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  1. I just tried adding "width=320 height=200" to the html that they provide and it works just fine.  Play with the numbers to get them the way you like it.

    OK, surprisingly, I succeeded in getting the map to do, but I am too spread out. Can someone 'splain me how to do what this says? Where to put it in what order of the html letters? Thanks.

  2. Today I retreived 2 TB. In completing my logs, which I am sure I 'retreived', I found they had been retrieved and placed again in the same place by me. I went back and re-retreived, so I have possesion of them again. I deleted the 'placed' logs and in doing this my count got messed up, being 1 low now. What might I have done wrong? :)

  3. Where's the most uncomfortable place you've geocached. I was in AZ this weekend, a pretty state, but I don't think I'd persue the game if I had to hunt among cactus often. BTW, the 2 heaviest cacti infested caches I hunted were DNF's. :)

  4. Your first stop at a hotel is posted as a "find."  Others should be posted as "notes."


    e.g., "Just dropped in to grab Minnie Mouse to help her on her way from Disneyland to Disney World."

    Don't quite understand this. Could someone explain further. I had some trouble yesterday w/ a TB that hadn't been travelled right.

  5. Found my 1st TB today- I was so excited! I have some questions. How do I make my state show up on the side of my name in log (I did write location in text)? My name didn't come up in "latest reports"- why? Also "last seen in the hands of" how do you change that? Is it by grabbing? :lol:

  6. I'll make it unamimous. I decided at REI and bought online. I got my Garmin VistaC for $325 vs $400 in stores. I'm a Garmin person, but I do have to point out Magellan has more memory capabilites, i.e. higher end models take various memory cards which, depending on how many maps you want to have at a certain time, may be a deciding factor for you.

  7. I like Garmin for ease of use. Buttons are more compact and it is easy to use. From this forum I've gleaned Magellan users seem to like theirs cuz external antenna is better under heavy tree cover. Just a nutshell.

  8. No, but there are metal letter stamps that can be purchased, and rubber stamps can be used. There's some PMC that is more liquid and can be painted on stuff like leaves and fancy pasta, or a cork form you can buy from the distributor and form shapes yourself. I was thinking that you could stamp out a circle and stamp a design or words into it. On the cheaper side Sculpey clay can be used, but the original idea was for a silver "coin".

  9. I did an awful lot of research on my own, looking at websites, and going to countless places to look at GPSr's and holding them and getting people at the stores to demonstate them. At one place, I was given a Garmin brochure which was quite helpful in deciding about my wants among various features. I started out wanting to spend $100, and as I studied, the price went up to where we said, "What the heck, let's get color!". Then I found a good price on the web. My advice is not to just look here, altho the experience can't be beat, but research, research, research on your own. Look at them, hold them, study them, cuz they are complex and fun little toys!

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