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  1. I got my coins today. Some of the printing is very hard to read, other then that they look good. Now, when is series 2?
  2. I already have one of mine traded as soon as they get here. They look Great. Please refresh me as to the different kinds and how many were made.
  3. Almost didn't get them. The envelope was half way sliced open by the coin pouches. One of the coins was poking out of the end. It would have helped if they had been wrapped in newspaper or something. But I did get the 3 I ordered.
  4. They look nice. I grew up in Florida and I hope to get a set.
  5. Nevermind, they are back up now.
  6. They look great. I would love to order 2.
  7. Panda Fan


    Is the www.geocoinclub.com webpage down. I was going to activate a coin and can't seem to get on there page.
  8. Of the new set of icons, I like #3 the best. Great Coin
  9. Yea! I was able to find a way to get to the forum. I thoght it was closed down way to long. I was finnaly able to get on, by tripping over different link. Not even my bookmark for the forum worked. But now it does. I still don't think the Link on the main geocaching page works yet.
  10. This was sold? I remember it being talked about. But was there a sale? If there was who was the maker? I would have ordered it but I can't remember. I order a few and I am pretty sure it was BackBrakeBilly.
  11. ordered 2, but ouch! I've never paided this much for a coin before. If it weren't for the fact that it is a realy cool trackable design, with it's own icon, I'm not sure I would have bought them.
  12. I have a website with the listings of my geocoins and am having a real hard time trying to add that in my signature area. I would love to have some examples, so that I would edit them. And Paste them in.
  13. I hope this will fix the search area. I haven't been able to search for some time now.
  14. Email sent while listening to Prez speaks.
  15. I attended the event the day before. It was one or the other and Saturday just worked better for me. Come down to Atlanta on 2/25.... having a coin info and swap event. I would love to come, but I think I have plans for that weekend already. Thanks for the invite.
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