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  1. My Grandmother got her credit card stolen though Amazon.com
  2. Nope...doesn't look like there can be much more dicussion unfortunetly. Target is going to stand firm on what they have said. Who's to blame them though, I guess they, like all people, didn't want to lose money. I still believe that they should have went though with it, it does degrade a company when something like this happens, but I will not stop shopping there completly...well that is all for now...maybe we will get a chance on another deal like this...you never know...
  3. Well it was nice that they actually offered you something. I called and went around and around with them and came out with nothing....
  4. I agree...Look at Office Max for example, I am sure they did not want to take the loss for all of those Vista units, but they did. They did not give me a $20 gift certificate though...I got nowhere with that call.
  5. Yeah, I guess we aren't going to be that lucky. I got off the phone with target person and they said they could give me the $169 price if they get it avaiable in the future. I don't see this happening though...
  6. Well if they do decide to cancel the orders they could get in big trouble for Bait and Switch...
  7. I bought a Etrex Vista back when they were $149.99 at OfficeMax by mistake...This ends up being a better deal. Who would have guessed.
  8. That link took me straight to Target.com. How do you activate the coupon? tm It is already activated when you go to the site. All you have to do is put the item in your basket and hit checkout. When you get to the page that wants you to enter a code it should already ask you if you want to apply the $17.00 discount.
  9. You can get an extra 10% off it if you enter the site using this coupon code. http://www.dealsdujour.com/go.cfm?m=1&mid=203 This Coupon expires on Oct. 15, 2004. I ordered one. Scheduled date of Delivery November 30 - December 2
  10. If it is true its a whole Office Max Deal all over again.
  11. That is strange. I ordered another one around that date and I got both of mine the same day and I ordered my first Sept. 4.
  12. Yeah, Walmart really only price matches other Walmarts and even then you need to prove it. (sigh) Really? They have price matched for me lately...I know K-Mart doesn't do it anymore since they went bankrupt.
  13. Fingers crossed, is "Today" my day for delivery ??? But geeze, after I get mine, I'll miss all you guys on this forum !! Yeah the fourm has been going on for so long. We all have been awaiting our GPS units to come in. Im glad i got mine yesterday...I have to find time to go caching now
  14. My lower lip is sticking out....pout......CONGRATS !!!!! What method of shipping did they use ??? They sent it UPS ground.
  15. Just got mine today...and it said it was shipped today YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Yay!!!!!Mine says its shipped too...I'm sooooo happy I can't wait to get it I ordered on Sept. 4, 2004 (Edited to add Date ordered)
  17. Yesterday while outside gardening, the UPS truck stops a way from my house, I'm jumping up and down saying "pick me, pick me"..........UPS ude fires up truck and leaves.......I think he was "losted".....looks like no GPS for work this weekend..... My neighbors keep getting packages and I keep asking..."Got anything for me?"
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