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  1. You have the tracking numbers visible in the photos of the ducks you posted. That's all that's required for someone to log a find on the coin. There are folks who go looking for trackables codes and log them as discovered. Looking at your coins the logs are from Germany, which is not uncommon for "virtual" discoveries. In many cases a code found like this will get shared so you may start seeing a bunch more "virtual" discoveries.


    If you don't want your ducks logged by folks who haven't really found them I'd suggest you update the photos to blur out the tracking number and make sure you blur or hide it somehow on photos for any new trackables you send out.

  2. It's looking like half the hotels in town are sold out, and except for a couple of sketchy ones (the bottom 2 of 12 in TripAdvisor), they're pretty pricey. I'm strongly considering staying in Post Falls instead (at the Riverbend Inn, where I stayed for the Coeur d'Alene CM). Any idea what's else is going on this weekend or suggestions of hotels to avoid?


    It looks like the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show is that weekend.

  3. If you're planning to be at the Going APE 2014 Mega on August 17th this year the window to preorder the event coin (and other swag) is rapidly closing.


    This year's coin is 2.5-inches, minted in antique silver, and features the famous ape prancing outside the tunnel entrance waving a GPSr. On one side, the ape is rendered in white glitter framed by a blue glow; on the other, he is brown glitter framed by a pale yellow glow. Trackable at Geocaching.com, of course, with a custom icon.




    No orders will be mailed. You must pick them up in person at the Swag Preorders booth during the Going APE mega-event on Aug. 17, 2014.

  4. The new cache forms do not function in IE 11 (Windows 8.1). Portions of the forms draw incorrectly, some fields are missing, and when you get to selecting the cache side the form submit does not recognize you've picked one and fails. The issues make it impossible to complete a cache submission using Internet Explorer.

  5. For anyone planning to be at GCF in Las Vegas this weekend FenchurchE and I will be there and we'll have the antique brass and satin nickel versions of Free Luna with us. Feel free to message me if you'd like to arrange a meet-up.

  6. There are a few brick-and-mortar stores that sell Geocoins. Try you local sporting goods stores - I know REI has a small selection, others might as well. I know of two other options -- Oakcoins has a small store in their office in Kaysville Utah that sells coins they've made. And if you're in central Florida the Space Coast Geocaching Store is worth visiting. They have a good mix of coins for sale along with other caching supplies.

  7. Are there trading websites, meet-ups, etc.?


    Many of the larger events will have coin trading -- both Geowoodstock events I've attended had dedicated coin trading areas/events around them and Groundspeak sets aside an area for coin trading at the Block Party events. There's also the Geocoinfest events each year that focus on sales and trades of coins - this year's US event is in Las Vegas in October.


    I know that sounds like a really stupid question, but I haven't ever seen coins like these sold in brick-and-mortar stores...


    There are a few brick-and-mortar stores that sell Geocoins. Some sporting goods stores are starting to stock a few (I know REI does). Apart from that there are starting to be a few more dedicated storefronts. I've visited two -- Oakcoins has a small store in their office in Utah that sells coins they've made and Space Coast Geocachers in Florida has had a good mix of coins from most coin makers.


    If you can make it to a major event like Geocoinfest, Geowoodstock or the Groundspeak Block Party there will usually be a vendor area with coin sales.

  8. 4) geotrackable.info/ was discussed here in the forum about a year ago, when there was new development. Trial phase for input of data. Only a few people volunteered. Trading features were planned. I emailed mekle recently but didn't get a response.


    Geotrackable.info is still ongoing - Mekle's been updating the code and adding data but things have slowed down over the last several months as there's a new baby in their house taking lots of attention away from the project. :)

  9. I'm not absolutely sure, but after looking at Deep Sea compared to the teaser snippet, I guess, Deep Sea is slighty different. My version is kind of green background, on the teaser it looks more light blueish.


    That apparent difference is probably a side effect of my photographic skills; the enamels in the Deep Sea sample coin and the final production run are the same.

  10. Ups, sorry, I didn't recognise Deep Sea as the teaser version. I have Deep Sea, and I'm not sure, if that's not the nicest. Or Leaf. Or Fire? Or Glacier....

    Help! They are all sooooo lovely.



    If you had 10 before picking up Nightshade you should now have all 11 versions that went up for sale (Fire, Ember, Nightshade, Sapphire, Deep Sea, Leaf, Silver, Sun Flare, Emerald, Glacier & Shadow). The only one you'd be missing at this point is the Iron AE version:



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