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  1. Sent email for 2 of both kinds. Cool design.
  2. I am using a old Palm IIIce. For my birthday my husband is going to by me a newer palm and it will have the capability to viewing pictures. So that's why I ask. I have loaded many caches in my palm and on a rare occation I find a cache that talks about a picture. And boy oh boy it would have made it alot easier to find it with the picture.
  3. In cachemate the only thing I miss is if a cache has a picture as a clue or is helpful in some way. I don't think you can get them in your palm very easily. If I am wrong, please someone tell me how
  4. I need a registation code. I paid paypal $20 - 11/23/05.
  5. I have a primium account, but my husband doesn't. I there any way he can log them without having to be a premium member?? I don't think so, but I told him I would ask this question on the forum.
  6. Were is the thread or website for the Wisconson Geocoin? I bought some and am trying to get some info about shipping date? Some where I missplaced the topic and can't seem to find it.
  7. I just bought 4 and one is for you Marc.
  8. I guess the link works now. I just paypaled for 4 of them.
  9. This link doesn't work. I had to use: http://9key.com/coins/newmexico.asp I agree with you Prairiepartners. I can't seem to get to this page as well. Maybe they are sold out??
  10. Wow! Don't need the poker room in the back or the slot machine, but yah, I could invite a whole Geocaching Club.
  11. Govt contracts=lowest bid= ? ? ? That was a good one PTO. I go a good laugh out of that one!
  12. After they made the rounds here at the TN events, I think they will be mailed out to everyone else.
  13. Here is my first Sig Item. A bussiness card. After Printing it with my inkjet printer, I sprayed it acouple of times with a sealant so it won't smudge so easy. It printed alittle better than this looks.
  14. Please put me on a wait list. I would like 2 if possible?
  15. I bought my 60cs about a year ago from buy.com as well. They were the best price back then as well.
  16. I want to thanks all who responded. Again I am sorry for the mix-up, but I only have 3 to trade and they go to: Sandra - Maryland Jason- Colorado Marc - Silver Germany If I had had more coins I would have traded with more of you. Please check out other the people in this listing who say they have TN coins to trade.
  17. Sorry guys, I thought I would be able to get a hold of 4 more. So I just have 3 coins to trade.
  18. The new Tennessee Geocoin comes in a plastic coin sheath with tracking # and Activation code on it. TN Geocoin 2005 I am willing to trade with other un-activated State or Country Groundspeak trackable Geocoins. I would appciate (picture or link) of coin. I will wait 1 day for offers then I will post accepted offers. Edit: Sorry I only have 3 the other four I could not get ahold of.
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