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  1. :blink: I am from TN and will be taking my 3 nephews camping for the first time this summer and they live in Montreal. I am looking for a good campground with geocaching. I am trying to find a campground in the US near Montreal, unless someone know of some real good ones in Canada. I also want to teach them some basics about camping, ie, building a campfire, so I also would like a place that is campfire friendly. Maybe swimming would be nice too, but not must. Any help would be appreciated! :yikes:
  2. I will be heading up to Montreal this Thursday and I noticed that most of the caches are in French. Is there a way to convert them into english? Or are there a few I could find that are listed in english? ;)


    Your help would greatly be appreciated. ;)


    P.S. I am paperless with Cachemate.

  3. I went canoeing with some friends yesterday and left my GPS in my purse. Someone broke the front window and stole my purse with my 60cs in it. :o They realy didn't look around because they could have stolen my Palm TX as well. I am glad I didn't leave that in my purse as well.


    Oh well! :o


    I might be in the market to upgrade to a 60csx if I can find a good price. Thanks goodness for insurance. :blink:


    What are some good prices out there for a 60csx?

  4. I am helping someone go paperless. I bought then a Palm IIIxe and am now needing to buy cachemate for them, so I can load it on there palm. My question is, they don't have an Paypal account, so I am going to purchase it for them, but I want to set-up there info for them when I buy it for them. Can I buy it with my paypal account and plug in there info on your site, so that they may get the updates and reminders in the future?


    I know the hotsync name and everything. I am just getting them set-up.



  5. Is there anyway for a future version of Cachemate to add a DNF folder or, on the Log Page to have another check mark area for DNF, which then sends it to a DNF folder. This is the one feature I would love to see added to this program. :P:D

  6. Has anyone else noticed that when someone sends you a envelope that has "real stamps" and not a postage meter mark, that many times the USPS did not use a cancelation mark on it?


    I am real tempted to reuse the envelopes. What is everyones feeling on this. :lol:

  7. I had to rebuild my computer and lost all the old emails, so I don't have my registration code and I just bought a new palm and need to add the registarion code to it.


    Can you help me out, please? :anibad:

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