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  1. Woo, I've been waiting for the auto track archiving for a while now. Installed perfectly for me, all my caches and waypoints are still there.
  2. The only apps that will work are the ones that have been compiled with the 4.0 SDK. Until Groundspeak does that and submits it to Apple it won't work. Its on the app developers to compile the apps and submit them, not Apple.
  3. Best thing I ever did to mine! x2, its so easy to do too. Awesome to hear you can pair a separate GPS receiver!
  4. I've found a ton of deals on eBay. You just have to know what to look for to get the best deal.
  5. Can I quote you on that, the next (20 lol) times some iPhone groupie starts carrying on about how awesome the built-in iPhone GPS performance is? Lol I haven't seen that anywhere. GPS on the iPhone kinda blows. It works fine for car navigation but anything pinpoint you better get a hand held.
  6. The will be coming out with this case for the 4 as well. I think its a very promising idea, I can't wait to see how well it actually works though.
  7. It will work fine on a Mac, the Oregon shows up as a mass storage device so you can just drag and drop the GPX files on it.
  8. Wow that is super cool. I wonder how accuracy and battery life will compare to a dedicated handheld.
  9. I am super happy with my Oregon 450. Easy to use and does pretty much everything I want it too.
  10. The rebate doesn't apply to purchases from Amazon either...
  11. Try Digital Oasis, its back in stock now. No problem ordering from them.
  12. This is one of the frustrating things about my Oregon as well. I just clear the track log every time I fire it up at a new place. After a few times it just becomes habit.
  13. Best thing I have found is just VNCing into my Windows work computer. GSAK over Crossover doesn't run that great on my Macbook.
  14. MotionX GPS will I don't find my 3GS to be that accurate, its around 44ft in the urban areas, you lose more when you go under tree cover or out of service range. Now mine works great for car navigation, I use the TomTom app and it works perfectly. Can't wait to get my 4G though!
  15. I don't think that will have anything to do with GPS reception. Thats more for actual phone movement in games and such. I'll be preordering mine though!
  16. If you can wait a little bit I would go with the new 62 series. If not I love my Oregon 450, great unit.
  17. Yeah I have the IS on my iPhone and I'm not a fan. It grabs your finger a lot when your trying to use it. Not very smooth sliding at all.
  18. If you need paperless go with one of the Garmin 62 series that are about come out. If you don't need it I would go with the 60csx. I love more Oregon but the 60/62 are much tougher devices.
  19. Hmm I am not sure about this but very interested. I'll do some digging and see if you can load POI files into the TomTom app. I'm not sure if you can or not Found a lot of info like this, I think its possible. I'm going to try loading a PQ once I get off work. Mods if these links aren't appropriate feel free to delete, I looked and didn't see anything against the rules about it though. http://www.tomtomforums.com/tomtom-iphone-...ilbreaking.html http://xsellize.com/topic/36036-add-pois-tomtom-iphone-app/
  20. Garmin Oregon 450. Got mine for under 290 with the 50 dollar rebate.
  21. No #51 for me...did go from 60 ft accuracy on Normal to 29 ft accuracy after WAAS was enabled. Works for me!
  22. I just checked REI.com, and the 60csx is listed at $350 instead. Is the $199 an in store only special? There is an REI about 65 miles from me, so I *could* goto a physical store. I just wanna verify where you have seen that price before I plan to make the trip. (And its a new store, so finding the phone number for the location will be a PIA.) I'm not sure about REI, but BPS has it for that price too http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...SSSELL_HOMEPAGE SAVE20A will save you $20
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