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  1. I just received the topo software for National Geographics and it rocks! However, when I input a waypoint file it shows the gcXXXX and the latitude and longitude on the map. How do I just have the GCXXXX and not the lat/longitude? Thanks in advance! R
  2. It is not forbidden, you just can't get caught...
  3. The best thing to do when mailing coins is to list them as game tokens. I have never had a problem with sending packages by listing them this way.
  4. So what price did the coin get? I couldn't find it on ebay when I just looked.
  5. Heck, if you want to log or find a Moun10bike coin check out 003. Course, you have to go to Australia to find it...
  6. Thanks. Looks like too much snow for that hike. We will have to save that one for the summer visit.
  7. We are going skiing to Whislter for a few days and would like to know what the great caches everyone has done up there!
  8. Thanks! It was photobucket I was using but forgot about.
  9. What website does everyone use where you upload your photos to them and then paste the link to your topics? I used one about 6 months ago but can't remember what it was. I know it had photo in the address somehow. TIA Seahawks 35 Steelers 17
  10. Seahawks Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cool! Somebody call? Which States need a coin? I am running out of ideas for North Dakota and Hawaii and need to find another region...
  12. Not true. I have traded many of them for coins not in my collection.
  13. I will give them a heads up that it may turn into a larger event than planned
  14. Dang, I left it on purpose the 8th so I would have an excuse to hang out there TWO days in a row in case someone was showing up besides me ... Thanks for changing it to the 9th!
  15. I checked and they have both rooms and a band booked for the Saturday night. Friday night is wide open so I will change it to December 9th (FRIDAY) at 6pm ish. I reserved a table for 10 for the coin group proper but there is space available for anyone else wanting to show up!
  16. Let me check the pub and see if it can handle us on a Friday night!
  17. Our coin buying group is meeting at the Waimea Brewery on December 9th starting at 6pm to exchange coins and drink a beverage or two. We want to invite everyone in the area to show on up and bring some coins to exchange or join us for some friendly conversation!
  18. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet looking coin I love ANY coin with a Geoduck on it.
  19. I will give you a KirklandExplorers coin for one of them...
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