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  1. My guess (PM here in the western US) is 237.
  2. Received a cute card and fun coin from Pingos today. Many thanks! 1. Participating Nov 12 2. Received Name Nov 16 3. Mission Sent Dec 4 4. Mission Received Dec 6
  3. Finally getting mine sent out. 1. Participating Nov 12 2. Received Name Nov 16 3. Mission Sent Dec 4 4. Mission Received
  4. Sounds like fun, but the 29th is also the Mount Vernon cache machine. Decisions, decisions.
  5. Thanks for putting this together! 1. Participating Nov 12 2. Received Name 3. Mission Sent 4. Mission Received
  6. As already mentioned the WSGA has done lots of Washington themed coins over the years. You can see a gallery of them here. Most have sold out, though the sun catcher design from 2011 is still available. If you've got an idea for a Washington themed coin the design contest for the WSGA 2013 coin is currently underway. See here for more info. Others have released some great Washington coins as well -- there were a whole bunch done in 2010 for Geowoodstock 8 in Carnation. One that I think is still available is Suckerish's Washington design -- try contacting her to see if she's still got any.
  7. There is one week left to submit designs for the WSGA 2013 Geocoin. All designs need to be in by end of day on Friday the 9th of November.
  8. Do you have a great idea for a geocoin that represents Washington State? We’d love to see it! The WSGA (Washington State Geocaching Association) is looking for designs for its 2013 geocoin and we’re giving you the chance to send us yours! All design submissions should represent Washington State and/or Geocaching in Washington. If you want to get an idea of what we’ve done before, our previous coin designs can be seen here: WSGA Geocoins. When submitting your design please include any pertinent information about your coin (e.g size, shape, metal finish, 2D or 3D design, enamel colors, special features, etc.). To submit your designs, send them to nepokama@outlook.com with WSGA 2013 Geocoin in the subject line. In addition to your design images please include: • Your caching name if you have one • Your real name (first and last) • Your email More Details • Designs must be submitted by the end of the day (11:59p, PST) Friday, November 9, 2012. • The coin will be trackable on Geocaching.com. Designs should include space for the tracking number and “Trackable on Geocaching.com" text. • You do not need to be a resident of Washington State, nor do you need to be a member of WSGA, to submit your idea. • Designs should be submitted in JPG or PNG file format. Image files should be no larger than 500 KB. • There is no limit to the number of designs you may submit. • Only have an idea for one side? That’s fine too! If we pick your design we’ll either match it with another submitted design or work with you to build a second side. • All submissions will become property of WSGA until such time as a final design (two sides) is selected. The selected final design(s) will remain the property of WSGA. • Winning designer(s) will receive a 2013 WSGA coin, bragging rights, and our eternal gratitude. • The WSGA reserves the right to make modifications to the selected design(s). We may work with the selected designer(s) on refinements but the WSGA reserves the right of final design approval. Questions? Ask away. We can’t wait to see your submissions!
  9. The TB number listed on the web site is the public ID for the coin - it only lets you view the coin, not log it. The tracking number engraved on the coin is the private ID, and is needed to log a retrieve or discovery. If you're unable to make out the tracking number you could try contacting the coin owner through their profile. The owner has the tracking number available to them and so can help with deciphering it.
  10. You will need to purchase your tracking codes. See the Coin Tracking Policy thread for info on pricing and guidelines.
  11. Pricing would be important... For purchase Harvest Moon and Mythic Moon are $10 each. I'll toss in a matching pathtag for every 4 ordered (or for $2 for smaller orders). Shipping in the US will be $3 for a single coin, add $0.50 for each additional coin (max $6 if order will fit in a flat rate Priority box). Contact me for shipping costs outside the US.
  12. It was -- they were done earlier this summer and presented to FenchurchE. We made three versions -- 70 each of Harvest Moon (Antique Brass) and Mythic Moon (Satin Nickel) and a special Blue Moon edition (Black Nickel). We've traded a few of the first two with local cachers. I'd meant to post back to the thread earlier, but have ended up being too busy this summer. We do have the Harvest Moon and Mythic Moon available for sale (photos were posted earlier in the thread) -- Please message me if you're interested to either purchase or trade. BTW -- here's a peek at the Blue Moon edition -- I don't have any of these available, they're FenchurchE's personal edition.
  13. That is Jeremy Irish's tag. He had them at GWX as well as at the Groundspeak Block party last year. Elias and Bryan also had tags at the Block Party. Together the three tags form the complete map that Jeremy is holding a piece of.
  14. Yeah, we knew the Luna side of the design was similar to your coin. We tried to minimize that where we could but needed the lunar map for the whole concept to work.
  15. Yep, it's a zinc core. The mint wasn't going to be able to get the detail I wanted in the moon in brass.
  16. PNW = Pacific Northwest. Generally when someone refers to the PNW they are referring to the Pacific coastal states/provinces from Oregon to British Columbia.
  17. Planning on some of both.
  18. We've approved the final production run and I'm expecting the coins to arrive in early July. Once I have them in hand they will be available through me.
  19. While FenchurchE and I were heading out to go hiking and try Geocaching for the first time we were taking about what we'd read about our soon-to-be addiction. At one point in the conversation she said "I've read about these things called Geocoins... I hear you can design your own and I know exactly what I'd want to do!" My immediate reply was "A brass cannon on a field of sable with stars and a red bar-sinister with the word TANSTAAFL across the bottom?" For those who don't recognize the reference, that's the flag of Free Luna from her favorite book, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. This year I decided it was time to surprise her with the coins. Specs for Free Luna: 1.75 inches 3 mm Trackable at Geocaching.com Custom icon There will be three versions - the Antique Brass and Satin Nickel versions pictured here and a special edition just for FenchurchE.
  20. Today's guess #2: Leaving NZ July 4th, 7:30am When you are at Disney try the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Epcot. It's an interactive GPS based game that takes you around the park solving crimes.
  21. Today's Guess #1: Leaving NZ July 3rd, 8am. Regarding Butterbeer at Harry Potter World -- In hot weather definitely try it "frozen" (actually a slush). But do not go on rides right afterward. The very sweet and cold butterbeer and motion rides do not mix well. If the lines for Butterbeer are long (and they often are) you will sometimes have staff coming up the line looking for folks paying with cash that want it in the souvenir mug.
  22. 2nd Guess: Outbound, May 23rd 4:00pm Check the Kennedy Space Center website for launches during the time you'll be visiting. There are several Atlas V launches scheduled over the next few months and getting to see one is well worth it. Launches do get scrubbed and rescheduled with little warning (had one scrubbed while I was on the shuttle bus to the launch viewing area), so even with planning you may miss out. There are several toll roads in the Orlando area, including all the major routes between Orlando and the Space Coast. Either plan ahead and have change/dollar bills for the tolls or ask your rental agency about getting a toll pass. Plan for a visit to GC15RQB when you head out to the Space Coast.
  23. My 1st guess: Inbound May 12th 10:30am The last couple of times we've visited Florida we've rented a condo/timeshare rather than doing a hotel. Having the full kitchen and laundry in the unit made things much easier. We've stayed at the WestGate Lakes and resort which is pretty close to Universal and SeaWorld and an easy drive to Disney. There are lots of options available -- search online for vacation rentals in Orlando. At Harry Potter World you can't carry anything on many of the rides -- there are short term lockers available to drop your stuff. The ones near the castle almost always had a long line when we were there, but the ones near the Hogwarts Express almost never had a line. In addition to the ride in the castle there is also a walking tour that is separate. Ask the line attendant how to get to the walking tour of the castle, you don't have to wait in the ride line for it and you get to see parts of the castle the line doesn’t go through.
  24. The coins are 2 inches across, 3 mm thick, and will have a custom icon (the icon has been sent to Groundspeak, but not uploaded yet). Yep -- that is the sound. The WSGA logo is beneath the translucent enamels behind both the ferry and carousel horse. Here's some bigger photos of the coin.
  25. Saw the photos while you had the links up breifly, got them working...
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