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  1. The gold and silver was just an idea and still stays in the $5ish price range. We have cheaper metals in Wasington than Alaska Here is the new list as of 8/1/05. http://www.geocities.com/rgerth2000/Coin_Club_List.xls
  2. We are starting our own group of coin designers in the NW (expanding a little to other states) and I wanted to know if there was a member of the MiGo group that wanted to swap coins when I have mine. We will have our first coin out in 45 to 60 days.
  3. I have 46 total with the 3 late additions but I know I missed a couple in the spreadsheet. If someone wants to be put on the waiting list let me know.
  4. We are close to the maximum number so no more at this time Now let's get a coin going!
  5. We have 45 invites out at this time to join the group.
  6. The coin designer is a little backed up but will hopefully have something in the near future to preview I will let everyone know.
  7. http://www.geocities.com/rgerth2000/Kids_Club.doc Here is first pass with an idea for a coin. I want it to be colorful and a real attention grabber. The front of the coin we would have copied onto a label pin at a reasonable price and the kids could drop those in the cache and keep the coin as a method for starting their collection.
  8. So far 36 have signed up. http://www.geocities.com/rgerth2000/Coin_Club_List.xls Please check to see if your name is on the list if you emailed me. I am going to hold off on signing up new members until I make sure I got everyone that replied than I will fill it up to 50. Each Cacher will buy 2 coins (how about 1 gold and 1 silver?).
  9. Great ideas! How about a real metal coin and then produce some wood nickles on the side with the same design? There really isn't any limitations to who can buy it only you have to have a kid with you or act like one when doing the cache dance I have some ideas but welcome all other suggestions! I want to see the coin colorful and something the kids (ok adults too) want to show off...
  10. Wow, go on vacation and ignore your email for a day and the rumors start to flow Here is what I want to do with this group (nicely stated by Shop99er!). 50 members who will buy 2 coins each. I anticipate the cost to be about $5 each but of course can change up or down (a buck or two) but will be sold at cost. No limitations on who joins, only the first 50. I have heard from CA, AK, OR, WA as wanting to join. I don't care! Produce 2 to 3 coins per year and have fun doing it. I would like to see a rotating group of 5ish help design each coin and be assigned to come up with ideas. Of course I will coordinate the minting and to smooth out the process. I want to see some really great looking coins that we will all be proud of owning. Does that help? I will get a list together of the group and send an email to everyone on the list. Communciation will be by email of course. This forum is great to post messages but realistically we will do it through direct email and a place to post ideas (yahoo.groups?) that won't confuse the masses not in the group. Now, your assignment, dust off your hats and start thinking of ideas... Thanks!
  11. Great! I will track the number of cachers to hit 50 with the goal of minting 100 (2 per). We can look at expanding down the road if enough interest.
  12. The one started by Hydnsek is to buy the coins others are selling. This group is for 50 cachers who want to have their own coin designed with a NW logo on it. Confusing, huh? Check out MIGO's coins.
  13. To mint the coin you can get by for about $5 a coin when doing 100 of them. I would like to see 100 cachers or maybe even 50 cachers that would buy two of them when done. We could do one design like MIGO that would always be on the top of the coin and then have a different scenery in the background. I like their idea of a pumpkin for this Fall and then something different for the winter. Here are the steps and I would love to coordinate this attempt at it: 1. Get 50 members signed up that will commit to spending $10 for 2 coins. 2. Develop our logo 3. Develop a plan for how many coins per year and start to work on them. Realistically I could see doing 2 to 3 coins per year just for the heck of it. I would see a core group (5 to 10) that would be assigned the design for each coin with input from the other members. Thoughts? I will start to track the first 50 members and go from there.
  14. I was just reading about the MIGO coins that are produced in a set of 100 and limited to members only. What about starting a similiar NW group? Any interest?
  15. My 9yo son wants to design and sell a kids coin. Ideas so far include a young boy and girl hiking with a dog on the front. Lettering could include Pacific NW Kids GeoCache Club or something like that. On the back I would want to show them dancing around an ammo can with "We found it! " Other thoughts include making it as colorful as possible so the kids will be attracted to it and proud to show their friends. Thoughts?
  16. I would buy one or two. Email me if you need the name of someone that does them at a great price.
  17. I will put everyone's name down on the list that has replied here and post it shortly. I plan on minting 500 to begin the process at this time.
  18. I suggest that we make this a NW coin group to save the trouble of mailing the new ones bought. If this group expands I would be intersted in starting a local one.
  19. Glad to see some interest in the coin! I have a design in the works and will hopefully have a proof back in the next week. It includes an outline of the state, North Dakota Summer 2005, the compass rose, a couple of 3d images (bison, sunflower, meadowlark) on front and a cowboy on a horse with "Geocaching Adventures Western Style" on the back in a 3d image. I expect to create a winter coin too when this one is sold. Stay tuned!
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