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  1. So I finally decided to try putting the trails on my Delorme PN-40. I've figured out how to get the trails into Topo 9, but I'm stumped on how to get them from there to the GPSr.


    I've got several Draw layers in my project and can see the trails drawing over the base maps in Topo, but when I try and sync with the PN-40 Topo says I don't have anything to send to the device.


    Anyone have pointers on the steps I'm missing?

  2. Space, the fourth coin in the Voyages of Exploration series, honors the astronauts that journeyed to the moon. The coin features an Apollo capsule orbiting the moon with the Earth in the background.


    Reservations are open for the coin through this weekend at Cache Addict. Here are photos of two of the five available versions.


    Antique Gold RE



    Antique Bronze LE ("Dawn")


  3. My first coin release was a Groundspeak CITO coin (TB2W0PZ) that I dropped in Belmont Cache (GC1X1Z6) in Charlottesville Virginia almost two years ago on October 11th 2009. The log for the cache find/coin drop is here.


    It hasn't moved for a long time - it was last logged in February 2010 when it was picked up. As far as I know is still in the hands of the cacher who grabbed it then.

  4. We've got more versions of Dragon Tails coming. Deep Sea, the version from our first teaser photo, is available for sale now here.


    Also, here's a sneak peek at another new version of Dragon Tails. This two-tone version with minimal enameling is named Silver and will be available at Geocoinfest U.S. 2011.



  5. Watching this forum is a great way to find out about new coins - they are often annouced here either before or as they come out. Another option is to look at the list of manufacturers here. Most have options to sign up for email newsletters where they will announce their new coins as well.

  6. The third coin in the Voyages of Exploration series is now available for reservation at Cache Addict. This coin commemorates the early aviation pioneers and features Charles Lindberg's Spirit of Saint Louis, as well as landmarks from both ends of his historic flight. The silver and gold versions made an early appearance at Geowoodstock, now all five versions are available.



    VoE Air LE - Dawn



    VoE Air LE - Dawn - Comapss

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