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  1. We put everyone's mailing address in Word on a mailing label. Behind the name we put what they were receiving. For example on the kids coin we put (1s) for 1 silver (1G) for 1 gold, and (1N) for 1 wooden nickel. I entered this information after printing the page from Paypal (you can also do a spreadsheet directly from Paypal too). I would save the page of labels at the end of the day and then print it out. When it came time to ship I stuck the label on the package and verified what they were supposed to get. For the North Dakota coins I had an optional Insurance and stuck an I after their name if it was to be included. When we got to the post office we did delivery confirmation only ($.60) each I believe. This only requires you to write the zipcode on the slip and not the whole address. Since mailng the coins we have had a few questions about packages and I can instantly verify what address I mailed it to and how much they received! If there ever was a question about a package being delivered I can pull up the confirmation number and see if it was delivered.
  2. I can't believe that bugger produced a coin for North Dakota and he doesn't live there! Oh wait, that was me I know I am a trendsetter, good, bad, or otherwise. To be officially listed by GC it has to be approved by the state cacher association. Since ND has no organization and I can say that no ND folks actually bought one of my coins, there were no hurt feelings. I would say that anyone can mint a coin. Period. At this early stage of collecting coins I can honestly say I don't know if every state coin has been associated with the state organization. More importantly I don't care! So, if you have an idea for a coin with a state on it, mint it! Trust me, fellow cachers will buy them. And, put me down for two...
  3. I will email everyone that posted here so far. I have a bunch of coins but just tell me what you have to trade. I don't really care if it is a duplicate as I am making 3 collections (for myself and two young PaNoWeGe sons )
  4. I am dropping the personal coin in caches and trading the rest away to make room for a new design next year! I haven't picked one yet but feel guilty for already getting a new one with the current version in stock. So, what do you have to trade?
  5. Moot. That is a fun word to type and say fast 10 times!
  6. If you list an item at ebay you an end the auction early at anytime. In this case there were no bidders so I didn't feel bad about pulling the item off. If there was a bidder I would probably have left it so not to create any hard feelings.
  7. If you give your personal coin to someone and they sell it on ebay will the coin be inactivated? I guess realistically the activation number wouldn't be known to anyone except the person who sold the coin and the person who bought it.
  8. Yup, it is no longer for sale If things don't work out I may relist it.
  9. I ended it early as I have a trade I am working on for it for a cool coin
  10. Our two youngest KirklandExplorers have hidden 3 caches within a 1/2 mile walk by our house. One is the first treasure chest, the second is a hotwheeel exchange port, and the third is a holiday cache currently full of Halloween toys. Do a search under "KirklandExplorers" in the name and they will come up.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8338564943
  12. Sent you an email. Need full name and email address used for Paypal.
  13. We have been dropping them also in the Redmond/Kirkland area. Hope the other kids enjoy them!
  14. I was thinking the closest address to lat/longitude of the KirklandExplorers Treasure chest... Ed and I just packaged up the coins and mixed them all up. He grabbed 4 packs and headed out the door. I picked my package and got... 38 and 57!!
  15. I am taking the coins to the post office on Friday to mail! Good luck to everyone on what numbered coins they get!
  16. We have the KirkalndExplorers coin available (silver and gold) for trade for personal and select other coins. The gold is a limited edition and only two are in the general circulation to Mauison and AG. If you have a personal coin email me for a trade. If you have a more unusual one or a limited edition (<30 coin) emai lme about the gold KE.
  17. Coins are all sold at this time. I will post if any become available.
  18. I guess you could say that our coins are trade bait (is that bad?). Most of the members do not have a personal coin and this gives them an option of having something not of the usual category to trade. We debated the quantity to mint and decided on 100 as that gives everyone that wants to trade one and keep one in their collection. What I like the best about Swags is that I thought we would produce a Martha Stewart type coin (flowers, bows etc) but we ended up with a Steve Martin version instead We are working on the second winter version now and will have it ready by Christmas. Seriously, if there are others that want to do the same group coinage, email me and I will give you pointers on how to make the process as smooth as possible.
  19. The design is a collection of ideas that are not meant to be taken too seriously. The name of the group is GHOST after much discussion and a poll or two (Yimey- the pollmaster). We picked a banana slug for our themed mascot who will appear on many (or if not all?) of the coins. We picked a margarita glass for the heck of it and if anyone knows about slugs they know that they will dissolve if any salt is put on them.
  20. I guess he is talking about me I stuffed them in the bubble envelope and taped that sucker shut and shipped them out. So far out of many orders I haven't lost any BUT that is no excuse...
  21. Oh, didn't I tell you yours were lost in the mail
  22. Check out our first edition Swags coin! Swags is the name of our slug who will be appearing on a variety of coins. We minted 100 of them and they are being distributed to the members at this time (they have all been assigned). Watch for them in the trading section if any member wants to get rid of one. Please don't email me as I am hanging onto my two coins
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