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  1. I carry an 8 x 10 glossy of "SNOOGANS." It's effective on most wild things.
  2. Always carry my hickory hiking staff. Helps on hills, flipping rocks while not exposing myself to poisonous nasties, could be used as a splint or crutch in an emergency, used in fending of wild dogs and other critters large and small, and could be used to smack annoying cachers in the head. An extremely versatile tool.
  3. Water, Water, Water. I put only water and ice in my hydration bladder; too tough to clean it if you put other stuff in it. I also carry two frozen Nalgene bottles in addition to the bladder if I'm going for a long trek. Also keep a cooler in the car to replenish my on/in pack assets or just to have a cool one while driving between caches. A proper hydartion cycle is one of the keys in not becoming a heat casualty. Drink before, during, and after. If you maintain a proper diet, you're not going to wash out all your electrolytes on a day's caching trip. Also be sure that you're acclimatized to the area you plan on caching in. Too many folks go out not properly prepared for the challenge ahead.
  4. There is a saying, "it ain't the heat, its the humidity". I've been out in 100 degree weather in the west, but the air is very dry. Hot, but you can deal with it. When you add 95 percent humidity, it makes it unbearable. I actually turned on my air conditioning yesterday and I hate airconditioning. I'm also considering getting the AC fixed in my car. Black car with black interior does get a tad uncomfortable. My wife and daughter refuse to ride with me. Roger on the humidity! Know all about it as I grew up in New York City and am now a transplanted Yankee. Man has proven himself to be fairly adaptable to many environments. Improvise, adapt, and overcome! I spent a year living in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia where temperatures can top 125. Learn how to effectively deal with it. It's only going to get warmer!!!
  5. High 90's - Low 100's are the norm for a Central Texas summer. Long pants (5.11 Gear) and long sleeves is my norm year-round if I'm hitting the brush. Short sleeves if I'm doing urbans. The heat kinda grows on you. Don't forget that Camel-Back with some nice cool water.
  6. A great observation from Down Under. I wish I could get down there and try some of your more challenging caches. You have to understand that most folks in America have turned this "great sport" into some kind of great social event and for the most part "dumbed it down." Frankly, I find some of the caches I find more interesting than some of the people I've met. I regret I'm guilty of racking up high cache counts on a given day. That said, I wish there were more challenging caches in my area but it seems that "park and grabs" are the norm. Even regular caches don't require too much effort anymore. I personnally enjoy challenging caches that require a good trek but not many exist in Central Texas. I've recently started a series that will require the use of a kayak. I observed that some of the caches in Sweden really require great techinal skills. I'd enjoy doing some of those. As someone has already said, most American cachers probably couldn't hide a level 4 or 5 cache. I believe that's true. I know this will probably torque some folks, but here I go. Take a look at some of the gallery photos of the typical American cacher. Now imagine them trying to place a highly technical level 4 or 5 cache. If you look at some of the photos from large cache gatherings, it looks more like a Weight Watchers Convention than a bunch of solid trekkers. Like Bush said, "Bring it on!" I'll take all comers. A great topic and I'm sure it's a thorn in the side of many American cachers. G'Day Mate (Cache On... Geo-Solo) Eagletrek
  7. '03 Pontiac Vibe GT. A true pocket rocket. Six speed, turns on a dime, great gas mileage, and nice extras to include built in 115 volt inverter. Can handle most off-road conditions that I've encountered in Central Texas but when the going gets rough, it's time to dismount and use my Mk I LPCs (Leather Personnel Carriers.)
  8. Let us know when you're coming, and we'll be happy not to meet you on the trail. Of course, you may not get the same guarantee from other thru hikers, day hikers, hunters, or the many others who use the trail. I'll be sure to drop you a line. Expecting to meet folks along the way (ie. thru hikers, day hikers, hunters, and other folks) but if we kept caches off the trail it may reduce the number of folks encountered.
  9. Perhaps you could call ahead and reserve the entire AT for your sole use. Now that would be superb, but I don't think it would happen. If you think you could hang, drop me a line and I'll invite you to come along. I'm going northbound.
  10. Glad to see that caches are being cleared off the AT. I'm an avid cacher but in the future I plan to thru hike the trail. Would not like to run into a bunch of folks caching. I'd like to enjoy the solitude of nature. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Does it insult you that they aren't groveling at your feet for a smiley that you control? What more do you need from them to make yourself feel better than they are for not adhering to the straight and narrow path you walk? As for your last point, I don't expect anyone to grovel. I just thought they, the members of the HCT, would speak up for themselves. I would do so and have done so when I thought I was wronged. It's just that you keep mentioning it as if some email plea from them to let their find(s) stand might give you some added validation of your opinion of them. You seem to need to say NO more than once. At least, that's how it appears. I mean, would you allow their find if they asked nicely? From what you have said so far it doesn't seem so. Your profile is pretty to the point, so why should they email you? Are you vexed at being denied a more personal denial of their find than just hitting the delete button? I think so...... Greetings Snoogans, It appears we have a failure to communicate. I see no need for further discussion on this topic. Have a Great Day! Eagletrek
  12. I really wanted to agree with you on this issue, but I just can't. The reason I can't is related to my feelings on the 'record run rules' thread. You see, geocaching is really an individual game that some people like to do in a group. Since it is an individual game, people track all their finds through their individual account. This allows them to go to one place to find all their cache finds. It also serves to keep some caches off their 'left to find' lists. We all know that 'team HCT' found your cache. They logged their find in the book. You should be satisfied with an online log that explains who was part of the team. I personally feel that you are challenging these finds not out of your need to adhere to standards, but as a statement related to the recent 'troubles'. First of all, you are being disingenuous. You may have only heard about the thread yesterday, but you were aware of the controversy because you created it. Regarding Lynn challenging your deletion, why should she grovel for you? Would you allow these players to log their finds if they satisfied your ego? Of course, if they logged online who the members of the group were, you would know. In fact, you would have just as much proof as you would have if you found their names in the logbook because one cacher could certainly have written multiple names (or stuck stickers, stamped the log, etc.) Nothing pisses me off more than someone hiding behind their military service as an excuse to be boorish. Here's some advice that I wise man gave me as I embarked into the real world. 'Stow the edge.' Nobody wants to hear about how disciplined you are and how that discipline means that you can make everyone else's life miserable. There's your lousy chips. Greetings sbell111, Point 1: I didn't start this controversy. CCC actions in reaction to my log deletion got this whole this rolling. I think what she did really torqued some folks off. I did know about what she did in reaction to my log deletion until I got an email from a guy in St. Pete, FL. By the way I'm glad I got that email. Don't tell me I'm disingenuous. I don't know you and you haven't met me. All the info you have on the "issue" is all second or third hand. Point 2: I've never asked anyone to grovel. These forums remind me of the kids game "Telephone." You put one message in one end and you never know what's going to come out the other. I believe Mr. Snoogans inserted the grovel word into the discussion. Point 3: If the players want to log their finds, my position hasn't changed. They should establish a team identity and log the joint find that way. Point 4: I never hide behind my military service. In fact I'm very proud of it. Since my retirement, I continue to serve as a Department of the Army civilian. The values and ethics taught to me by my parents, teachers, and in scouting have served me well in life and I don't intend to compromise them now. Point 5: A wise man once told me "Never compromise your standards." Point 6: I can't believe that this is making anyone's life miserable as you stated unless you want it to. I see no need for further discussion on this topic. Have a Great Day! Eagletrek
  13. Actually no. Most if not all of the folks I've heard about you from care little of those issues. It's your self important view that others should experience the game as YOU do and the measures you take to ensure it that precedes you. Your viewpoint is shared all over these forums so you should feel at home here, but it's uncommon enough in Texas for word of you to spread. I'm sure if we met in person we would get along just fine..... The forums and the real world are two entirely different animals. Does it insult you that they aren't groveling at your feet for a smiley that you control? What more do you need from them to make yourself feel better than they are for not adhering to the straight and narrow path you walk? Greetings Snoogans, I didn't know I was so well known as you say. I'm surprised that you say that my ideas are shared all over the forums. I thought most folks just ignored me. I probably would if I were you. Frankly, the only reason why I actually got on the forum was that I was notified about the issue by an out-of-state cacher. Prior to my recent series of posts, I believe I visited this site three times with the equal number of posts. Why so few visits you ask? Because this forum really doesn't interest me. If you still haven't figured it out by reading all the message strings in the series, I was actually clarifying part of the "issue" centering on CCC. Prior to my first post, folks were claiming that she was cheating by claiming finds on her own cache. When I was made aware of the situation, I checked out her site, saw what she did, and then posted a note to clarify the issues I had with the HCT logging my two caches. If you can't discern that from my post that's not my problem. As far as trying to get folks to cache "my way," I think you give me too much credit. Frankly I wouldn't even try to convert anyone but I do like to voice my opinion, observations, and facts as I see or encounter them. If everyone is okay "caching their way" this shouldn't effect anyone. From the number of replies I've gotten I'm starting to wonder??? As for your last point, I don't expect anyone to grovel. I just thought they, the members of the HCT, would speak up for themselves. I would do so and have done so when I thought I was wronged. I may just have to make a special trip to your part of the state to check out your caches. If you're into hiking a few miles you may want to come to my neck of the woods and check out mine. Have a Great Day! Eagletrek
  14. Your 20+ years of "commissioned service" may be the problem not the reason. This is from a 2 service NCO, so don't go there this is not the military. Wow! Two services!! I wasn't that good. Thanks for your strong interest in National Defense. Eagletrek LTC®, AR US Army
  15. Here's a chip.... As others have said, play it your way. That said, it appears that I have been to 3 of the 7 events you have attended. I'm sure I've met you if you were there as you say you were, but it's funny I don't remember you. I try to make a point of meeting as many new faces as I can. Maybe you didn't impress me much, or mayyyybe I had been drinking a little, or maybe we just never met. I've heard lots about YOU though, but I like to make up my own mind about people I KNOW, so I file stuff away for later. Your post proves to me again that there's truth to evey myth. The people you ran down DID and DO impress me. I KNOW them. We are friends. We don't play the game the same way, but I refuse to judge them as WRONG because I guess I'm just not self important enough about that aspect of the game to care. They're just simply some of the best people I've met through geocaching and THAT'S what I care about. For those of you that just don't get it, geocaching is MORE about the people who do it than the caches and logbooks and smilies that are the meat of the game. Is that ALL we talk about at events? If it were so, I wouldn't have attended so many..... This entire thread reads like nothing but a pack of dogs squabbling over table scraps while the PEOPLE are sitting at the table. I'm afraid that scrap may never fall your way. Lynn is sitting firmly at the table and I doubt she'd ever get on the floor to scrap with the hounds. What you, or I, or anyone else thinks about how she finds happiness with her game matters not . You GO girl. Greetings Snoogans, It's true, I've never met you. As you have correctly observed, I've attended only 7 events in almost 2 years of caching. Frankly it was those events, that turned me off to attending future events. Texas Challenge 05 and one other event really were the turning point. After surveying the crowd, I determined that most of those folks at those events and I did not have alot in common except for seeking caches. I entered the game/sport because of two things, the challenge and the exercise, not to meet people. If that offends you, too bad. I guess I just don't "get it", according to you. That said, I have met some nice folks along the trails. I'm glad you're impressed with the folks I supposedly "ran down." If you read and understood my original post, you'll see that I've never accussed the HCT folks of cheating. All I asked them to do was create a "team identity" and claim the find that way. Frankly, I don't find anything wrong with that. If you differ in opinion, so be it. I'm sure you've heard of me within the Texas geocaching circles. Let's see: Is it because I've called people out for using pre-signed logs, or was it because I've called people out for using ATHLN (Assisted The Hider Logging Now) to claim cache finds on a quid pro quo basis, or maybe because I don't pull punches in cache logs when I see something wrong, maybe it's my dislike like of geo-herding, phone-a-friends, geo-guides, etc., etc., etc.. Last time I've checked, I'm still allowed to voice my opinion. I still find it interesting that I haven't received an email from any of the four cachers directly involved with the issue. (NOTE: darth maul 3 has tried to re-log a find, but that will be going by the wayside again.) Have a Great Day! (Who knows, maybe I'll see you on the trails!) Eagletrek
  16. As the cache owner, it sounds like a great idea. If geocaching.com had a way of doing it, I'd have no problem with allowing individual finds. It would also be nice if Big Green could establish two find categories, individual and group. I knew I'd probably draw some heat over this "issue" but I'm no stranger to drawing heat. I guess my 20+ years of comissioned service in the Army has conditioned me to set and adhere to standards; you, as the American people, expected that out of me. It seems that if I expect the same out of some of my fellow geocachers all I get is a bunch of lip. The bottom line is that I accused no one of cheating. All I wanted the individuals of the HCT to do was to create an identity and log as members of that team, since they only signed as HCT. If you don't agree with that, so be it. Freedom of speech; ain't it a beautiful thing! v/r Eagletrek PS Thanks to those who've sent me email concerning this issue. I knew there were folks with standards out there.
  17. Maybe I can shed some light on this issue as I'm the owner of two of the caches in question; GCMHM5 (Leon River Crossing) and GCMHMF (Bridge Over The Un-River). CCCooperAgency and other members of the Hanseatic Cache Team (HCT) to include geoPirat, darth maul 3, and m. zielinski claimed individual finds for these two caches on 30 May 2006. Instead of each individually signing the log to prove they were there, the initials HCT were hastily scrawled on the log pages (personally checked the log sheets). Now I know they must have been in a great rush as that team logged 108 caches that day, to include my two, over a vast stretch of Central Texas ranging from Waco to San Antonio; a neat feat for a team, near impossible for a single individual considering the physics of time and distance and oh by the way the caches. It appears that having each individual sign the log was going to eat too much into their caching time. That said, I denied the members of the HCT their "individual" finds as there was no direct evidence that each and every member had physically found/touched the cache. Remember, the only thing found on the log sheet was "HCT 5/30/06." Not finding individual signatures and only having their word that they were there, I was faced with a dilemma. Without their individual signatures I was not about to grant them an individual find. However, I offered the members of the HCT the opportunity to create an identity for the HCT and claim the finds as a joint find. Here's the note I left them on both cache pages: "May 31 by eagletrek (1452 found) To the members of the HCT (Hanseatic Cache Team). Your individual logs have been deleted. As your original individual logs state, you logged as part of the HCT. Therefore your "finds" should be claimed as part of that team and not as an individual find. If you'd like to create a page for the Hanseatic Cache Team and claim your joint find please free to do so. Eagletrek" As you can see, I never denied HCT (as a whole) from claiming a find, as "HCT" was the only thing that was signed on the cache logs. To date, an identity for HCT has not been created. I only learned of this controversy concerning CCCooperAgency and the "10 caches" tonight. I find it interesting that CCCooperAgency chose not to contact me personally about my deletion of the "individual finds" but decided to claim the cache finds on one of her own cache pages. That is both truly strange and interesting. I'd like to hear the rationale for that. CCCooperAgency has also mentioned that there are photos to prove the HCT was at the caches in question. As of today, I still have not seen any of the photos but I do look forward to seeing them someday. While I personally don't condone geo-herding, those who have done it in the past, with my caches, have at least signed their own handle or at least had one other party in the group sign for them. Without individual signatures, I can't confirm who's really been there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'll let the chips fall where they may. v/r Eagletrek
  18. Give anything good to a group of individuals and you'll always find someone in that group who's willing to corrupt it. That's life! But that's not me!!!
  19. Try the old standard .86 cent waterproof match container from Wal-Mart. Build youself a submarine out of PVC pipe (with holes drilled in it) and insert the match container inside. The aft end of the sub unscrews. Now secure your sub to a rock or some other attachment point with a chain. I had one of these active until it was muggled.
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