It is an oversized container (13 gallon tub) stocked with lots of stuff such as hats, CD holders, T-Shirts, etc, that you would not find in an average cache. I do not wish to leave it in the woods to get muggled. It is nice that others have set up a long hike at the end of their challenges, for this one I wanted to be an easy finish without using too much gas or time. The requirement to email me is to get the caches verified (which I state I will do in 72 hours) and not to set up an appointment. I need a few days to verify some of the finds. I trust that each cacher has personally found and physically signed the logbooks at all the caches they list. I go to at least two caches to check, but obviously can’t check them all. The only reason I would like to know when you are coming by to find the final is so I can meet and greet those who have completed the challenge. (Also to warn my wife someone might be lurking around the garage.) Twice you said you were coming by, once you did not and the other time I never saw you even though I was home. (The cache was sitting next to the garage.) As far as taking a month since completing the requirements you failed to mention going to Florida for several weeks and that you have not made an attempt to contact me or find the final since 12-9. Also, you forgot to mention that the first group of coords you sent had three errors in it which delayed verification. And finally, for the record, I am not sure where you get three days. The dates you submitted to me range from 10-5 to 11-26 and cover at least 10 different days. If you want to contact me, you know my email. If you want to log the final, stop by anytime, it is a big blue tub next to the garage. Loch Cache PS. Here is a link to the cache page. Click Here The guidelines are clear and similar to the other Delorme Challenges.
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