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  1. Some people are like slinkies. Not much good for anything but bring a smile to your face when you push them downstairs.


    This fit the way I'm feeling better than any thing I could quote above.


    I have a particularly troublesome cache that disappears frequently althought I'm not ready to give up on it (soon). Twice this month I have received found logs that I knew could not be, one I hadn't gotten around to disabling yet and the other, I had just driven by that day and did not see container. As for the first, he had said he didn't find it but knew he was at GZ(!), so he replaced with another container. Well, I said OK on that one. Second one this month, was just a reply hemming and hawing in an e-mail when I questioned it. Gee, I guess it really is all about the numbers!

  2. I appreciate the staff working to improve the site. My one dislike with the current page is the placement of the maps. I like the placement of the detailed map at the top of the page on the old print-friendly version. This is the most useful of the two maps. It now prints at the bottom of the page (at best) or on subsequent pages, depending on the length of cache description. This places the map on a different page from the cache coordinates. I would prefer these two pieces of information to be placed together at the top of the cache page.


    I agree about map placement. Since I do not like to go paperless, I print out my caches "print friendly", and usually try to get it on 1 page. The detailed map is on the 2nd page. It would be nice if the detailed map appeared at the top of the page, on page 1.

  3. LOVE the new 'send to GPS' feature. Due to my computer snafus, I could never directly download into my GPSr. I still can't on AOL, but it works with Explorer! Many, many thanks! :o Changes can be good. Patience.

  4. I really like virtuals-I don't understand why we can't have them. I'm sure they could find a way not to accept the 'sneaker in the woods' variety.

    Waymarking is not as good as this site. I wanted to do a Pony Express one and after looking into I decided to chuck the idea.

    Bring good virtuals back please. :o

  5. I did the same thing but evidently not in the correct manner. I was logging geocaches I had previously done, on the date I did them, and immediately deleting them. A cache owner did not like that, and deleted my original log. Said I was supposed to put them in on 'post a note".

  6. I personally would not have done a micro in a rock pile, becuse I don't dig micros myself, but its a place my husband wanted to do a hide. I could not put a larger container, because the idea was to hide one of those "rocks", available on this website, in the pile, and the pile is not that deep. It is not as huge a pile as some of your pics have shown in that its under a bridge. I thought people liked camo'ed containers more than they evidently do around here. The "rock"is a different color than the others in that pile. If I approach a cache and think I don't want to do it, I don't and wouldn't complain about the condiotions if I did it and hurt myself. I think I will up the difficulty and perhaps add a better hint. Thanks for your input. I feel better about things now. My next ones will not be micro :laughing: .

  7. We've just recently placed our first cache, and I am stunned by the log visits I have been receiving. Altho stated to be a 2/3.5, which I state in the description that I don't think its that high, but still a challenge, I have been getting negative comments such as a bummer, thanks for the sprained ankle, etc. One person wrote me a note that he couldn't find it, I went to check on it, and I was easily able to access it and I'm a 50 year old woman who is not in too great a shape. One person told me coords. are right on, and they are if approached a certain way. Should I take these to heart, and place the cache elsewhere, give more hints, or just ignore them? The cache is in the manner of Amish Hacker's thread and available on this website :) , but people just don't seem to be enjoying my cache :) .

  8. Last year a tragedy occured in our state, in Granby, where a man got fed up and tried to demolish a good bit of the town with a bulldozer. It ended in his death. The town leaders had recently been deciding whether or not to keep the dozer as a historical marker or have it destoyed. They have decided not to make a monument and to sell it for scrap and my first thought was "Durn! Would have made a great virt or micro!"

  9. Enspyer, I like your approach. It seems to me, one of the perks for hiding a cache would be to collect the logs, all having glowing comments to the wonder of your creativity. Collecting your log and finding it full of nothing but pages and pages of TNLNSL would definitly give someone a clue as to their possible lameness without all the insulting.

  10. This is just incredible. All the elitists, beating their dead horses. There is a need for all kinds of caches, even the Wally World types, that someone's going to want to seek. When the weather is nicer, and I my husband is available to go with me, I too might be out seeking some of the caches that make the earth move for you. But for now, its nice to have some I can just bop over to, with no expectations of a life changing experience, just an outing. The hiders with the moldy logs are not reading this board, they haven't been on the site since they hid their last cache. Which brings me to restate what I said on page 2, I think. There's no reason to be rude. Markwell, you asked how to state it, why does it need to be stated? Just as in any social situation, why would I need to insult this accomplishment, small that it may be, any more that I might feel the need to insult any other accomplishment one may have made. If I go to your house and I don't like it, do I need to tell you you have any ugly house? I'm so tired of this thread but I can't leave it alone because I keep looking for someone who 'gets it'. There's no need to be mean. This is a game. Just respond "TNLNSL", and go on to the next one.

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