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  1. I am having some (I am not sure!) issues with eTrex 30x, please see here, if you buy it then you too test it.
  2. here the video gpsmap 64s trip computer issue
  3. My friend has gpsmap 64s, yesterday he send me a video, he is stopped, but trip computer not thinking he is stopped, walking speed about 1km/h. but never walked, his unit on the table.
  4. Thanks for the tricks, i will test as soon as possible.
  5. In deep forest can i get 3 or 4 meter accuracy? Does the problem on the road computer affects tracks?
  6. For deep forest: moving time is 30 minute, stopped time is about 35 minute. How much GPS signal is needed for this kind of distortion? What is your device, do you experience the same things?
  7. A few minutes ago I left the device on the table and I sit down on the chair and started to wait and here are the results:
  8. Did someone test this kind of thing? Can you verify the existence of the problem?
  9. Hello there, I have a problem with my device, firmware version latest 3.00, but the trip computer's moving time and stopped time values are incorrect. Example: When I walk on a straight road or wooded area I see the sky and pass in front of buildings or big trees, the stopping time increases from time to time but I do not stop walking. The gps signal is showing full. What kind of problem is that?
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