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  1. If I were you I would go for the Etrex Vista which you can get at office max's website for $169 and with the a $20 coupon : http://www.officemax.com/max/solutions/pro...gcfkmdffidffj.0 It makes it $149 +tax (FREE shipping) It is a wonderful deal and it is $100 lower than anywhere else...I would act fast though...I believe it is an error that they made...who knows how long it will be before they find the error. I ordered one myself...it is cheaper than the Legend!!!! Zach
  2. Now it is working again...I'm sooo confused...
  3. Hmmm...it would appear that either it is done with temp. or it is gone...i'm glad I used it a few hours ago...
  4. The Coupon should work...I used it about 2 hrs ago...
  5. Thanks for the info!!!!I just ordered one with the $20 coupon...thanks...I will return my Etrex Legend to Bass Pro Shop. It ended up being $21 less for the Vista... I think someone made a mistake on the website...I called office Max and they said they didn't have the Etrex Vista at their store and the Etrex Legend was $249.99(what a rip off, that is over $70 above MSRP). Their mistake is our gain though Thanks again!!!!!! Zach
  6. I was mad when they sold out of those Legends for $99 i hadn't gotten one yet. Thanks
  7. Which GPS would you recomend? I am trying to decide which to buy. Thanks
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