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  1. I'm glad to hear that. I ordered mine on Sept. 4 So I hope mine is Shipped soon.
  2. It is a pretty good. I have had it for a few weeks now and I like it.
  3. I wish I would have bought mine faster. I am yet to get mine and it was due to arrive Sept. 16. I hope it is before Oct. I can't go geocaching until I get it for I returned my Etrex Legend so I could get my money back before the end of the 30 days.
  4. Office Max, I've called Office Max 3 times now, each time different song and dance about my order. I was told that the GPS's would be shipped from their supplier "EPI" whoever that is. Now, on to Best Buy. Monday I went to Best Buy to exchange my disc-man. I went over to the GPS's to see what they have and so forth. No one was working in the GPS area, but a clerk came over from the speakers to help me. He knew even less then I did about GPS's. Asked him about price match, he told me to bring back printouts from the net site and then the manager would authorize the price match. Wed. I went back to Best Buy after printing out Office Max stuff. Clerk "T" was "helping" me, showed him Office Max printouts, relayed Mon. conversation to him. T went to case to find "Vista" evidently he couldn't belive his eyes as he just kept looking, I pointed out the Vista to him. He's still staring at it when another clerk comes over and takes "T"s lunch order....they are having Mexican for lunch !!! I request the price match I had been told about on Monday. After some more staring, T calls the manager. Manager "M" comes over, I'm showing him my docs. and relaying Monday's conversation to him. While I am talking M walks away, unlocks the door to the car audio area, let's in a clerk and M walks away !!!!!! Never says s*** to me !!! T then tells me that they can't (or won't) do the match. I persisit with T, telling I made a trip back just as I was suppose to with the docs and all. Oh, by the way, by now I've whipped out my trusty pen and start taking notes.....I request the manager's name...first I was told by T that the manager's name is "Mike"......later on the manager's name become "Mark".....there "policy" is not to disclose last names.....must be something they picked up a Alcoholic's Anonymous or something. OK, so now I ask for the Corp. Best Buy mailing address. Off to the service desk T and I go. T disappears for 10 minutes, when he comes back he tells me someone has removed the address list and he can't find it. HELLO ???? I then request to speak with "M" (Mike or Mark ???) 15 minutes "M" comes and tells me they have no physical mailing address for Corp. Best Buy. "M" then gives me a 800 number to call. I set down at the bench and call the 800 number....I get a gal who is soooooooo sorry. Sorry HELL, I want the GPS !!! Smiles, by the way, the whole time I was on the phone, "M" is 30 or so feet away from me, leaning back on a display with his arms crossed......glaring at me. know, I'm a very nice . Best Buy employees need to spit out the gum that they are chewing while talking to customers, go back to Mc D's for some more training. I've got a letter ready to blast off to Best Buy....if anyone chooses to write also, here is the mailing addy I was given. Best Buy, Box 9312, 7601 Penn Ave. South, Richfield MN 55423. I'm not too sure why they have a Box number along with a street number, but that's what I was given. The National Customer (dis)service number is 1-888-237-8289 I had trouble with a Best Buy manager before. He threatened me so we tried to get a Corp. Number from them and they wouldn't give it to us. So we went home and looked on line and found the number. We called and went around in circles. We ended up getting the President's direct phone number. I will try to find the and up it up.
  5. I emailed BDI. Thanks for the website! I hope I get an email back soon telling me when it will be shipped.
  6. You would think that they would have caught on a little quicker...
  7. I would say the the legend...it is WAAS enabled. But, I would go right now w/ the etrex vista from office max. i got mine for $159 w/ tax. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=78981 With the $20 coupon and free shipping it makes it $120 less than anywhere else and cheaper than the Legend.
  8. I went to Best Buy last night and they said they couldn't match it becasue it was too far below their price of $269.99. I also went to the Bass Pro Shop and some other places and they either didn't have that model or they said it was too low of a price. I guess I will have to wait until I get mine from office max...or garmin...or where ever it is coming from now.
  9. Does it list on the site that it has shipped yet? No. They have not shipped it yet.
  10. Maybe I should try that. I would love to get it. Office Max doesnt seem to be shipping it for me.
  11. I sure hope they don't get cancelled...I would be very mad I ordered mine on Sept. 4 and the expected delivery date was Sept. 16. I sure hope I get it...since that is only Friday
  12. Well mine isn't supposed to arrive until 9/16. I hope it gets here before then though...I am sick of waiting.
  13. They havn't sent mine out yet...They told me they are having "computer Problems"... I'll post when it gets here.
  14. I went to my best buy and they checked for me and there we none in the district...state...they even checked my surrounding states...seems everyone has bought them all up...
  15. all gone...ill start a new post if i get any more
  16. Yeah...I had just bought a Legend 2 weeks ago...luckly it was from Bass Pro Shop and I can still return it It cost me $180 w/ tax... I am happy that I got the Vista for only $159 w/ tax...
  17. luckyzac


    Got 4 invites to use Gmail...PM me if you would like one...please include Name ANd email address
  18. Thats a good one...sounds pretty complex...but I am sure someone could do ii...
  19. I might head over to our Best Buy and try to get one...That is a wonderful deal...almost as good as the Etrex Vista at www.officemax.com I got it for $149+tax...thats like $120 lower than anywhere else...
  20. I have 5 Gmail invites...First 5 to PM me get them...Include you email and name
  21. I forgot to mention...in case you didn't know it...The Etrex Vista is a better than the Legend...It as 24MB of memory plus a few other extra features
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