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  1. If he has issues with them then why does he bother with their caches? There are plenty of others to find. I don't believe he (LOE) has "issues" with the 3 caseyhunters. I believe he's done them a favor whether they realize it or not. BTW, why shouldn't he be able to seek their caches if they're within his search area???? PS: Learn how to quote
  2. A Few answers: 1. Yes I carry containers, spare logs, zip locks and swag so that I can repair as much as possible until I can notify the owner of the cache that it needs their maintenance. 2. another example is GC112MA, He went there on more than one occasion without any effort on his part to repair the cache. So that is what really got to me and yes I may have been harsh and I don't usually respond that way to anyone but geeesh why not fix it instead of complain and then take everything. The lid snapped on, I placed a new log and zip locked after drying the items and notified owner. 3. Don't mean to be mean or question motives but if a cacher removes completely, any or all of a cache a note to that effect until it can be replaced would have helped the situation, he had to of been there just before I was. Very frustrating as having read the logs I took an ammo can with me to fix it, it is in a great location. 4. I have place the ammo can with everything needed with the permission and thanks of 3caseyhunters. 5. I apologize for being out of line if that is everyones opinion but I just feel an effort to clean/repair/replace rather than TAKING would have been better. 6. and yes others have had the same problems with their caches I'm glad you've come back and posted!!!! You're right, I think all should read all the logs in order. Once again, I think they'll notice that LOE did the right and courteous thing by removing the geo-trash after the cache owner archived it. LOE wasn't stealing anything and he clearly stated he would place the remains of the cache in one of the owner's other caches. In the past, LOE and I have butted heads over other issues but in this case, I'm not going to let you bring him down. LOE has displayed great courtesy and patience in handling 3caseyhunter's caches considering their track record. Trust me, you don't want to see LOE's "dark side."
  3. As stated before, I wonder where the OP has been????? I've seen no substantial come-backs!!!!!
  4. Your speed wasn't called into question by me. Your slowness in doing what you said you would do, was pointed out since you were making an issue of speed on another cacher. Maintenance Speed is your issue. Not mine. You brought it up. I just pointed out that the stones you are throwing could hit you by your own standards. Let me make this crystal clear. I think you are fine with your caches, even the cache where you said you would replace the cache quickly and haven't for the past two years is fine. Based on what people have said it looks like you are right about the cache remains on this cache and that the person who removed them did the right thing. When the OP gives other examples I'll take a look and see. I guess you're still not getting the point. If you check my cache logs, you'll note that better that 95% of the time, I conduct repairs on my caches within days of being notified. On "Onion Dome," I checked on it within two days and recovered the broken piece in five days. I would have recovered the broken piece on the first visit but I needed a better instrument to reach it without destroying it. I stated that I would try to have it back up quickly and then my repairs to the cache proved to be unsuccessful. There was no way to replace the original container with an adequate replacement. Therefore the cache needed to be archived. I'm sorry I couldn't repair it!!!! (Do you feel better???) So once again, please tell me where I failed you or other cachers when it comes to rapid maintenance??? Okay, if you want to shoot me for posting "my note" that I'd replace it quickly before attempting my repair, fire away. My comments directed at 3caseyhunters are based on first hand experience with them and their caches. If they'd like to immediately archive all their caches that become trashed, that would be okay with me. However, they're real slow when it comes to checking on and repairing caches that have been reported to them as needing maintenance. Come on down to Texas and I'll give you a tour!!!
  5. I've competed in IDPA since 2001 and am a Master level shooter. I've been an SO since 2003 and have worked several state-level matches. I have trained at Blackwater (i.e., paid for classes, not competed in matches, per your definition) and have taken classes from Ernie Langdon as well as numerous classes from the chief of security of a nuclear power plant. I have been carrying concealed, and occasionally open, for the past twenty-five years. I spent a lot of those twenty-five years woefully unprepared for actually having to use force, the realization of which caused me to get trained. I agree that experience is critical and that IDPA is as close as you will get without spending lots of money on force-on-force training. However, the mere experience of adrenaline does not yield proper technique. Personally, I'd like to see a stage where you start outside of a shoothouse, loaded and holstered. The scenario is that you and your family have just arrived home and have found the front door open and you suspect that an intruder is still inside. At the buzzer, you must act appropriately. Any action except getting you and your family to cover and drawing your tactical cell phione to call 911 gets you DQ'd. I am not in the training business either. You are correct, there are a lot of charlatans out there. A little research will weed them out quickly enough, though. My advice is to get the best training you can from a school with a stellar reputation. BRAVO!!!! Ya just gotta love pcunningham!!!!! Target, cease fire!!!
  6. Some of the best training is experience. I shoot in IDPA events whenever I can. IDPA = International Defensive Pistol Association. Read this article. It effectively simulates some real world experience just by the adrenaline rush and loss of manual dexterity that occurrs with that rush. The courses themselves have little to do with the real world, but the rush you get and the difficulty you have reloading, clearing malfunctions, and just thinking clearly in the moment are quite valuable. If you're buff, try shooting IPSC. The International Practical Shooting Confederation is NOT for everyone. Only the buff need apply. Not my cup, but an option for those serious enough to graduate from IDPA. As training goes it's a whole lot better than PAYING to listen to some ex-cop/ex-military blowhard talk about their firefights in Nam or down in the hood. LEARN by DOING. Don't bother with videos and seminars. Some comments on some of your statements: I couldn't agree with you more on your statement that "some of the best training is experience." However, experience involves incorporating practical knowledge and practical exercise. Without practical knowledge, which can be taught in a "classroom setting" all the practical experience in the world is worthless. In the military we call this the crawl, walk, run method. Once an individual has been schooled in the basics, hands-on practical exercises are the best way to reinforce the training. However, as stated by pcunningham, one needs to be careful about what procedures are being reinforced during the practical exercises as they may result in "negative" training. I've been involved in military live-fire exercises where safety considerations have outweighed combat reality and resulted in "negative" training. You state IDPA "effectively simulates some real world experience just by the adrenaline rush and loss of manual dexterity that occurrs with that rush." Are you positive about that? Have you been in an intense firefight where the guy next to you has just had the side of his face blown off? I don't think there's anything out there that will adequately prepare you for that in the shooting arena. Just some thoughts to ponder.
  7. Havin' a flashback? I don't know of many cachers outside of Iraq that take a tank to go cache. No flashbacks; only fond memories!!!! I can always dream, can't I???? Ya never know what you may see in your rearview mirror someday!!! I can tell you from personal experience that this would be one "Mean Cachin' Machine!!!"
  8. On second thought, I guess the force continuum could go like this: 1. Stop or I'll shot you with you with my .45 2. One more step and I'll hose you down with my Greasegun (M3A1 that is) 3. Gunner, Coax, Thug (M240 7.62mm coax machinegun) 4. From my position, cal .50 (M85 .50 cal machinegun) 5. Gunner, BEEHIVE, Thug (M751 APERS round from a 105mm tank main gun) 6. Hell, Driver, Move Out, Run the bastard over (Why waste ammo on a thug like that.)
  9. Who said shame on you? Your cache was fine and I assumed you did as you just explained. I was taking advantage of the fact that you said you would replace the cache quickly but never did since you took time to point out that it's important for others to make quick repairs. That seemed like a contradiction to me. Archiving a cache is not a quick repair. It still needs checked to pick up the cache and verify it's gone, naturally I'm sure that you have done this and done it quickly as you think others should and just neglected or chose not to post as much. As a review of my caches. I archived one that I have not picked up yet. I will, but I keep forgetting. One I lost due to not getting back to it before the reviewer archived it. July is my next trip to that area. I'll check on it then, even though it's archived. I had thoght I'd get to it faster but my move made it so that I traveled that particular road less. I should have adopted it out. I've learned that I'm faster than my help on some caches placed where I got a local cacher to list them and credit me as co-hider. I also never post when I fix or repair a cache specificly to avoid advertising that it's fixed or repaired. Another cache my maintaining help can't find the cache at all. They thought they had it covered when they watched me place it, but they went to check on it and can't find it. It was a good hide of an ammo can in a rock pile. One of my caches I'm fairly sure has been bulldozed but I'm not going to check on it until construction is complete and the area is more accessable. I'm sure you can find other flaws. But I promise you this. I'm slow all the way around at maintaining them, but I'll get to it, someday. When you take time to say it's ok to steal personal property (trash in your words) becuase the owner doens't maintain the caches quickly enough and it turns out that you also don't replace caches as quicly s you said you would do (it's been two years)...I just don't think you have a leg to stand on to make that claim. Unless your real point is just the "CITO" angle and it has nothing to do with the speed of maintance. Let's see!!!!! Yep, two legs to stand on!!!! First I never said it was okay to steal personal property. What LOE did was to remove geo-trash. Second, I attempt to repair or replace all my caches rapidly if I think they are worthy of remaining. In the case of "Onion Dome", a ceramic container which I thought I could adequately repair and return to it's hiding spot, once it was reported as damaged, I immediately disabled it, checked on it within 3 days, and finally removed the bottom piece within five days. Is that fast enough for you???? Once the bottom piece was removed the cache was left disabled as I thought I could repair it rapidly and put it back in service. Having found that the repairs would not render the cache functional for future service, I never re-hid it. My mistake was not to rapidly archive it. Since the cache container was unique and related to the name, no other replacement would have worked.
  10. Your life, your choice. However, I think that a jury would look more askance at a failure to properly use the force continuum. Okay, so if I got this right, an example of the proper use of the force continuum could be, in order: 1. fists/feet 2. hickory hiking staff 3. pepper spray 4. Gerber Mk II 5. Springfield XD 45 ACP 6. Handgra"nuke"
  11. I checked one of your archived caches. You said you would have a new cache set in very short order. You said that in 2005. My issue isn't with glacially slow cache maintance. It's with no cache maintance ever. By your actions you seem to agree with me. By your words, I'm not so sure. Yeah, I know!!!!! Shame on me!!!!!! But the difference is that I archived it and didn't leave it in a unmaintained condition!!!!!! If you carefully studied my caches, you would have noticed that I archived them in a fairly rapid fashion when I discovered something was wrong or was notified by others that something was wrong. I believe that it's the hider's choice to re-establish an "archived" cache at their leisure. I did have one, "Onion Dome", of my 80 caches that "Prime Reviewer" had to archive as I was not able to repair the "delicate" cache container in a rapid fashion. Yup, it's a lick on me!!!! Should have archived it myself once I couldn't repair it quickly. Have you ever had this problem??? Now I know I don't have to review your cache status as I'm sure that everything's in order. OBTW, maybe you could tell us what the issue was with GCJQ85 "The Joe Camel Edition"
  12. Greetings, I know of both parties involved with the issue; 3caseyhunters (the hiders) and LifeOnEdge (the finder). Knowing LOE and his style, nothing wrong was done. He policed up a bunch of geo-trash that once was a cache. If he had a replacement cache with him, he probably would have left one as he has done in the past but it appears he didn't. Having first hand experience with 3caseyhunters' ability, or should I say "inability", to conduct rapid cache maintenance, I can easily understand why LOE took such action. I can also tell you from first hand experience that the "hiders" need a lesson in terrain appreciation and the impacts of nature before placing any more caches. Most of my DNFs of their caches was due to the fact that their caches had been swept away by storm run-off and/or flooding streams. What can be done to improve the situation? Have the "hiders" maintain their caches in a better fashion. They should concentrate their efforts on a few well placed and maintained caches, instead of littering the country side with dozens of unmaintained caches!!!
  13. I can't believe you even have to ask this question!!! I wouldn't claim it as a find. That said, you're the only one who can defend your own honor!!!
  14. Thanks for the lesson on how to fit/select a boot, but I believe the OP asked about our choice of footwear. That said, what do you wear???
  15. How nice could they be? They probably aren't good cache containers if they needed maintenance. Actually, I policed up a number of real nice containers. The "offender's" main problem is not cleaning up after himself. He'll archive caches and never go out to pick them up. Since he has abandoned them, some of us local cachers pick them up, with his permission of course. It's been a great way to get free decon containers!!!!!
  16. And, of course, you're absolutely certain he didn't decide to list them elsewhere, right? Yeah, I'm positive!!!! The guy's so lazy, he's given permission to all within our local caching community to do so. Would you like to question anything else??????
  17. Maybe so,but when you place the cache you need to take the responsibility that comes with cache ownership. Couldn't agree more about folks being held responsible for their caches, but it appears to me, from personal observation of the forums over the past months, that not many folks involved in caching want to be held responsible for anything. It appears that most would be very comfortable without any rules or guidelines. Major problem, and I disagree that it is due to newbies. Much bigger problem is with people with 100+ caches scattered all over the place in which there is no possibility of regular maintenence. Another example of where numbers is given priority over quality, and a profound lack of personal responsibility on the part of many cachers. We've got this problem with a cacher in the Waco, Texas area. He's got over 400(+) caches hidden but does nothing to maintain them. In fact, when he archives his caches, he does not go out to clean up his geo-trash. Other cachers in the area, to include myself, have taken to finding his archived caches as it gives us some nice containers for "free."
  18. Either my old pair of Garmont boots or my new pair of Vasque Clarion Impacts. Both are superb boots for trekking.
  19. Maybe so,but when you place the cache you need to take the responsibility that comes with cache ownership. Couldn't agree more about folks being held responsible for their caches, but it appears to me, from personal observation of the forums over the past months, that not many folks involved in caching want to be held responsible for anything. It appears that most would be very comfortable without any rules or guidelines.
  20. Make sure it includes a centerfold of the "Geocacher of the Month." On second thought, that might be too much info, if ya know what I mean!!!!!
  21. Yup, ya gotta watch out for those Giant Anacondas that ply the waters of Stillhouse Hollow Lake!!!!!
  22. Ya won't know until your number's up, will you?????
  23. Wouldn't be great to see Geocaching become an "official sport" and incorporated into an event such as the World Games???? It doesn't mean that everyone who participates has to do so at a competitive level. I'm sure most would stay right where they are now and participate at the recreational level but seeing it elevated to an official sport would be great.
  24. This seems to be brought to you by the same folks who claim "everyone's a winner." BLUF: Don't be afraid to tell folks the truth in your logs. If they can't handle it, it's their problem, not yours. Be informative; tell them what's wrong and suggest an improvement. If they delete your log, you have one of two choices: 1) If you're concerned about your cache count, roll over and re-submit your log with something like this: TFTC SLTNLN 2) If you're not hung up about your numbers, forget this cache and it's owner and move on.
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