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  1. About a week or two ago I saw an episode of Crossing Jordan in which they were using my 60cs to locate Jordon who was in a tunnel. I guess you can call it Geocaching for Jordan.


    Of course you would loss the signal in the tunnel.

  2. I have an old Palm IIIxe that I use. I have had it for a long time and it work well. My cousin has lost his several times and bought replacement ones on Ebay for real cheap. I think it has 8 megs. I have over 300+ cachemate logs in it. And it will hold hundreds more if needed. I also have several cool game on it for those longs drives to new cache spots.


    I works great for going paperless. :lol:


    One more suggestion. Get a good case. I love my bodyglove case. It was cheap, but very good protection from droping. I've droped this thing to many times to count, and never a problem. It bounces real nice. :blink:

  3. You're seeing the waypoint as the name in CacheMate, you mean?  Go to the List Options popup in that program (accessible from the CM list view) and make sure you don't have the options checked to show the waypoint as the name.

    That option is not choosen or checked. I think I saved something some where wrong in GSAK. not sure where yet. :lol:

  4. I noticed the last time exported to cachemate from GSAK that when I go to look up the waypoint it is the same as name. What did I do wrong? When I go to sort by name or waypoint they are the same. How can I fix this??

  5. I just bought my 60cs & love it. I am still learning new thing every day. No problem at all with colors. Changing the angle in which you look at it can help alot as well, even if you have polarized sun glasses on. And a night when it changes color motiff, I think is helps you not get night blindness when looking at it. ;)

  6. I currently set %smart=20, max characters 20, and waypoint description to %Name (%Dif/%Ter) by %By


    This gives me the smart name, the difficulty and terrain, and if there is room, the name of the cacher that placed the cache.

    Being the newbie that I am, were do I insert these in GSAK at?

  7. The problem with the hint is that the notes field on the 60CS only allows a very limted number of characters.


    I have spoken with Garmin about this and asked them to increase the number of usable characters since the notes field is about 3 times bigger than the text that can be entered.


    Call Garmin and ask them to make this change in their next software upgrade. If enough people ask, we will probably get it.

    Thanks for the ideas. I was able to get it fixed, execpt for the Notes field.


    Thanks for the heads up on the note field Mctoy Bandit. I will try and get ahold Garmin on that fact.


    By the way are there any ideas on the Special Tags %, that work good with Cachemate and or Gsak for the 60CS? :)

  8. I am somewhat new to Geocaching and I just bought a 60cs. I also use a Palm IIIxe & Cachemate. I have used GSAK to upload my .gpx files to. I also use EasyGPS(USB) to upload my Cache waypoints to my 60cs.


    Question #1 - When I upload my cache waypoints to my gps, it shows up as a dot and not a Cache(Treasure Chest). What do I need to do to change this? I am having to manually change each cache after it is in my gps.


    Question #2 - When it downloads the Cache/waypoint in to my gps, the Hints seem to be the "The person it was placed by" and not the hint. What do I need to do to change this problem?



  9. Your info's a little thin, but here is what should happen...


    After sync'ing, open Cachemate.  It should say something like:  "Do you wish to import xxx into Cachemate Database?"



    This is what I can't get it to do. I have done everything else you listed

  10. I have just uploaded my first pdb for cachemate and I cant seem to open the file up or even see it. I have tryed uploading it a second time, but it ask me to change the name of the file because the is a file aready with that name. I did change the name and now I think I have two files in my palm IIIxe with different names. Can anyone help me out. :rolleyes:

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