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  1. Here are some deals if your loking to buy a Vista http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...1&hl=office+max
  2. My local Office Max is in the same shopping center as the Best Buy, so after going to Office Max and seeing they had nothing in store as far as GPS goes, I went over to Best Buy to check them out. When I saw they had the Vista in the store, I just asked if they match prices from other stores, they said yes...then I told them about the advertised price from Office Max (not mentioning it was the websites advertised price), they did want to see proof of the price, so I used thier instore computer to access (here) the geocaching site, which took me to both pages for Office Max (the coupon page and the Vista price page) I have to say I was a little nervous that they were going to say, no, since it was all online. I have been told by Circut City that to pricematch, the other store has to have the item in stock and be the price they are selling it from in the store. They don't honor online deals. But heck, I just thought I would give it a try. Like I said, not a Hassle, once they saw it online they were ok with it. It being Saturday the store was busy, maybe thats why it was so easy, I never spoke with the manager, just the sales associate, the manager never saw the online info I showed the sales associate. After the sales guy got the approval for the pricematch over the phone from the manager, the manager eventually did come over and sign the approval paperwork, but he never saw any of the Office Max info. I never get deals like this...all the planets and the stars had to have been aligned just right! I should have bought a Lotto ticket when I left the store Good luck!
  3. Heee Heeee! I just went to Best Buy where they had the Etrex Vista for 269.99, showed the sales guy the 169.99 price AND the coupon for 20 bucks off of any online purchase when you spend 125.00 or more through Office Max for the Vista, and Best Buy totally matched the price!!! No hassles they just said sure we'll match it. I was beyond shocked! I Can't wait to go on my first geocaching hunt tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up with the great online deals!
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