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  1. Out of curiosity how do you take the ipod touch out in the woods? you got wi-fi in your woods? Or did ya mean the iphone? I use a oregon 450 and still take the iphone out in the field all the time... just LOVE LOVE LOVE the geocache app He probably uses it just like everyone else with a Palm does. Just loads the cache info in so its saved on the device itself. No internet required, thats how I do it with my iPhone since I'm out of service all the time.
  2. I run it via Crossover. Its sloooooow though, I normally just wait and use my work computer instead.
  3. $20 more on the price, and $15 less for shipping. Also, as a REI member, I will get 1% of that back next year. And REI's return policy makes it worth the extra $10, not to mention I will get it right away (on Thursday) instead of waiting! x2! Sometimes its worth a little more to have that extra confidence if something does go wrong or you just don't like it its easy to return it. I love REI!
  4. I have this one, worked great on my eTrex http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-PC-data-Cable-Garm...#ht_5208wt_1137
  5. I have 4000 caches on my Oregon 450 and it loads just as fast as it does with 5 on it. Yes the Oregon will show the caches around you if you look at the map. Thats how I normally choose the next one to go after. When browsing caches it fast, really no loading time between screens. From what it sounds like a Oregon will take care of what your doing now with the iPhone and the Legend. I have a Oregon and iPhone and the only reason I use my iPhone will caching is if I don't have my Oregon or I want to look up a picture hint.
  6. I've heard that the gps performance and limited battery life of the iPhone make it less than useful for Geocaching. It's probably ok for checking cache details, but as to actually searching for caches, I don't think you'll be satisfied. And there's noting quite as much fun as having a gps which guides you into the forest to find that really well hidden cache, then dies as you try to find your way back out. I have a iPhone and the 450. Honestly for actually navigating to the cache I find the iPhone frustrating. I normally just use it to view it on the maps and then try to find it that way. If I need any more help I'll just grab the 450. iPhone is great if your just out and about and want to get a easy park and grab. I love my 450 though! Would buy again
  7. Well, actually everything is from multiple post I have read, some might have been user error, others might have been problems that got fixed. The big one I saw was people complaining about the lack of 3D topo and routable features, others complained that the maps where not detail enough. Of course this might all be silly complains. Do you still have the information to get it for $290? was this price before shipping? $290 sounds like a sweet price considering that the PN-60 will be $399. That's about $110 difference before shipping. A price difference like this would surely move me toward the Oregon. The store I got mine from is currently sold out. GPScity has it for that price as well though http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-oregon-450.html
  8. The current Oregon software is stable, at least in my use. I got mine for $290 after the $50 rebate. What features have others said that are missing with gpsfiledepot? I'm currently using a topo map from there and its fine for me. The maps differ with your location though.
  9. I'm glad to hear that! I just ordered a 450 from them oer the weekend, it shipped yesterday, should be here tomorrow! Can't wait to play with the new toy. On a side note, I just sent my Rino 530hcx back to Garmin for repair yesterday . can you use the rebate at gpscity Yes...it says it right there on the product page.
  10. Inside the Garmin folder is a GPX folder. The actual .gpx goes in there.
  11. http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-oregon-450.html They're a very reputable site. I have ordered from them before and would in a heart beat.
  12. Go 450. The tri-axis compass, 5000 cache capacity and the better screen make it worth it. I ended up selling my 300 and upgrading to a 450 and made $20 off the deal. Beware though, you can't use the $50 rebate with a purchase Amazon. I bought my 450 from http://www.thedigitaloasis.com/Shop/Contro...id/0/rid/134139 but they are currently sold out and I don't know if they will be receiving anymore right now.
  13. Yes. Right now I have 2500 caches and 1000 waypoints loaded on my 450. OK so the 450 can hold 5000 caches. That sounds great but where did you get the info? It doesn't appear to be on garmins website. Also what happens when you put on more than 5000? Or what happens if 2 PQ over lap certain caches? Are they listed twice? Thanx for all the help guys, you are all a wealth of knowledge. I tested it myself with the help of another member. He made a GPX file with 5000 different caches. Loaded it and it pulled up every once. Now I haven't tested it with over 5000 caches, thats something I'll have to do. If theres multiple instances of the cache I'm pretty sure it only displays it once, I haven't directly tested it though.
  14. Sounds like you should have shopped around, I got mine new with warranty for $290 after rebate.
  15. Yes. Right now I have 2500 caches and 1000 waypoints loaded on my 450.
  16. See this is the thing I don't think anyone understands so let me make it more clear. It's not free "wifi" you get, but free Internet via the cell towers. Anywhere you are in the U.S.A that gets AT&T cell phone coverege will have free Internet with the Kindle. I have taken mine deep in the woods and still been able to find caches off of groundspeaks site. I think most people think it uses wifi like an iPod touch. No it's free Internet anywere you can get cell phone coverege. Oh wow! I totally misunderstood that then. How in the heck did they do that without charging people for a monthly data service? Thats pretty awesome
  17. I have a 450 and a Mac and it works together well. It shows up as an external drive under the Finder so all you have to do is drag the GPX files on to it. I love the unit, battery life is decent I can normally go a full day without a change. I personally wouldn't spend the extra money on the T model, you can get great topo maps for free.
  18. Try using GSAK, it works great with my Oregon 450. Awesome program
  19. I disagree, I had issues reading my 300 in direct sunlight. The matte screen sort of clouded it, especially with the back light reduced to save battery life. I don't have many issues at all with the 450 screen, even in when the screen is shaded. Thats just me though...everyone eyes are different, thats just my experience from actually owning and using both devices.
  20. Good link! Eneloop + Lacrosse = great success!
  21. What is your exact budget? My affordable and your affordable might be very different. I started with a $50 eTrex Legend and it worked great until I upgraded. I would consider going with at least one of the H models with the higher sensitivity chipsets. You can easily find them for under and around $100 Also check out the GPS For Sale section here, you can find some good deals.
  22. I think that budget is going to limit features substantially. I think being able to hold a lot of caches (5000-10000) and have the 60 series GPS chip would be great. But that will up the price a good bit.
  23. There was a post a couple months back about this. I posted a ton of pictures on using the Kindle for Geocaching. You can view the thread by Clicking Here. . The best feature about the Kindle that I think a lot of people don't know is it has 100% free wireless Internet access though AT&T. Yes you heard that right, you get free Internet access from anywhere in the country and you don't have to pay a dime (other than the cost of the Kindle of course.). I think this device is overlooked by a lot of cachers and makes a great device to take along in the car to get all the paperless info. I think this post is a little misleading. You won't have free wireless internet everywhere. The only places around here that do it (I have the same thing because of my iPhone) are Starbucks and Barnes and Noble and those are pretty far in between.
  24. I downloaded the exe file into a folder on my hard drive from the ftp site... after getting the info in an email. I then ran the exe to extract all the files. It generated a folder with a bunch of files... img, tdb, and mdx. I grabbed all of those and tried to dump them into my OREgon after plugging it in and it ran out of room. I assume I need an micro SD card? OR am I even doing it correctly??? I just selected the tiles I needed on the website and opened it up in MapSource. My file was small enough that it all fit on the internal memory.
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