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  1. Shop99ers will be handling the coin so please email them with any questions on how to get them! Put us down for four to attend the party and to get the coin
  2. A little communication to work out on how the coins will be distributed so hang on folks. I will refund the money to those that have paid.
  3. Let me see if I can get the first run at the coin to post. The bat will actually be black instead of white. Coin
  4. That is funny considering we import all of our tumbleweeds from the state to the west of us and we don't really have anyone to call!
  5. I think it is a great idea so please put me down as a member.
  6. Now that is funny! Maybe they could be shipped in a latex glove The design is coming along nicely. Hopefully in the next week I will have one to post when back from the artist.
  7. Sounds like a limited edition coin is in the works!!!!!
  8. I can finance the coin for the party and just collect from everyone. I like the idea of a pumpkin shaped coin with with the info of the party on it. We can add some other interesting designs (ghosts, vampires etc) after the main part is done. I would order 100 of them maximum and give everyone that shows up to the party first shot at buying them. Any extras would go to the other cachers on the web. We could get this minted by party time. If we had it to the mint by mid september it could be done in plenty of time for the party. If there are no objections I will start to work on getting this done.
  9. I have our coin at the mint and would love to trade one!
  10. Go for it! Throw a design together and they will sell.
  11. Great! Once I have the design down I will get a list together and give everyone a chance to buy them. Don't worry about putting your name down yet.
  12. No way! I knocked our KirklandExplorers coin out in less than 3 days and it is now at the mint. I know others are organizing this event and I don't want to step on anyone's toes
  13. Hey, how about making a coin for this special event AND you have to show up to get it???? I have some ideas for a Spooky 2005 Coin and would love to start to throw one together if anyone else is intersted.
  14. I would like to buy one silver and one gold Alaska coin. Anyone have one to sell?
  15. I just sent an initial design to Aaron. I asked for an outline of the state in green with North Dakota in curved letters at top, the word Summer in curved letters at the bottom. An outline of the state on the face with a colorful Meadow Lark image with 2005 next to it. On the back the image of the Cowboy and horse with "Official GeoCaching Vehicle" for lettering. This can change but is an initial start. I expect to create this coin and then one more for each season down the road.
  16. I can paypal you for 5 coins immediately if still available.
  17. Sorry, wrong area!
  18. I am laughing about the photo and using ND for Nurse dave The front I like an idea of a cowboy on a horse with a scenic backdrop with the state outline. I like the idea of Freezing our Cache off for the backside of the coin , pun intended.
  19. So what type of policies have you seen or are hearing about?
  20. Have you thought about designing a coin? I am starting to design a coin for ND for the heck of it (I grew up there) but live in Washington now.
  21. Ok folks! I will throw something together and start the design! I wonder how you depict 20 below looking for a frozen cache under 2 feet of snow... How about the slogan "Freezing our Caches Off!"
  22. I grew up in ND and live in Washington at this time. I would like to design a ND coin as I don't want my homestate to feel left out! Is anybody interested in helping me design a coin? Some thoughts include: Image of the state on one side with state flower or bird on it for some color. The other side could include a 3d image of the Badlands or something like that? I would foot the bill to mint the limited production of the coin and collect as the coins are ordered.
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