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  1. My main cache mobile 2006 F-150 leveled on 35" KM2s and the summer cache mobile 2001 Mustang vert
  2. If you do go Oregon I would just get the 450. You can get free topo maps from www.gpsfiledepot.com I love my Oregon 450 but haven't used a Dakota 20 so I can't compare them.
  3. Lots of great information in this thread. I have one question would you guys recommend going with the BC-700 or the BC-9009? Is the 9009 still having the overheating issues?
  4. so when I extract the files and it ask where i want to put them do i browse my computer to the garmin H drive and hit ok I just created a folder on my desktop called Pocket Queries. Then when I download the PQ's, I send them there. That way you don't have to have your Oregon attached to the computer when you open your e-mail. When you're ready to transfer to the Oregon, you can just Copy/Paste the GPX file from your desktop folder to your Garmin/GPX folder. Thats what I meant. I use GSAK to load them straight from my email into the database and then send them to the 450 that way.
  5. You need to put it in the Garmin folder and then the GPX folder.
  6. Saw a Garmin eTrex (one of the yellow original ones) on a local forum for $50 and having always wanted a GPS for hiking so I picked it up. Remembered one day seeing something about geocaching and figured I'd give it a shot and it was downhill from there lol.
  7. Patience is key as well. Also sometimes the coords aren't spot on so don't be afraid to spread your searching area by 10-20 feet or so. I find that reading the recent logs can sometimes give good tips if you just can't find it.
  8. Current: Garmin Oregon 450 Apple iPhone 3GS Previous: Garmin Oregon 300 (Upgraded to 450) Garmin eTrex Yellow (Doesn't float lol)
  9. Lol. In the email the PQ is an attached .zip file. Just download that, unzip it and put the GPX file on the 450.
  10. You wanna know the best thing? I made 20 bucks selling my Oregon 300 on eBay and purchasing the 450 off of a link I found on here after the $50 Garmin rebate!!!!
  11. I love the Oregon series. I had a Oregon 300 since Christmas and just upgraded to the 450 today. The 450's screen is sooooo much better, I highly recommend it.
  12. I have a Nikon D60 for serious shots or if I feel like bringing it. For just quick shots I have a Nikon S550, cheap so its not a big deal if I bust it up while out caching but still gets pretty good pictures.
  13. I have actually tried the 450 - and compared it to a 60CSx, and I chose the latter. The screen is much easier to read in bright sunlight than the 450, there is still a long way to go for the Oregon screens. I have also tried the 300, but not in bright sunlight, so I have no comparision there, sorry. But the 450 is supposed to be better. Just not as good as 60CSx. I use iPhone for the paperless part of geocaching. I just got my 450 and the screen is an incredible improvement over the 300. I have no problem viewing it at all now, I would compare it just as good to my iPhone screen. Now I've never used a 60csx so I can't compare it but I have no problem now compared to the 300.
  14. Fedex is dropping mine off any minute now, wooooo!
  15. Have you actually put caches on it? It doesn't come with any on it like the Geomate does.
  16. The 60 csx will likely have the more accurate position. The Oregon 450 has the ability to load several thousand caches on it, but the screen is harder to read in direct sunlight. You'll have to decide what's more important to you, as you're the one who's gonna use it. Myself, I'd use the 450 -- you should see how caching is with Garmin BirdsEye on the GPS..... As for the manual, try this site instead: Garmin Oregon Wiki Have you actually used the 450? They were supposed to make the screen easier to read than the 200/300. Fedex is supposed to be dropping mine off any minute now so I don't actually know if its a huge improvement or not. I loved my Oregon 300, you can't beat the paperless caching on it. Mine was pretty accurate as well.
  17. Mine will be here hopefully by the end of the week! Can't wait!
  18. Just bought my Oregon 450 from http://www.thedigitaloasis.com/Shop/Contro...id/0/rid/134139 Can't wait to get it! I hope the screen is a big improvement from the 300, that was my only complaint.
  19. Sold for $308 on eBay! New 450 is on its way!!
  20. In brand new condition is the Oregon 300. I have only used this a few times but its a awesome unit! I want to upgrade to the Oregon 550 which is the only reason I am selling this. $290 with free shipping to any where in the US and I would prefer paypal. I can supply pictures as well. I'm pretty sure I still have the orginial box and I know for a fact I have all the software, cables and manuals. Email me at morgantm89 @ gmail.com if your interested! Also feel free to make an offer as well, worst I can say is no.
  21. Check out www.ncgeocachers.org, lots of members in the Durham/Raleigh area.
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