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  1. We live in Seattle Washington and we want to re-release some lost TBs back in Europe again. I can mail them to you and will throw in some extra geocoins for your trouble.




  2. This is a perfect activity for scouts and we have used it to find actual caches. If you have your GPS units find a nice hike with a couple of caches on it and then give it to the boys to have them guide you to the cache. We did this a few weeks ago with the scouts and found a cache in the woods.

  3. We are taking our scouts on a hike on Sunday and one Dad mentioned the caves on Tiger Mountain was an idea. He didn't know anything else about them so I am asking for any help on the the trails etc and how to find them.





    PS Or, if you can suggest another hike on the Eastside that takes about 3 hours maximum RT and not past North Bend that would be great too. We hiked Rattlesnake MT last time.

  4. We are hiking Mt St Helens on Sept 24th and can take some TBs with us to log or drop at the top. If you have some that are not too bulky and aren't attached to a brick :) email us. We hope to have our new Mt St Helens Benchmark coin to drop at the cache at the top with a TB number so anyone that hikes it can log it.



  5. I checked and the soonest weekend date available is Sept 24th. I just bought 3 tickets (one for OBE and two for KEs) so we would make sure and get our passes. If others are interested hop in and buy the tickets or let me know.

  6. I started to produce benchmark coins after a conversation with my 10 year old son as we were discussing Rugby, ND and how it was the geographical center of North America. The other ones have been a history lesson for him also and fun to research, design, and watch the process of taking an abstract thought and producing a coin to hold in your hand!


    Our latest project is finishing up our website where all of our coins will be listed for sale including some new cool ones at the mint :(. We have increased our quantities from the limited supply from before to 500+ for each design. Once we have the website in order I will let everyone know how to get on the subscriber list for new releases.



  7. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3a-a275d2aba741


    Here is an interesting cache placed last Thursday with a Moun10bike geocoin for a FTF. Of course, we were just up there the previous weekend ;) so we missed it by a few days. On Thursday when we noticed the cache became active we drove to the parking lot at 8pm. I was really happy to see a car in the parking lot with a geocaching sticker on it so I didn't have to hike the 9 miles in the dark... Congrats to the FTF!

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