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  1. I don't think I would ever call up a friend for help on a puzzle cache, mainly for the reason that I geocache because it's such an individual activity. I don't rely on anyone but myself to hunt down that cache. If I was the solver of a puzzle far, far away, like Clan I would post a note maybe saying something along the lines of "solved it, too bad it's so far away" If I was the CO, I think I would let it slide, I don't usually get too upset about little things like that. If that's how you play, that's how you play.
  2. right, i put a link to the geochecker on the cache page, it's just not active yet and i needed some feedback but this is what i wanted to hear, this is good and i'm going to activate this baby thanks for your feedback
  3. I'm about to launch a puzzle cache and I just wanted some feedback as to how difficult it might be. I wasn't really going for "mind-boggling difficult" but more of a "5-10 minute difficult" puzzle. I realize the concept of the puzzle I'm using has been used before, but currently I believe there are none that I know of in the area that I live. So below is the image I'm using on the cache page and I hope it's simple enough for cachers like me who like puzzles but don't enjoy spending hours on end staring at the cache page puzzling over it. It's pretty straightforward, or at least I hope it is.
  4. I was a cub scout for maybe a year I think. All I remember is the first night full of ice breakers.
  5. A bag that holds pens, gps, and some trade trinkets. And my camera.
  6. Wow, that looks really impressive and from what I gather from previous logs, fun! Just one more thing to add to my growing geocaching to-do list! Thanks for sharing this one
  7. I've never seen it before integrated as part of a cache, but I have played the game (too much fun). I think this is an awesome idea!
  8. Congrats on your milestone! Hopefully I can reach 100 before the end of the summer
  9. Try using this site: http://beta.mapmyrun.com/ Use the first cache as your starting point, and the other cache as your end point.
  10. Thank you for your help, that's what I had originally thought thanks That is awesome! I can only hope my cache will look half as nice
  11. I was wondering what everyone's feelings are about treasure chest caches. I have a multicache that would end quite nicely with a cache in the form of a treasure chest, but I am worried about durability with the elements and whatnot as it's going to be in a wooded area. Is there anything I should look for? Is there a way I can take one of those plastic chests found in dentists' offices and fix it up so it can last longer outside? Your help and advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Yeah, a really old video recorder. I know someone who has some hollow books that she bought, and they look really nice, but I thought it'd be cool to make one myself for the hide.
  13. Here's one I'm just finishing up. I just need to smooth out the inside edges, any ideas?
  14. There's an Ohio challenge where you have to cache in all 88 counties.
  15. Go through with it! I've only been geocaching for a short time, however, I feel like the caches where I have to work rather hard to find them give me much more satisfaction in the end, compared to bridge hides where it takes a good minute to find it, log it, and hide it again. I've actually been planning to create a multicache with this sort of difficulty, because all the caches in my area have been found by pretty much all of the local geocachers. I want to make something difficult, and memorable for these seasoned veterans. Again, there is much more fun involved, to me, solving puzzles and searching for clues to find a cache instead of grabbing the coords and heading out (which is still fun, don't get me wrong). Good luck!
  16. We hide a pickle ornament in our tree. FTF gets an extra present. XD
  17. You'll definitely be needing to decipher some secret code to find the cache, or get yourself closer to finding the cache. A car-boat-plane may be needed as well.
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